Basement Flooring

Basement Flooring - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Basement Flooring

Basement Flooring - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

An unfinished basement can be turned into any type of room to add to the functionality and resale value of your home.

There are countless basement design ideas that you can incorporate when finishing or remodeling a basement to create the perfect room for your home.

  • You can add extra bedrooms and bathrooms to your basement or put in a home theatre for family movies.
  • You can also add a small gym to complete exercise routines in the privacy of your own home or create a recreation room complete with a wet bar for home use to entertain guests.
  • No matter what type of room you decide to turn you basement into, the basement flooring is an important aspect to the design. Different rooms will require different flooring materials depending on what the rooms function.

After a plan is decided upon you can begin your basement finishing project. This web page talks about the basics of basement floor ideas that can help you decide on the right flooring for your basement. If you are a do it yourself kind of person, finishing a basement floor can easily be done on your own. However, if you would prefer to have professionals come into install basement floors that is also another option.

Before starting to floor your room you will design some basement floor plan ideas to determine the exact plan you would like for the rooms in your basement and its floors. To help you design your basement you can search for an online floor plan designer that will make planning out your basement quick and easy. The first thing you will want to do if your basement is not already finished is start by waterproofing the basement.

This is an important step to complete because a basement can be a very damp place and if it is not waterproofed mold and mildew could grow in unwanted areas.

Additionally, if a basement is not waterproofed, it could be easily flooded, and wet basements are not something you want to happen after renovating. Waterproofing basement floors and walls cab be done by first repairing and filling any cracks in the foundation and then applying waterproofing paint to the surfaces. After you ensure that your basement is waterproofed and you have decided on a floor plan, you can begin installing the basement floors.

There are many different options to choose from for basement flooring; one option is painting a basement floor. As long as you have ensured that your basement floors have been properly waterproofed you can paint the concrete floors of your basement.

  1. Your local home improvement store should have garage floor paint available that can be used to paint a basement floor.
  2. This type of paint is an epoxy-based paint that acts as a water seal to the concrete.

Basement paint for floors can offer a quick and easy way to floor your basement as well as provide a durable and pleasant looking finish. If you prefer the look of hardwood floors in your basement there are waterproof floor systems that can be purchased. These systems are interlocking laminate pieces that snap together easily. While they are not actual hard wood floors, they give the look of hardwood without acting as food for mold to grow.

This type of basement flooring tiles can add a nice look to your basement while also ensuring a waterproof seal to the room. Another option for basement flooring is carpet designs, this will make the cold concrete turn into a warmer and more pleasant surface to be on.

However, carpeting a basement is not always the best option when trying to prevent moisture buildup in the room. An alternative to wall to wall carpeting is the use of carpet squares. By placing carpet squares over the concrete basement floors you can easily remove individual squares should water damage occur. The ability to remove an individual square to clean up any water build up quickly will prevent any mold from growing and spreading in the carpet.

An additional option when flooring your basement is the use of linoleum flooring. While linoleum has previously had the bad reputation of drab colors and a boring appearance, it is now coming back in style. There are many more options in linoleum flooring; you can now purchase linoleum in rich and bright colors that can provide a durable floor for your basement.

There are many different types of materials and floors for basement design ideas that you can decide from when renovation your basement.