Deck Ideas

Deck Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Deck Ideas

Deck Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Building a deck is a wonderful way to encourage guests away from the television and to your backyard to enjoy that beautifully manicured landscape and gorgeous seasonal weather.

The most popular deck designs for incorporate unique decorative details, durable materials and fantastic features such as outdoor kitchen areas and built in seating to make the space both beautiful as well as functional. Check out our outdoor living guide for a fantastic collection of the best deck designs ideas and pictures to discover the amazing potential of your space. In no time you can create an unforgettable entertaining space, perfect to enjoy gorgeous sunny days and warm summer nights all season long.

The best way to begin your backyard makeover is with fabulous deck design plans. The hottest decking plans in do not infuse bold contemporary decor, but rather highlight the natural beauty of the space to blend seamlessly into your landscape.

Bring this great trend to your own home by utilizing unforgettable deck and patio ideas that take full advantage of the available space while without distracting from the natural beauty and terrain of your yard. Whether you are erecting brand new isolated construction, building a deck onto the exterior of your home or revamping an existing outdated structure you must start with a fabulous and well thought out blueprint.

Begin the design process by browsing fabulous house deck photos for great inspiration and tips on how to take full advantage of your landscape’s potential. Get creative with your design and incorporate unexpected shapes and decorative features such as built-in seating, cool fixed planters or designer railings.

  • As you begin designing your fabulous new outdoor structure it is important to understand the difference between a deck and a patio.
  • Typically, patios are cement or stone living areas constructed at ground level, while decks are raised anywhere from a few inches to stories above the ground.
  • With these specifications in mind, the first step in planning a great deck design is determining how high off the ground it will sit as well as the overall square footage of the new space.
  • These measurements largely depend on whether or not the newly constructed deck will be attached to the home.
  • Wood decking plans that extend into the backyard from a kitchen or living room exit door create fabulous flow from the interior to exterior of the home, perfect for outdoor entertaining.
  • This type of deck can be near ground level or even a floor or two about the lawn.

If you select a raised design, incorporate adequate space for steps and deck railings. When designed well, these important safety features become a great decorative feature and add to the overall look. 

The fabulous design potential of a great backyard deck is absolutely limitless. Once you have determined the best layout for the new structure, it is time to select the perfect materials to bring your fabulous design to life. When selecting which decking product is best for your project, consider weather conditions, the desired maintenance level and how much wear and tear the structure will likely receive.

Most deck design ideas generally fit into two distinct categories - classic wooden structures and newer composite plans. Traditional timber construction is the most popular decking material because of its classic natural beauty and ability to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Contemporary composite deck ideas, made of a blended wood and plastic material, are very similar in look to typical timber varieties but with a more durable finish.

Composite products, such as trex, are generally a better choice for harsh environments or those with heavy traffic while traditional timber decks are a great option for homeowners who prefer rustic beauty over durability.

Building a deck has never been easier with the wide variety of user friendly products available on the market. Nationwide home improvement warehouses and local specialty shops are absolutely brimming with great buys and fantastic design solution to make revamping those backyard decks quick and easy for everyday do it yourself remodelers. Do not be intimidated by the by the pricey nature of this project.

The cost to build a deck can actually be quite budget friendly if you choose the right materials, hunt down a great bargain on quality products and complete the installation yourself. Be sure to not over extend yourself, so select the design and materials that best suit your home and intended uses. For example, small deck designs tend to work better when attached to the home rather than standalone construction unless they are being used for a specific purpose like a great hot tub foundation or gazebo. Don’t forget to check local laws as well to ensure that your new deck is up to code before wasting time or money on a structure that cannot be used. 

Remember our tips and tricks for all of your favorite home design ideas and plan ahead before you build to ensure that your layout fits the scale and decor style of your property, while taking the best advantage of the materials and space you are given. Revamping your outdoor areas by constructing a fabulous new deck is a fantastic project for do it yourself landscaping enthusiasts.

A beautiful and modern deck that blends well into your yard’s terrain will greatly increase your family’s quality of life as well as the overall value of your home. To ensure that that your deck makeover has that expertly finished look and is as beautiful as it is functional, remember to pay close attention to those small decorative details. For example, if you have chosen a raised design, be sure to disguise that unsightly space underneath by installing decorative lattice work. You can even incorporate great covered deck ideas to get the most use out of your new living area.