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Modern Design

Modern Design - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Modern home design is becoming increasingly popular with dark wood tones or hard edged metals and simple monochromatic color tones bringing sleek new look to any room while also maintaining a warm and comforting feel.

Making your bedroom into a modern style can bring more warmth to the room in a decorous way. When designing a modern bedroom be sure to choose colors that you enjoy and find calm and relaxing. The most common colors in modern home design are black, browns, and whites. These colors are simple and relaxing, while also giving a clean sleek look.

A black and white color combination is very popular with trendy bedroom designs and has been in the past, it is a simple combination that will never lose appeal or popularity. The blacks and browns are good colors that can be paired with the whites while also being paired with light pastel colors or darker, more rich bold colors.

It is common in modern home design to choose two simple colors like brown and white and then add a brighter accent color such as red or blue, or whatever color suits your preference, to allow for some contrasts in the room. In both modern and contemporary bedrooms this can be done by adding accent pillows to the bed, adding more color to the room, but in a simple way that is consistent with modern design.

  • To add more accents to a modern bedroom design, it is also common to add fabrics and linens with different designs and patterns.
  • When choosing a pattern to put on the bed, keep it simple and small so as to not over power the room, but add a nice accent.
  • Rugs and carpets can also add some pattern and contrast to a bedroom.
  • Be sure to not have too complex and fancy patterns in the rugs and carpets, but instead have rugs that have small attractive patterns like geometric shapes throughout.
  • This will add a simple contrast to the room with out being to distracting and overpowering.
  • Another important aspect to focus on when designing a modern bedroom is the furniture.
  • Modern bedroom furniture sets may be the most important feature of the room and when choosing furniture you should keep it simple and clean lines. 

Dark woods are very popular in modern bedroom furniture because they offer clean smooth lines that enhance the modern feel; either blacks or browns are good colors to choose from. Brushed metal can also offer a modern look and is becoming increasingly popular in modern home design. When choosing the shape of your furniture set it is important to steer clear of circular shapes as those do not create a modern look; it is better to stick with square or rectangular shapes.

Light fixtures can also enhance the modern feel of your newly designed bedroom. Lights that offer good brightness during the day and dim, romantic lighting in the evening can enhance the mood of the room. Modern bedroom interior light fixtures, just like the furniture, have simple, clean, strong lines with very little designs. Be sure to match the colors of the light to the color scheme of the room, so as to keep with the design of the bedroom.

Creating a master bedroom can be easy and fun, you can choose from any colors that you like, as long as you remember to keep it simple and only have two or three colors in your combination. If you would like to add some accessories to your modern bedroom, again, be sure to keep things simple. It is common in modern design to place a simple glass flower vase in a room with a single flower in it to add some accents with out being too overbearing.

Another common accessory is hanging a single picture frame in your room with a beautiful modern bedroom painting ideas that catches the eye with out having too much contrast.

When choosing furniture and lighting be sure to stick to smooth, clean, rectangular lines that offer the sleek modern look. It's easy to turn you drab bedroom into a sleek modern bedroom using these simple tips. Once you're finished decorating the master bedroom, learn more about how to design a modern bathroom addition to your new luxury room.