Deck Designs

Deck Designs - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Deck Designs

Deck Designs - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Adding a deck and patio design to your home is a great way to increase the retail value and improve the curb appeal of your home.

A well built deck can capture a view and expand your home creating a spacious outdoor addition to your home. With the proper design and layout, you can build a deck that turns your outdoor living space into a sanctuary that blurs the lines between inside and out. This article discusses a few things you should consider when embarking on your deck project. When planning the design of your deck you should take into consideration how you plan on using it.

Consider how often you plan to entertain family or friends, how many people you will need space for, and what kind of seating you want. This article focusses on the best outdoor deck design ideas along with helping choose between timber wood and composite decking materials.

  • Once you determine what your deck will be used for it is time to pick the location.
  • Based on the size of the deck or patio design ideas, you want to pick a location in your yard or side of your house that has ample space.
  • You should pick an area that has a beautiful view to enjoy when spending time on your new deck.
  • When picking a location for your deck you should also be aware of the climate in your area.

You will want a deck that is not directly in the sunlight to avoid becoming too warm during the summer months. If this location of your deck does not suit your house you can add covered deck ideas with an overhead screen or awning to block the sunlight and keep your deck cool. While most decks are attached to the side of a house and act as extensions to your home, some are placed farther from the house.

It may be a good idea to build a walkway or path for easy access to your deck. If your home has an above ground pool, you may consider building a swimming pool deck path to connect your home to your outdoor living area. Once your location is determined, the next step is to determine the shape of your deck. While most decks are a simple rectangle or square facing off the side of the house, deck shapes vary from circular to elaborate wave shapes.

Keep in mind that more complex decks may be more difficult to build in that they require more building materials and building time.

After you decide on the shape of your small deck plan you should also consider if you would like to add a fence of screen to your deck. Building a screened in porch allows you to enjoy your deck while avoiding pesky mosquitoes and other insects. 

It will also preserve the cleanliness of your deck by protecting it from the sun and preventing unwanted visits from animals. This type of deck fence railing is a little more open and allows you a clear view of your property and your backyard landscape design. After determining the shape and design of your deck, you must pick the material you will be using to build your deck.

Pressure-treated material is the best type of wood timber decking to use because it is inexpensive, durable, and can be stained in your desired color. When selecting the building material you will want to make sure that is durable and functional. Choose a material that is resistant to decay, weather and insect damage. Pressure-treated redwood and cedar wood decks are good options because they are soft, fine-grained woods that do not splinter.

Once the material is picked out you are on your way to beginning to build the deck you’ve always dreamed of.

After completing all of these steps you will have a general idea of what you want your beautiful deck design plans to look like. It is a good idea to draw a few sketches of your deck to determine exactly how you want it to look. Using graphing paper, you can make your on paper dimensions equivalent to the planned dimensions of your deck. After sketching your final backyard layout including floor plans and type of deck fencing, you can take the picture to a home improvement store near you and a sales person can help estimate how much material you will need. Once you have obtained all of the proper materials you can begin to build your dream deck.