Small Bathroom Remodeling

Small Bathroom Remodeling - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advice - Videos

Small Bathroom Remodeling

Small Bathroom Remodeling - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advice - Videos

When looking for remodeling a small bathroom ideas, the most important thing to keep in mind is simplicity. This room is not only the tiniest room in the house, but also one of the most used areas so designs for small bathrooms should be clean and minimalistic.

The best little bathroom ideas make use of every inch of available space to create a room that feels open and uncluttered. Popular trends from for designing a bathroom in a small area include using sky lighting, shower tub combinations, medicine cabinets for extra storage and using a color palette that brightens and expands the room. Bathroom designs for small spaces should use an open layout that provides ample floor space and incorporate minimal decorations.

If you are looking to remodel your house in but are at a loss for ideas, this article can help you with your project by providing small bathroom layout ideas, information about renovation and great inspiration for your design. You will find diy tips to design your own bathroom and create that perfect space for your dream home.

First thing to consider before your small bathroom makeover is the design scheme.

Popular design trends are heavy in modern styles.

  1. These small bathroom design ideas are best for smaller spaces because they focus on simplicity and clean, sleek designs.
  2. Not only do modern styles focus on simple bathroom designs with minimalistic décor, but they also use color schemes that accentuate the small space and open up the room.
  3. The best small bathroom paint ideas include neutral tones such as creams, whites, and brown, cool shades such as blues and grays, and earthy hues like greens and browns.
  4. These color palettes are not only calming, but they also brighten up the room and help to create the illusion of space.
  5. Paired with natural lighting from windows and bright light fixtures, these colors expand the room to prevent the confined feeling associated with tiny spaces.
  6. These colors are also great to use in when picking out bathroom tile ideas and countertops.

There are a variety of different small bathroom tile ideas to choose from including ceramic, porcelain, granite, slate, and glass. All of these tiles are moisture resistant so they are good choices for the bathroom and will hold up against daily use. The disadvantage to these tiles is that they can be costly, other cheaper tile options for your flooring include linoleum and vinyl materials. The best tiny bathroom designs use tiles for the showers, counters, and floors that are similar in color to the walls.

Popular remodels this year include tile shower designs using tiles that are the same color as the wall paint because it blends the two aspects of the room together and creates a more open feeling for the space. If you prefer a different colored shower or tub, the best color to choose is white or creams. This neutral color brightens the room and sexpand the area. Other shower ideas for small bathroom makeovers include shower/tub combinations, plastic inserts, or glass enclosed stalls.

Enclosed shower stalls are surrounded in tile with glass doors. Their size depends on your bathroom and can have tile walls or come with plastic siding. Popular design ideas with shower and tub combinations are the best for small bathroom layouts because they combine two fixtures in one, allowing you to make the most of your space. These types of small bath designs can be a tub with tiled walls or a large plastic insert, similar to an enclosed shower stall. While shower/tub combinations are great bath ideas for small bathrooms, they do not offer the luxury of Jacuzzi tubs that commonly adorn master suites of the home.

Small master bathroom ideas incorporate a small Jacuzzi tub into the space by eliminating the shower and attaching a hand held spout that can act as both a faucet and a shower head. A curtain rod can be installed around the tub and a wall mount can be fixed into the wall to allow the tub to be used as a shower as well. Free standing tubs are the ideas for small rooms because they take up less space than sunken tubs or large inserts.

The next aspects of this room to consider are the vanity and sink. Larger bathrooms use a cabinet to house the sink and act as storage. Small vanities for bathrooms are thin cabinets or fixtures that hold the sink and offer little space for storage. Wood cabinetry is the most popular material to use for a vanity, however you can use old dressers or tables to create a more elaborate or vintage look for this room. Smaller bathroom renovation costs are less expensive than larger spaces, however this project can still be pricey.

When starting bathroom renovation, consider using old refinished furniture from your home or thrift stores or revamp your existing fixtures to save money. This method not only cuts the cost of your remodeling project, but also allows you to add more flair to your décor. Vintage vanities best used in bathrooms that are designed with a Victorian, country, or traditional theme. Other small bath design ideas with classic styles include using dark woods for the vanity, cream colors with dark accent shades such as red, and vintage picture frames.

Bathroom storge space is another important item to consider before designing the layout. It is easy to find yourself at a loss for space and storage. Great bathroom storage ideas to add to your design scheme include installing shelving or cabinets in the wall, creating vanity inserts in walls, or mounting a medicine cabinet over the sink. Wall mounted shelves and cabinets free up space on the floor and provide you with an area to store toiletries, towels, and decorations.

If you have the available space around your bathroom, consider adding a vanity that is inserted into the wall creating more floor space and extra storage options for under the sink. More bathroom decorating ideas is adding storage space to the small room and install a medicine cabinet. In place of a hanging mirror over the sink, use a medicine cabinet with a mirrored door to add additional storage.