Kids Room Decor

Kids Room Decor - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Kids Room Decor

Kids Room Decor - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

When you are redoing your child’s bedroom decor do not immediately hire an interior decorator to complete the task.

Rather use resources such as this website, professional decorating books, and home decor magazines to find some of the best kids room ideas, designs and pictures. You can peruse through a variety of images that feature little kids bedding, creative wall art ideas, and even fun but practical storage spaces. After all, storage is an important factor in designing small spaces like your childs bedroom. Another great way to get room design ideas is by asking your child what types of colors he or she is interested in, what kind of furniture they want in the room, and even what theme they would like to use to decorate.

Because your kids room is a space just for them, you want to make sure you create a fun and imaginative environment for them to play and grow, and what better way to do this than getting them involved in the process. Bring your child with you when you search the stores for wall colors, children’s bedding, and even bedroom furniture sets.

  • The age of your child will largely determine what type of decor you should use in your kids bedroom. A room for a new baby or todler will need to have different items than one for a 6 year old or adolescent.
  • For example, baby nursery decor should incorporate soft colors, stimulating toys and images, as well as pieces of furniture such as a rocker, a changing table, and most importantly, a crib.
  • When designing a baby room you can keep the future in mind by purchasing a crib that can be converted to a bed when your child is older and painting or hanging wallpaper that will grow with them.
  • For example, nursery wall art for kids rooms that features cute animals or circus themes can easily be used as your child ages.
  • Wall stickers and decals are also great for decorating kids bedrooms because they are not permanent and can be easily removed without causing damage.
  • While kids wall murals can be a fun way to incorporate their favorite movie character or sport into their room, it is also more permanent and cannot be removed or altered as easily.

Something that is evident in almost all photos of kids rooms is the multitude of colors present on the walls, in the curtains, throughout the bedding, and even on the furniture. Whether it is purple, blue and green present in a mermaid theme, or pinks and reds of a princess design, almost all really cool kids rooms utilize many colors. While popular kids room colors tend to be more vibrant hues such as bright yellow, red and blue, some parents prefer to use more subtle tones that match the decor of the rest of their home.

However, your childrens bedrooms are a place where they play, create, build and grow so providing them with a space that is different than other areas of your home is a great way to stimulate their imagination. Some unique childrens room ideas that can help to stimulate your kids creative talents include making a large play area for them and their toys or painting a wall with chalkboard paint. Painting an entire wall with this paint will provide them with a canvas on which they can draw and write today, then erase it and start over tomorrow.

When it comes to small room ideas, such as your kids bedrooms, you will want to focus not only on pretty colors or themes but also on storage space. Creative room themes such as Disney princess, jungle, or under the sea can go a long way to build an imaginative place that your kids can enjoy but it may not provide you with a lot of storage. Incorporating book shelves, dressers, bins, and trunks into your design will provide you with a lot of storage room to hide toys, store clothes, and you’re your child’s books.

A few more room storage organizing tips include labeling bins or trunks to designate them for certain items such as clothes, building blocks, or stuffed animals. If you have two or more kids sharing a room, storage can be especially limited because their beds take up a lot of space. However purchasing bunk beds for your kids room is a great way save space and open up the area for your children to play. Another good solution for saving space in a little kids room is putting in a trundle bed that can easily be pulled out when your child has sleepovers.

  1. When it comes to finding the top bedroom ideas for children in terms of theme, color, and style, you will often see them broken into two categories that are dependent upon gender.
  2. For example, the best idea for a boys bedroom tends to involve a sports motif, however this theme is not necessarily rated the best for a girls room.
  3. Rather girls room ideas tend to include murals of fairy tale characters, floral designs, pastel colors and frilly bed coverings.
  4. While young girls tend to prefer these fun and whimsical features in their rooms, as they age and mature their tastes might alter significantly towards a more sophisticated style.
  5. As a teenager and young adult their inclinations might change to following a vintage theme or even a more modern style that incorporates the latest design trends.
  6. However it may not be in your budget to purchase a new bed, desk, night stands and dresser that while match her new style.
  7. An inexpensive, easy way to alter the furniture in your kids room is to apply a fresh coat of paint or upholster the head board for a new, different look.

There are a multitude of fun decorating ideas for kids rooms ranging from a festive pirate theme to automobile-inspired decor. Cartoon character, baseball, soccer, dinosaurs and space themes are also among some of the most popular boys room ideas. If you want to create a pirate theme in your kids bedroom start with aquatic colors such as pale blue for the walls and distressed wooden end tables that tie in style of old pirate ships.

Purchasing a custom made bed that is designed to look like a boat is also a great way to get into the theme. Similar to girls, a boys taste in decor can change as he ages so will want to pick a theme that can easily be changed into a teenage bedroom.

Football and basketball is something that most boys will enjoy from childhood to adult hood so adorning your kids room with sports memorabilia, images, and decorations is a style that will last for years. You can also use plain colored bedding and window coverings in your kids bedroom so that you can change the wall art, color, and other inexpensive decor items to match the new theme.