Tile Design Ideas

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Tile Design Ideas

Tile Design Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advice - Videos

Bathrooms are a popular do-it-yourself project because bathrooms are typically the smallest room in the house. Even though bathrooms are a good design project because they are small rooms, it is important to choose the right type of bathroom design ideas for your house.

Usually when redoing a bathroom, the first thing to decide on is what type of bathroom tile you would like to use. There are many different bathroom tile designs, ranging from large to small, dark to light, plain to patterned. Many people who are redesigning their bathrooms for the first time choose floor tile designs that are solid colors. This makes it easier to design and lay down the tile because there are no patterns to follow.

Choosing solid bathroom tile design ideas is also good for small room designs because there is not enough space. Light colored tiles are great small bathroom tile designs because the light colors can create the illusion of a more open space.

Dark colored bathroom tiles are not good for small bathroom tile designs because they make the space appear smaller. Even though light colored tiles are better for small bathrooms, you do not need to limit yourself to one color spectrum.

There are many different light colored bathroom tile designs that can be used including pastels, beiges, and whites. The bathroom lighting reflects of the lighter colored bathroom tiles and can make the space brighter. White bathroom tile designs are perfect to not only brighten up a space and make it seem larger, but also to create different patterns. 

Rather than choosing a plain and boring white bathroom tile design, you can incorporate different colored tiles into the design. A great way to add color to a white tiled room is to use checkerboard pattern with your favorite wall bathroom paint colors or accent color from other house decorations. You can incorporate as much creativity as you want into your bathroom tile design by using only one color or even using multiple colors.

Colored bathroom tiles can also be spread out randomly with white bathroom tiles or used to create a border around the edges of the bathroom. Regardless of the number of colors you choose to incorporate, you can make your bathroom bright and beautiful.

  • More popular bathroom remodeling ideas with wall and floor tiles is to incorporate patterned materials in with solid colored walls. 
  • The addition of a pattern can add a splash of color and hint of creativity to keep your bathroom from looking dull.
  • Patterned tiles are great to use around edges of the bathroom as a border or as subtle accents randomly dispersed throughout the solid bathroom tile.
  • A mosaic bathroom tile design is great for small and master bathroom designs, regardless of the size.
  • Mosaic tiles are very versatile and come in many different colors, ranging from dark browns and blacks to bright pastels.

You can create your own unique bathroom tile design by combining many different light colored tiles together yourself or buying the sheets of mosaic tiles in stores. Choosing your own mosaic tiles for the new bathroom wall decor can make the renovation process take a little longer because laying down each individual mosaic tile is tedious, however, with patience and an artistic touch you can create a unique and beautiful design.

Not only are there many different colors for bathroom vanity furniture and tile designs, but there are also many different materials. Bathroom tiles can be made from glass, ceramic, stone, and metal, however the most popular bathroom tile material is ceramic. Ceramics are typically the cheapest and come in a variety of different colors, perfect for renovating bathrooms on a budget. Ceramics also come in a variety of different finishes, from glossy to matte and can be used to give good contrast.

Another popular choice of material for new bathroom tile ideas is glass. Glass bathroom tile is usually more expensive than ceramic tiles but can take your bathroom tile design to the next level. Glass tile can reflect more light, making your bathroom space seem brighter and more open.

Glass is excellent at reflecting colors, making different colored glass tiles seem more vibrant and add more depth. Regardless of the type of material you use for your new bathroom tile design, you want to make sure that you choose the bathroom colors for that suit your personality and design style.