Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advice - Videos

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advice - Videos

As you browse through new bathroom remodeling ideas and pictures is the year of nature inspired colors and materials, environmentally friendly fixtures and faucets, and also simple, streamlined, modern designs.

Eye-catching bath tile ideas such as decorative back splashes, colorful ceramic floors, or elegant porcelain showers make a great addition to this room and can be complemented by light streaming in from extraordinary windows or ornate light fixtures. Whether they include granite countertops, water saving faucets, or stylish windows, these top bathroom design trends in are aimed to provide your home with a natural and elegant look while also reducing your carbon foot print.

Not looking to follow this eco-friendly fad but still want to create a fabulous new bathroom in your home? This site provides you an assortment of bathroom floor plans, images of vanities and sinks, shower layouts, and space saving storage options, as well as many other DIY home design ideas to help you get started on any do it yourself project!

Although bathrooms are not large, it is still one of the most used rooms in your home. Therefore it is important to keep this space looking up to date, clean, and uncluttered. Because it is one of the smaller room of a home, bathroom design ideas with a new tub, larger shower, or even a new vanity can be a fairly simple task that most do it yourself enthusiasts can complete on their own. However, not all homeowners have the skill or time that is required to complete this type of project.

For this reason, there are many bath remodeling contractors that are available for hire in almost every town. Professional remodelers can provide you with a variety of services ranging from creating custom bathtubs, retiling the floor, installing new faucets, widening the room, bathroom lighting fixtures, or even moving plumbing. If you are looking to do a complete renovation or addition, these contractors will also come in and supply you with bathroom remodeling estimates to give you a better idea of how much this project will cost. 

The average cost of a bathroom remodel can range between $15,000 and $30,000 depending on the size of the room. While most simple, small bathrooms will fall towards the lower end of that scale, larger spaces such as the master bath can reach upwards of $50,000 or more depending on how extravagant you get with your designs.

While the more ornate tiles and elaborate bath fixtures tend to be more expensive, you can get the same look for less if you shop for bargain prices. For bath remodeling ideas on a budget, look through photos of bathrooms in designer house decorating magazines or websites that feature million dollar homes. Try to replicate these looks by purchasing similar, but less expensive bathroom decor items.

Rather than buying that over-priced expensive whirlpool Jacuzzi you saw in magazine, visit your local home improvement store to find cheaper bath tubs with a comparable design frame or look for blowout sales online. With this type of online shopping plan, bathroom decorating ideas on a budget will be a fun and easy task!

Sometimes the best bathroom decor ideas are inspired by visiting your friends and family to see what they have done with this room or looking at pictures of professionally remodeled homes. However, the latter option is often easier to design and accomplish through internet searches and magazines. Here you can find images of bathroom makeovers before and after the demolition to see just how much can be done in a tiny space.

Whether you are looking for insight in how to construct a contemporary design or creative ways to build yourself a spa-like oasis in your own home, our pictures of bathroom remodels are more than likely to give you the inspiration you have been looking for. Look through these creative and top photos for the latest tile shower designs that incorporate multiple-headed shower faucets, floor to ceiling glass doors, and relaxing steam rooms or less extravagant ways to install a bathtub in a small bathroom. 

  • The hardest part about coming up with bathroom ideas is not figuring out which trend to follow or deciding what fixtures to install, rather it is choosing the best color scheme for this space.
  • Not only is there a wide array of color options to choose from, but there are also multiple shades of every hue. So how do you decide which colors work best together, as well as in your bathroom?
  • Often times it will depend on your personal preferences but sometimes other factors such as the size of the room and lighting will play a major role in what shades should be used in the bathroom.
  • Homeowners have incorporated vibrant hues into all their home designs, with some of the most popular bathroom paint ideas in including bright reds, blues, and greens.
  • However with the New Year comes new trends so the hues in style for will include subtle earth tones such as forest greens inspired by trees and soft blues enthused by water.

As with all your best bathroom ideas, when coming up with ways to redesign you want to focus on creating a beautiful but functional space, and each room will have vastly different requirements. In a child’s bathroom you will need to provide much more storage space to keep bath toys, towels for multiple kids, and all the different soaps and shampoos that you children may need. In a master bathroom you may not need much storage affording a larger shower.

Other master bathroom ideas include installing separate his and her vanities, intricately designed bronze towel racks with personalized towels, and an elegant footed tub. If you are looking for ideas for a more modern design try laying down sleek glass tile, installing chrome fixtures, and glass shower doors. For more ideas and styles like transitional, contemporary, or vintage eclectic, view bathroom photo gallery before and after you finalize your designs to ensure you create the best space possible.