Balusters - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos


Balusters - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

When many homeowners want to make a change to their house, they often chose to renovate their deck.

This is one of the best areas of the home to remodel because deck designs are limitless. Small deck ideas can make the back yard a little cozier and allow you to enjoy peaceful evenings outside. On the other hand, large deck may be designed as a larger, more casual dining room to accommodate more people or it can be as grandeur as an outdoor kitchen. However, if you are just looking to spruce up you backyard living space the simplest addition to any deck is a deck railing.

This article discusses various deck railing ideas to help you remodel your deck. Designs and layouts for deck railings are unlimited. Railings essentially fence off your deck and there are a variety of different options for you to do this.

Deck balusters are a type of rail that makes up the bottom portion of the railing. They are found on decks, balconies, and stair railings acting as a deck fence from the rest of the area. You can completely close off your deck with a solid wall encompassing it, or you can a rail composed of deck railing balusters to leave it more open. Metal railings come in a variety of different styles and can be used on wood decks or brick.

They are often spindle shaped but they can take on almost any shape or size depending on the style you are trying to achieve. Because of the different types there is variety of deck baluster ideas for privacy, decoration, or simply safety. Decking balusters come in many different materials from a range of types of metal to natural or composite wood. In addition, metal balusters often look very nice when built on concrete patios.

  • The great thing about metal deck metal balusters is that they can be bought premade and easily inserted into your deck.
  • You can either get a metal rail to for the top or you can insert the balusters into a wooden frame rail mold.
  • The type of deck metal balusters that you use for your design depends on your price range and the style you are seeking.
  • Wrought iron balusters can serve as both contemporary and more ornate traditional styles.

If you are trying to achieve a contemporary look, use metal balusters that are straight and not intricately designed, paired with a simple straight metal or wood rail. For those homeowners looking for a more traditional look you can find metal balusters that are twisted and bent into more elaborate shapes to add a touch of flare to your deck railing. Aluminum deck balusters can be used in combination with wood railings to achieve a modern look.

Place the aluminum balusters in between two wood rails. Use deck stain colors or paint the wood and metal to any color to better match your home. Another type you can use to build your railing is wood deck balusters. In these types of railings the whole unit is made up of wood. You can have the balusters and top rails carved in various ways to match the style of your home and achieve virtually any look with the natural wood.

For those of you who would like longer lasting railings you can construct yours from composite deck balusters. These balusters are exactly like wood except they are made from a timber like material composed of plastic and wood fibers, making them more durable to harsh weather and long lasting. After picking out the style of your deck railings and balusters, the next step in the process is the installing deck balusters.

Baluster spacing is crucial in not only maintaining the sturdiness of your deck railing, but also in the design.

If you building a rail to try and gain more privacy on your deck it is important to place your balusters more close together or use a type of material that offers little translucency such as lattice wood. If you are not trying to attain privacy with your railing, you to make sure that the balusters are spread out according to your areas building codes. Spacing balusters properly is important for overall safety of the deck.

The building codes for decks state that the space between balusters should be small enough that a child will be incapable of fitting in between them. The maximum space you can have between each baluster is 4 inches so make sure to space them a little smaller. Once you have figured out how far you will be placing the balusters from one another, you make use this to calculate the total number of balusters you will need for your deck design based on the overall perimeter size. Once this is done you can begin building your railing and remodeling your deck.