Deck Paint Colors

Deck Paint Colors - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Deck Paint Colors

Deck Paint Colors - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

A deck is one of the most versatile areas of a home because of the numerous style, design, and layout options you have to choose for this space.

A well built deck design plan can capture a view and transform an ordinary space in your home to a spacious outdoor sanctuary. There are many different design options to choose from, including an ordinary wood deck for entertaining and grilling to more elaborate layouts such as outdoor kitchens and living areas. No matter what design and layout you choose, a great way to add a touch of style to your deck is paint it.

Not only does a coat of paint add a beautiful color and flair to your deck, but it also protects it from damage from the rain and sun. However, because there are so many outdoor deck paint colors to choose from, picking the type for your home can be hard. This article focuses on deck paint and advice for the homeowner on how to pick the right color, brand, and finish. The material your deck is made out of, its age, and your location play a big role in what type of paint you will need for this project. 

Deck paint comes in many different types that are specific to each material and provide special protection to your surface. Wooden decks tend to wear down more easily than concrete, and different types of wood will have longer durability and strength than others. How to paint a wood deck will depend on what type of wood it is made out of, the finish it has received in the past and the condition of the deck. The best deck stain colors for wood and cedar tend to have shorter life spans than tropical woods like IPE decking.

  • If your deck is made of natural American wood then it is a good idea to get paint with more protection or consider adding more sealer to at the end.
  • Tropical woods on the other hand are very long lasting and do not need multiple deck coating during the paint job.
  • Pressure treated wood, which is treated with chemicals to prevent it from rotting, is also more durable than natural wood so this type of decking will not need excessive protection.
  • When choosing the best types of wood deck stain, look to see if the wood is cracked, chipped or flaking.

Old wood that is already damaged or crack will look better with a coat of stain rather than paint because it will hide the damage better. If your deck receives a lot of sun during the day, the most popular exterior paint colors for a deck in will be solid shades that provide complete coverage to protect your wood against UV damage. Another thing to consider is the makeup of the paint.

The best coatings for decks tend to be water based finishes because they are easier to apply and will coat wet or dry surfaces. Oil based finishes provide deeper protection by penetrating the wood and adhering deep inside, however they tend to bubble during application, leaving an unattractive surface. If you live in a wet area or deal with long snow seasons, make sure to consider how this will affect the safety of your painted deck design plan.

Water proof paint for a deck will protect your space from rot, mold, or mildew that is common in wet areas and is great for use on pool decks as well. Keep in mind that painted decks tend to be more slippery when wet, so it is important to choose non slip wood deck paint to prevent falls when it is raining.

Non skid paint for decks have sand or other additives included in the paint to provide traction and help prevent falls. Once you have determine the type of paint and finishing you will need for your deck, it is time to pick the color. Simple wood deck stains, opaque colors, or faux finishes can all be used to add style to your deck and should be chosen to match the style of your home.

The most popular wooden deck painting ideas include tinted stains rather than solid colors. Stain is the best way to add color to your deck without taking away from the natural beauty of the wood. Stains enhance the color of the wood and provide a nice finish that brings out the texture and grains of the material. The most common exterior house colors are neutral whites, tans, and creams so darker stains can be used to add contrast to your home and create a beautiful look for your deck. Top deck staining ideas from include dark red browns and grey tints.

Depending on the layout of your deck, you can add more style by painting or staining your railings different colors than the floor.

Staining the floor of your deck is common because it enhances the natural look of the wood, however, railings and balusters can be painted various colors to add a nice contrast and fair to your deck. Deck railings can be made of wood, metal, or plastic and are used for both decoration and safety when installed on a deck. Common colors for railings on stained decks include white, black, or brown, however any shade from the rainbow can be used.

The best color pairings to use is a dark stained floor with white railings. Another popular color selection is to paint the balusters, or the vertical spindle portion of your rail, and keep the horizontal railing component the same color stain as your deck floor. If you prefer a more solid cover over your deck, then your best design option. Paint not only adds to the style and look of your deck, but can also restore damaged areas and hide blemishes in the wood. Solid colors can restore deck paints that are chipping or flaking and make the area look brand new.

Wood and composite decking colors that are popular among homeowners include solid grays, rustic browns, and neutral cream tones.

If you are looking for a more elaborate style, cool deck color ideas for include incorporating dark blues and greens into the railings and balusters to add a nice contrast to the lighter colored floor. If you have a patio with concrete flooring, a great way to spruce up the area and add color to the dull gray material. If your patio is worn down and old you can correctly restore the area with deck concrete resurfacing by adding new layers of concrete or paint to the surface.

This is great for patios and pool decks that are used often and is a quick way to renovate the area. In addition to restoreing the surface, a layer of paint can hide blemishes and make your deck look brand new. The most popular concrete patio and deck paint colors include solid browns and creams, as well as more patterned designs such as faux brick or stone. Before applying the first coat of paint, make sure to research the best ways to apply the paint.

Popular pool deck paint colors tend to be more on the neutral side with creams, tans, and white shades being more common, however any color can be used to make the area more playful and fun.