Basement - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos


Basement - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

In either of these rooms, people like incorporate small kitchens or a bar for a basement so that guests or family members can enjoy a nice snack or drink while sitting down to watch a movie or play some pool.

There are many different bar ideas for a basement that you can use to add that special touch to your room you can have a straight bar design or an L-shaped bar that can have seating to accommodate numerous people. If you do not have very much space to incorporate a large bar for your basement you can design a mini bar. Mini bars are just big enough to hold drinks and snacks.

Also you can design a portable bar which is a small bar that can be easily disassembled and moved to other locations of your house.

There are many basement ideas that can be implemented in designed your perfect basement space, no matter what type of room you decide to design your basement into a plan is always the essential first step in basement renovation.

It is very easy to keep your do it yourself basement finishing costs within a budget thats afordable. Stick to simple diy ideas and even renovating parts of your basement yourself. Once a basement design plan is decided you will want to choose a budget to renovate your basement. Many people may be asking the question of how much does a basement finish cost?

  1. Well depending on the type of renovation you are looking to do, costs will vary.
  2. While some aspects of basement renovation will be simple to do yourself, there are some parts that you will want to hire a basement finishing company to take care of.
  3. For example, you will want help from professionals in waterproofing the basement and insulating a basement.
  4. The difference between getting help from professionals to waterproof a basement and doing it yourself can mean having a dry basement or a wet basement.
  5. You will also want to check for minor repairs that will need to be done before you finish your basement, for example you will want to fix any cracks in the foundation.

Additionally, you will want to fix any sweating or leaking pipes that can create a wet basement if not addressed before remodeling. You will also want to make sure that your pipes are functioning properly and are not too old, old cracked pipes have the potential to cause a flooding basement, which will be very costly and time consuming to clean up.

By checking the pipes and foundation you can prevent a basement flood and keep your newly renovated room looking great. Another important element to consider when dealing with waterproofing a basement is the basement drain this is a drain that is set up that allows runoff water or rainwater to be diverted away from the foundation and walls of the basement so it does not cause a flood.

This type of drain is usually connected to a collection pipe and trench along with a pump that can account for excess water buildup, preventing a basement flood. It is very important to have a basement drain in that it will allow for correct drainage of excess water providing you with a dry basement.

An additional central focus in basement design and renovations is insulating the walls. This will keep the room warm during the cold winter months. Insulating your basement can be an easy task that you could complete yourself you can buy many different kinds of basement wall insulation products at your local home improvement store that will help suit your needs.

In addition to keeping your room warm, basement wall insulation can add a sound proofing effect to the space to keep it quiet this would be particularly beneficial if you decide to turn your basement into a home theatre. Having an insulate basement will help to make your new basement room more functional for all seasons of the year as well as make it a more warm, comforting, and quiet space. Because basements are underground, they can become damp and humid sometimes. With this dampness mold and mildew can form that can often cause health problems for individuals such as allergies.

In order to prevent this dampness and formation of mold a basement dehumidifier can be purchased to help allergies. Having a dehumidifier in the basement will help to remove the extra moisture out of the room, preventing mold or rotting wood in your basement. Basement dehumidifiers can be purchased at home improvement stores or online and can be used at various temperatures.

When remodeling or finishing your basement, an important feature to focus on are the basement stairs these can come in many shapes and sizes and can simple unfinished wooden stairs or more intricate designed stairs. When finishing your basement you will want to determine what you want your stairs to look like. There are many different basement stairs ideas that can be used, for example you can conventional straight wooden stairs or carpeted staircases. No matter the design you decide on, creating your ideal basement staircase can be easy and affordable.