Bathroom Floor Ideas

Bathroom Floor Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advice - Videos

Bathroom Floor Ideas

Bathroom Floor Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advice - Videos

The bathroom is one of the most frequently visited rooms in the home and as such undergoes much wear and tear.

The best bathroom floor ideas, designs and pictures feature highly decorative products in durable materials able to stand the test of time.   A bathroom can be a luxurious sanctuary but must also be functional and well-designed to ensure that the space will meet your daily needs.  The best product choices for this space will not only set the tone of the room, but are also essential in determining how your bathroom will hold up after years of use.  From great ideas of floor tiles for a small bathroom to the latest luxury products and trends, our online galleries will provide you with the best inspiration and ideas to embark on your latest home overhaul.  Even if you're hiring experienced professionals to renovate your space, here you will find the latest bathroom ideas and design trends, flooring products and decor styles that will help you transform your room into a relaxing retreat that will remain beautiful for years to come.

After many years of heavy use, bathrooms often become worn and moisture can damage flooring and fixtures, giving your space that dull dirty look. To solve this problem makeover your outdated bathroom with the latest trends and quality products that will keep your space contemporary and beautiful for many years to come. One of the easiest ways to spruce up your space is by replacing that boring and outdated vinyl flooring for bathrooms. Choosing the best materials to redo a bathroom floor will create a beautiful area for family members or guests that will remain functional and brand new looking despite heavy traffic.  Depending on the type of products you choose, bathroom floor installation can be a quick and easy task for the do it yourself home remodeler. Even better, due to the generally small layout of bathrooms, replacing the flooring can be a fairly inexpensive redo.  From cheap bathroom tile to the latest floor heater options, here you will find the essential tips, tricks and product ideas to make your bathroom remodeling ideas come true.

  • Before purchasing your new bathroom floor coverings there are several things to consider.
  • Browse our popular galleries of the latest floor tile patterns and products for the most current trends and must have items to include in your new space.
  • Next, consider how often the bathroom will be used and who its primary occupants will be in order to predict the level of abuse your flooring products will receive.
  • Beautiful bathroom tile ideas work great as choice for a master bathroom or small guest powder room, while cheaper easy to clean linoleum flooring may be a better option for kid’s rooms subject to significant wear and tear.
  • One of the best trendy new flooring products is slate tile in a bathroom because it gives the space a unique organic look while standing up to moisture and heavy use without showing wear.
  • Remember to include floor mats because slate can get slippery when wet.
  • Another of our favorite top bath décor ideas in is wood floor bathrooms because it provides an opulent feel and stands up well to moisture and heavy use when treated correctly.

No matter what your preference may be it is easy to find a flooring material that will match your budget.  From waterproof laminate flooring for bathrooms to lavish marble tile, floor coverings comes in a variety of quality levels and price points.  If you want a cheaper product without sacrificing quality, check out tile outlets or overstock stores that will carry luxury materials at a much reduced price.  When unable to find products within your budget consider making smart alterations to your initial design plan.

For example, to achieve a vintage look without the costly lavish marble flooring, consider black and white best bathroom floor tiles as a solution.

This color scheme is very in line with vintage styles but tiling a bathroom floor with laminate or inexpensive ceramic will come at a significantly lower cost than pricier luxury alternatives. Check out photos of bathroom floors for inspiration then use a little creativity to bring these ideas into your own space.  You can even learn how to tile bathroom flooring yourself in order to drastically cut down on installation costs.

When choosing the best product for your bathroom floor do not forget about the other fixtures and materials in the room.  Existing bathtub ideas are a wonderful place to draw inspiration for great designs of bathroom tiles.  Choose glass bath tiles that coordinate with those used in your tub surround or shower walls for a unique decorative touch that will give your space a unified contemporary look.

For example, the most popular bath floor tile ideas incorporate colorful glass mosaic borders beside plain porcelain.  As a great floor covering solution, choose porcelain tile flooring to cover the majority of your area then incorporate a similar decorative glass border in the same color scheme around the edges.

Do not forget to include the latest popular luxury products in your bathroom makeover.  Incorporate such lavish features as heated bathroom floors under ceramic tile flooring to ensure that feet will be toasty warm as you emerge from the shower.  Try utilizing non slip flooring for small bathroom ideas as it prevents risky falls in such a tiny crowded area. 

Expert home designers agree that beautifully finished bathrooms are the largest deciding factor in calculating the value of your home. For this reason, it is especially important to choose the right layout, products and fixtures for your renovation while incorporating the latest trends in decorative ideas for bathroom flooring to ensure that your space is up to date and modern.

Browse our showrooms for the latest galleries of dream bathroom pictures for inspiration, then use popular do it yourself ideas to replicate those looks in your own space. If you are working with a budget, learn how to lay tile or install bathroom florring yourself in order to drastically cut down on costs, allowing you to spend your money on luxury materials rather than labor. If you do not feel completely confident choose easy to install bathroom flooring such as linoleum or large tiles.

Remember that the right modern bathroom flooring in quality materials will ensure that your space is beautiful and functional,as well as able to stand the test of time to look brand new for years to come.