Type of Christmas Trees

Type of Christmas Trees - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Type of Christmas Trees

Type of Christmas Trees - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

The centerpiece of any well-decorated holiday home is a beautiful Christmas tree. Nothing will put you and your guests in the holiday spirit more than a festively trimmed tree.

The right embellishment influences color palette and motif for the rest of your seasonal decor, and ultimately sets the mood for any holiday gathering. The options for Christmas tree decor are absolutely endless. With the overwhelming number tree varieties, ornaments, and holiday inspired decorative accents at your local Christmas tree shop, it can be quite overwhelming for the do it yourself designer to narrow down a decor scheme. Browse our online holiday idea guide to discover fabulous ways to deck out your tree.

Here you will find everything from the top Christmas tree ideas , to festive do it yourself tricks and tips for selecting your tree and decorating on a budget. Get ready to make this holiday season a little bit brighter by creating a gorgeous winter wonderland in your very own home.

What festive holiday home would be complete without a beautifully trimmed Christmas tree?

  1. A tree is oftentimes the key element to tie together all seasonal designs throughout your home.
  2. Whether you are decorating a beautiful natural evergreen or a retro silver Christmas tree, there are a few design tips to keep in mind.
  3. Some of the best Christmas trees come in all shapes, colors and sizes, so picking the perfect variety for your home can be tricky.
  4. Our expert designers suggest combining the latest looks in holiday decor with more traditional elements for fabulous visual interest and contemporary charm.
  5. One of the hottest trends for is one of a kind upside down Christmas trees.
  6. Just as their name implies, these striking designs are simply an ordinary evergreen mounted upside down in the tree stand.
  7. Aside from their extraordinarily unique look, this style has been gaining in popularity due to the ability to hang more ornaments and other embellishments at eye level away from pets and small children.
  8. The sky is the limit, so have fun and get creative with your seasonal decor this year.

Whether you love large live Christmas trees or prefer small table top varieties placed throughout your home, decorating these classic holiday symbols will likely influence the rest of your seasonal decor. For this reason, it is important to select a beautiful color palette and unique motif to ensure that the Christmas tree becomes the focal point of your home. The first step to decorating is selecting the tree.

No matter if you choose artificial Christmas trees or beautiful natural versions there are a few key items to look for. First and foremost evaluate height – a 12 ft Christmas tree will look very out of place in a small room and vice versa. This is especially true when purchasing a pre lit Christmas tree. Trees with sparse branches and large gaps will look bare and cheap as well as require many more decorations. If you are working under a budget and must purchase inexpensive Christmas trees on sale, simply fill in gaps with seasonal floral and garland.

  • Another important concept to understand when decorating any beautiful tree is the idea of layering.
  • If you are adorning your evergreen with Christmas tree lights, be sure to string them on branches prior to adding any other decorations.
  • This ensures that all ornaments, ribbon and garland are lit with a lovely soft back glow.
  • Next, if your branches are thin or bare, select festive holiday garland and seasonal silk floral elements to insert as filler, giving the tree that fabulous lush look of designer varieties.
  • Keep this tip in mind when browsing your local Christmas tree store, as it is an excellent way to cut costs when purchasing.
  • Cheap pre lit artificial Christmas trees can be transformed to look like those thick costly varieties with a just a few creativily thoughtful touches and well-placed decorating ideas.
  • Utilize this technique with your outdoor Christmas trees as well.
  • Adorn bare or slim trees and bushes in with giant festive bows, Christmas balls or pre-lit toppers to give them a lusher more decorative feel.
  • Just because you do not have a thick 12 ft. tree doesn’t mean it cannot be beautiful and festive.

The most popular Christmas tree decor of features beautiful customized elements. Decorating the tree provides a fabulous creative outlet to make holiday decor all your own. The easiest way to accomplish this is through unique custom Christmas tree ornaments. Tree trimmings are available in an endless variety of sizes, materials and motifs. This year, why not think outside the box and personalize your tree with custom embellishments like greeting cards hanging from gold ribbon as ornaments or a garland of family photos strung together. If you do not want to commit to an entire tree, this a great idea for a small tabletop Christmas tree in your home’s entry way.

Another fun and budget-friendly option for small Christmas trees is hanging mini value picture frames on festive ribbon or twine. These unique ornaments can be filled holiday greetings, family photos, bible verses or anything you can dream of, providing yet another custom element to your seasonal decor.

Decorating your Christmas tree is a fabulous opportunity to let your imagination run wild. Whether you prefer traditional red and green holiday decor or a whimsical pink Christmas tree, any theme or motif you dream of can be translated into your trimmings. Highlight your family’s personality or unique interests by creating one-of-a-kind themed trees that reflect your favorite characters, hobbies or sports teams.

Everything from garland to the tree topper and ornaments can be coordinated to embody this theme. For example, one of the hottest Christmas tree designs for feature Disney characters. Translate this classic theme in a fresh way with a black Christmas tree decked out in red garland and Mickey or Minnie Mouse ornaments. This is an excellent look for homes with young children or as a fun themed small Christmas tree in a kid’s room or play area. Remember, the key to any great tree is having fun with design. Think outside the box and bring in unexpected elements.