Basement Wet Bar

Basement Wet Bar - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Basement Wet Bar

Basement Wet Bar - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Many people are beginning to remodel their homes whether it is to spruce up an existing room or add on to the house there are many basement design ideas for you.

Interior design that can be implemented sucessfully diy style. One particular home design idea is renovating the basement. Basement remodeling is a popular project to undertake these days with such a large an open space in your house there are many room options to remodel the basement. No matter the size of the room, there are plenty of ideas for a basement that you can use to create your dream home.

Some ideas for basement remodeling consist of extra bedrooms, a small bathroom, a home gym, a home theatre, or a recreation area complete with a wet bar for home. This article outlines the basic information needed to help you design your basement recreation area and how to build a bar.

  1. If you already have finished basement design ideas, there will be fewer steps to take to transform your basement into a bar.
  2. First you will want to develop a plan for your basement bar and how you want it to look.
  3. Start with your basement floor plans and decide how large of bar you would like to create.
  4. Apply a generous coat of waterproofing paint to the basement floors and walls.
  5. If you have a large area you can convert the entire space into a home bar or you can use only part of the space there are many basement bar design ideas that can be used for any size space.
  6. However, if your basement is not already finished and you're starting from scratch, first you will want to make sure that its waterproofed.
  7. Waterproofing a basement can be done by sealing any cracks in the foundation.
  8. After the basement is waterproofed, you can begin your designing your basement bar.

There are many different diy basement bar designs you can go with incluing a tiki bar, an Irish pub bar, or a more modern sleek bar. Whatever style you choose, the basement bar cabinets will be an important feature this is the item that will stand out the most and be the main focus of the room. You can choose from many different colors of bar cabinets, for a more modern design look you can get black cabinets with a sleeker feel or dark brown with an old finish to have the Irish pub look.

After the bar cabinet is chosen, the next thing to do is pick out is a bar top depending on the look you are going for there are many different ideas for bar tops. A few of the most popular choices are marble, stone, glass, and granite countertops. After the cabinets and bar top are chosen, the next thing to select is bar furniture. If you have a large bar you will want to purchase enough bar stools to accommodate the maximum amount of people.

Additional basement bar furniture includes couches or armchairs that can add extra space for guests to sit as well as extra comfort.

Many bars contain pool tables and dart boards for entertainment, this can also be added to your bar design plans to add extra entertainment for guests. After the basic basement bar ideas are determined, the next are to focus on is the appliances needed. Appliances that you will want in your home bar are a bar fridge or wine cooler to store beverages and keep them chilled, as well as a dishwasher a dishwasher will come in handy to make clean up a lot easier.

Another appliance you may consider getting for your basement bar is a kegerator if you enjoy beer often, a kegerator is a refrigerator for a keg that allows you to serve cold draft beer in your home bar.

Another addition to your home bar to consider is a music system and television this will allow you to play music in your bar for entertainment or turn on a game and watch it with guests. There are many different ideas for a finished basement that you can decide upon during remodeling, you can convert your space into bedrooms or an entertainment room. When designing an entertainment room a great addition to the room would be a bar there are many wet bar designs to choose from depending on the look you are aiming for. This article summarizes different bar ideas for a basement to help you create your dream room.