Boys Room Ideas

Boys Room Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Boys Room Ideas

Boys Room Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Home Design Ideas helping you create a fun and whimsical bedroom for the young man in your life. Cool boys room décor designs ideas and pictures that will transform a boring white walled room into an imaginative space sure to delight any child.

Designing a boys room is easy when you are given the right inspiration and guides for the job.  Little boy bedrooms are a zone where they play games with their friends, develop their imagination and do homework, so be sure to make this space as adaptable and inventive as they are.  Childrens room ideas are extremely versatile so we encourage you think outside of the box and use your creativity to build a space that any little one, from a 1 year old boy to a young man getting ready to go to college, will be thrilled to play, study and sleep.  Get inspired by our kids bedroom décor photo galleries, and use our helpful tricks and tips to construct a fun space full of imagination and excitement that your little boy will create memories in for years to come. 

The first room you will design for your boy is his nursery - this room should be well thought out and functional as well as full of comfort, imagination and fun for your new little bundle of joy.

Our online photo galleries are full of wonderful baby nursery design ideas to provide inspiration for your room remodel.  First, as the base of your design scheme, choose soothing wall colors that will lull your infant to sleep while keeping the space cheerful and distinctive.   Soft color palettes like pale blue yellow or green are popular choices for baby boy room themes in current trends.  For a touch of whimsy consider decorating the walls with popular wall decals for a baby boy room.

  • With these easy and versatile decorative stickers, in just minutes you can transform a bare room with themes for a baby boy’s room into a bright and whimsical zoo of life size animals or the set of your favorite nursery rhyme.  Round out your design by adding unique antique accent pieces such as a vintage rocking horse or old-fashioned doll house amongst your baby’s toys and nursery items to infuse the space with an elegant and eclectic feel.
  • From beds shaped like sports cars or wooden ships to rock-star pads and camp themed forts, decorating for a kids-only room can be a fun experience for child and adult as the sky is the limit for imaginative themes and decorations.
  • Like with little girls room ideas, when designing a boys bedroom begin by incorporating his favorite activities, sports, characters and colors to make a space that is truly all his own.
  • Does your boy love sports? Include sports themed kids room décor such as life size decals of their favorite players and mascots, or create unique wall decorations from sports equipment or memorabilia.
  • For example, transform an old baseball bat by drilling in hooks and mounting it on the wall for a fun hat rack.
  • Cheap bedroom furniture sets found at garage sales or thrift shops can also be transformed into décor staples by refinishing them with paints, stencils and appliqués that incorporate your theme.
  • Remember that when designing a kids room be creative! Think outside the box and transform ordinary room staples into clever and unique pieces.

Current design trends in popular kids room ideas for a boy embody fun and imagination while incorporating functionality as the most important aspect.  The latest lines in children bedroom furniture highlight this trend through unique well-designed features that make bedroom staples cool as well as functional and space efficient.  For example, bunk beds for kids are very popular because they can be transformed into a clever focal piece such as a tree fort or space ship with imaginative detailing, but are also great space savers able to be utilized for organization, lounge spaces or sleeping areas for guests.

Small room decorating ideas are full of multiuse areas like these that are perfect for shared kids rooms.  Popular shared boy and girl room ideas include areas like bookshelves filled with colorful baskets in assigned colors for each one to provide both children with storage space in a limited area while incorporating your color scheme.  This idea can be taken further by choosing similarly patterned comforters in each child’s color to indentify their personal spaces, and then bring in a rug that combines the color palate to round out your finished look.

When planning your boys room, remember the best childrens room ideas are those that can grow with the child instead of requiring you to remodel every few years as your little boy’s likes and interests change.   As your child grows older these décor scheme foundations can be altered slightly to transform the room from a nursery into a teenage boys bedroom.  A most popular trend for big boys room paint colors are often very similar to popular colors for younger children.

Primary colors and dark blues and greens are a popular choice for all age groups and can grow with your child and his maturing design style.  Swap the bunk bed dressed in cartoon sheets for a full size bed made with solids and plaids in the same color palette as the existing walls and primary décor.  Similarly, choose staple furniture pieces that can be used throughout your child’s life such as a changing table that transforms into a dresser as he ages.

Bunk beds are another great versatile investment when your child is young as they can be transformed from a fun fort in a toddler boys room to an organized desk space for an older teenage boy.

Use our expert advice and beautiful bedroom designs to embark on your own room remodel.  Remember that the best baby nursery room décor incorporates a soothing color palate as well as imaginative details that incorporate essential features while infusing the room with elegance and whimsy. As your boy grows older add details that are more appropriate for little boy room décor, such as his favorite sports or movie characters.

Don’t forget to purchase pieces for cool kids bedrooms that are functional as well as beautiful and those that can grow with the child into his teen years.  You can even incorporate  popular bedroom design trends into your child’s space by including features like large do it yourself wall murals or multifunctional bedroom furniture pieces that can house clothes as well as entertainment and gaming systems, or beds that have built in desks for a tween boy.

From ideas for a baby boy nursery to teen room decoration, let Home Design supply you with inspiration, plans and tips to create a create an imaginative, cheerful and distinctive space that the young man in your life that will enjoy for years to come.