Bathtub Ideas

Bathtub Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advice - Videos

Bathtub Ideas

Bathtub Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advice - Videos

Tubs are installed in the bathroom not just to add a touch of decoration and class to the room, but also to provide a relaxing space to soak and unwind after a long day.

These fixtures are meant to be both beautiful and functional, so it is important to install a tub that meets the needs of its users. A trip to your local home improvement store can give you information on the wide variety of models available as well as some unique bathroom tub ideas. Companies have begun making elegant customized tubs, corner or soak tubs for small bathrooms, as well as large and luxurious Jacuzzis. Companies that specialize in bathroom fixtures and appliances have even created walk in tubs that are perfect for the elderly who do not want to risk falling and injuring themselves while climbing in to the bathtub. Begin researching your options today so that you can enjoy relaxing in your new bathtub tomorrow. 

  1. When homeowners renovate a bathroom they usually do so because the room is out-dated, they do not like the color scheme the previous owner chose, or there is not enough space.
  2. If the latter is the reason you are renovating a bathroom in your home, you will want to investigate ways to save space in your new floor plan.
  3. One great way to save space is to install a corner tub. A corner bathtub is shorter in length but deeper than a traditional tub and has enough room for an adult to bathe with the water level up to his/her chest.
  4. Tubs come in many different bathroom paint colors and styles so it is simple to find one that will match your design plan.

A corner bathtub is relatively easy to install, however if you are moving or altering the plumbing you will want to have a professional plumber come in and help with this process. Although hiring a plumber or professional contractor might increase the cost of remodeling bathroom, it will ensure the job is done correctly and there will be no leaks.

If you are just doing a surface renovation of your bathroom showers, bathtub remodeling is also another option. Bathtub resurfacing is a recent trend that can save homeowners both time and money; this process involves restoring and re-glazing the surface of the bathtub and/or shower to polish out any scratches or dents and make it look like new.

The money that you save by not purchasing and installing a new tub can be delegated to purchasing new and elegant bathroom fixtures.

Because refinishing your bathtub is easy and inexpensive it can be done as a do it yourself project, however if you do not feel you are experienced enough, you can also hire a professional. Enlisting the help of a professional may cost a little more than completing the task yourself, but it can also ensure that the job is done correctly with outstanding results. Other popular bathtub design ideas include bathroom tile ideas that surround and combination shower and tubs.

The latter is the perfect diy bathroom design for homeowners who enjoy occasionally soaking in a warm bubble bath but want to save time in the morning by showering. Because these combination shower/ bath tub enclosures are so innovative and popular, companies have created one piece acrylic shower/tub kits that come pre-assembled and ready to install in your bathroom.

If you do not like the look of acrylic but would still like to install a combination bathtub/shower, you can purchase a more decorative bathtub and put up tiles along the walls to create the shower. Extend the tile down and around the bathtub by creating a tile tub surround; this will add a much more elegant and tasteful look to the bathroom. There are a variety of bathroom tile designs for a tub making it is also extremely easy to pick a style, color, and a pattern that matches the room.

Tiles can be purchased at your local home improvement store, however there are also a number of specialty tile stores that may have more options.

  • Regardless of where you purchase the tile, these stores typically provide pictures of remodeled bathrooms which can provide you with unique designs and ideas.
  • The master bath is typically the largest in the house and is therefore where you can get the most creative with your design and floor plan.
  • If you are looking for a modern or contemporary bathroom design, incorporate separate his and her bathroom vanities made of dark wood, build a chic tiled shower with chrome fixtures, or put in a sleek and modern bathtub with enough room for two.
  • The larger the room the more options you have, so take advantage of this opportunity and install a large spa-like Jacuzzi tub. One thing to consider before picking out a relaxing Jacuzzi tub is its price, as well as how much it will cost to install it in your bathroom.
  • A Jacuzzi bathtub installation is much more complicated than that of a traditional tub and therefore requires the help of a professional, as well as a plumber, which can get a little pricey. If you do not have the budget for this, you can search for other ideas for a modern bathroom tub that are just as stylish but less expensive.