Cedar Wood Deck

Cedar Wood Deck - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Cedar Wood Deck

Cedar Wood Deck - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Many homeowners are making the choice to add a deck and patio on to their home. The best feature of any deck is its versatility.

Whether small or large, a deck can be transformed into any type of outdoor room from an outdoor kitchen to a living room, the possibilities are limitless. This article discusses the use of cedar decking for the homeowner when building or enhancing your own deck.

There are a variety of different types of materials that you can use for construction of a deck. Some may think that the deck designs are the most important aspect of your deck, however they are wrong. The material in which you construct your deck out is one of the most important considerations when creating your deck.

Building or enhancing your deck with features like an outdoor fireplace or furniture will invite your family and guests to spend more time outside in the fresh air to enjoy a peaceful night alone or in the company of others. Wood is the most popular type of material because many people enjoy the look and texture of a wood deck. Composite decking is a type of wood material that is made of natural wood and plastics combined.

This combination allows the wood to last longer and be more durable, increasing the lifespan of your deck. In addition, it helps to prevent decay and rot from harsh weather conditions. Natural wood, or timber decking is another option. Although composite decking is long lasting and inexpensive, many homeowners want a natural wood deck because the look, texture, and feel of real wood is superior to engineered hardwood flooring. 

Also known for its durability, IPE wood decking is a very sturdy and long lasting wood material used for decks. It is a very popular tropical wood that can be used for a variety of different outdoor constructions. However, if you are not looking for a tropical style, the best wood for you to consider building your deck out of is cedar.

Cedar wood is a popular choice for wood decks because of its durability to damage and rot.

A cedar wood deck has several benefits including durability, aesthetic appeal, and easy to maintain and install.

The only downfall to wood decking is that it often does not stand up to inclement weather, strong sunlight, and water or insect damage unless treated. However, there are several types of wood that are long lasting and durable that can be used or treated to construct a beautiful, durable deck.

  1. Many homeowners chose to use cedar wood when building their decks because of its natural durability.
  2. Cedar is resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestation because of the chemicals and fibers that the wood has naturally.
  3. Moreover, cedar lumber is very solid and does not shift, twist, or warp as easily as other woods, including pressure treated woods.
  4. Another reason many homeowners are choosing cedar for their decks is because of the look of the wood.
  5. Cedar is a brownish reddish wood that offers a warm feeling.
  6. Cedar wood comes from a variety of different types of trees, however, red cedar wood is the most popular type used for the outdoors.
  7. The best red cedar lumber to use for decking material comes from Eastern red cedars, Western red cedars, and Australian red cedars.

These types of woods are very decay resistant and weather proof so they are excellent for outdoors. In addition to its look and durability, cedar wood is easy to work with. The wood is soft, causing it to be easy to cut, thus improving the ease of installation. In addition, because the wood is soft enough to work with, it is easy to stain. If you are unhappy with the natural colors of the wood you can choose from a variety of different cedar wood deck stain to change your deck to whatever color you want.

Moreover, because it is easy stained and can take on virtually any color, cedar wood is good to use for decorative parts of any wood deck, such as railings, stairs, and moldings. Adding a finishing stain also enhances the deck paint color, as well as ensures that your wood is even more durable and long lasting against any harmful condition coming its way.