Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advice - Videos

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advice - Videos

Our online bathroom photo gallery can show you some of the best bath lighting ideas designs & pictures for homes.

Light fixtures can be a significant addition to any space, especially a bathroom. There are many different home lighting design ideas that you can choose from to illuminate your space including lighted mirrors, vanity lamps, waterproof shower lights and sconces. Depending on the design you choose to decorate your bathroom in, there will be different light fixtures for each style. For example, if you choose a modern design in your restroom, pendant lighting is a great option. On the other hand, if you have a contemporary style room you may choose to place a vanity lamp on the counter top to add a warm feel to the space. Light fixtures can be one of the most important features in a bathroom. There are many lighting home design ideas that you can choose from to illuminate any room, no matter the style of your home. 

  • In , the most popular bathroom design ideas these days is to decorate a home using a modern style design.
  • When bathrooms are created using this décor it creates a clean, sleek space free of clutter and overcrowding.
  • Light fixtures in a modern bathroom should therefore be stylish, yet simple, to keep with the clean lines of this décor.
  • Modern bathroom ideas for lighting include pendant lights and light bars.
  • A pendant light is a single hanging sconce that hangs from a metal chain or tube with a lamp and shade at the end.

This type of lighting offers a practical and easy way to illuminate a room and is often seen in bathrooms. Lantern pendant lights are often hung above a vanity and considered the jewelry to you home by offering a decorative accent while still illuminating the space. Looking through our bathroom ideas photo gallery you will find another type of modern fixtures called a light bar. Bath bar lighting is a vertical or horizontal sconce that is often in a tubular case with metal finishes. This can be an unusual bathroom lighting décor, but is great for modern design. 

If you want to decorate you space in the bathroom ideas , the best thing to do is keep your lighting choices simple. The most popular type of lighting for a bathroom is to have ceiling lights with a few decorative wall fixtures. A fan light combo is great to place in a bathroom above the shower to provide lighting as well as ventilation for the steam. These light fixtures are not very expensive so they can fit into any renovation budget. Fan light combos can be purchased online or at your local home improvement store where you can get advice on the best brands to choose. Another popular type of light fixtures for master bathroom designs is lights above a wall mirror. Bathroom wall mirrors are the most popular type of item placed in this space. Having a light bar or vanity light above a mirror can add a simple yet beautiful touch. Over mirror lighting is the most popular type of fixture for a bathroom and can be easily installed as a project.

If you want a unique feel to your space other indoor lighting options for a bathroom are wall sconces and floor lamps. Sconces are a type of decorative wall lights that can be the perfect type of fixture to be placed in a bathroom makeovers . These features are placed three-quarters of the way up the wall with directs the light upward to create a dim and relaxing glow. They can be great additions when placed around a bathroom mirror to create the perfect lighting for applying makeup. Above the toilet is another great place to hang wall sconce lighting because this area of the bathroom does not require as much lighting. If you wish to have designer wall lighting in your restroom, sconces can also come in fashionable unique designs. You can purchase sconces with floral designs, brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze fixtures to have the trendiest space. Indoor wall sconce lighting is the perfect type of fixture to place in your bathroom for a beautiful and illuminated look.

If you're looking for some great small bathroom ideas for lighting, one great option is ceiling lights. A popular illumination idea for a small restroom is to install recessed lighting. This type of fixture is placed in the ceiling and shines light down. This type of feature is great for a bathroom because it creates a very bright space to see everything clearly. It is also perfect for small areas because it does not take up any space on the floors or walls.

There are many different types of bulbs to choose from for recessed lighting for different levels of illumination, the most popular being fluorescent and led. Fluorescent light fixtures convert electrical power into useful light in a more efficient way than incandescent bulbs. Similarly, LED light fixtures are small, environmentally friendly, have a high efficiency, and are very durable requiring little power.

Bathroom LED lights can drastically reduce your carbon footprint while adding to your bathroom wall decor. These are a few easy bathroom lighting tips that can make reduce your electrical bill and make your home more environmentally friendly.

By incorporating the top bathroom vanity ideas for you can keep up with the popular lighting trends. Installing over vanity lighting is a great option to reduce clutter in a tiny space. Bathrooms can very small areas so having lights above the cabinet will open up the room. There are many cheap bath vanity lighting fixture options to choose from to ensure that you stay within your remodeling budget. Another option is bathroom cabinets with lights in them that will provide radiance along with storage. These are unique vanity lights in that they are attached to wall mounted cabinets for convenience. Other options to choose from are antique lighting for your restroom. This type of fixture would go very well with a contemporary or country design style. Metals such as nickel lighting for bathrooms can be distressed to create an antique look that adds to the warmth of country design. On the other hand, if you have a modern style space you could choose a chrome bath light for your room to have a nice clean simple look.