Deck Restoration

Deck Restoration - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Deck Restoration

Deck Restoration - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing the perfect color for your outdoor deck?

Many companies actually have sections in their stores devoted to exterior paint colors for homes. In fact, Sherwin Williams specifically provides customers with exterior paint color schemes and combinations that can help even the most inexperienced homeowner get decide on hues for this space.

For more information, tips and tricks, plus the top deck color ideas, photos and reviews, continue reading. Some homeowners like to choose a hue for their deck that matches their exterior house paint colors so that their decor scheme flows nicely from the inside to the outside. In contrast, other homeowners like to keep their outdoor space separate from the inside of their home and opt for shades on the opposite side of the color chart to provide a nice contrast.

The first thing when looking for deck colors and ideas is the type of material this space is made of, as each material will require a specific type of exterior deck paint colors or stain. For example, most natural woods can be either stained or painted, depending on the color, opacity, and seal you desire. Most woods can be stained, as is commonly in cedar decking where homeowners often opt to use a clear or lighter finish to keep the natural beauty of the wood.

Different types of engineered woods, fiber cement, and even concrete can also be stained, however the type of stain will vary with each material.

Composite decking ideas and colors range anywhere from the natural brown hues found in wood to deep greens and even black! The green Trex colors sold by this company are great for the outdoors because it complements the colors naturally found in the garden and accent well with red brick homes as this shade is found on the opposite side of the paint color chart.

  • However when you are staining a deck it is very important to look for a brand that either has a sealer in it or that has a separate wood coating that can be applied after the initial color is put down.
  • A wood deck sealer contains a blend of oils, solvents, and chemicals that prevent weather damage, mildew, and UV damage.
  • Most finishing products come as a wood deck stain and sealer combination, although sometimes it is necessary to but these products separately.
  • While there are many different colors of deck stain available, most tend to be varying shades of browns, tans, and other natural colors.
  • While these hues make beautiful accents for most houses, some homeowners might prefer a more vibrant shade for their deck.

Some up and coming wood deck colors for in are red, blue, and green. Red is a gorgeous color that complements exterior paint schemes that are centered around a brick wall. On the other hand, blue exterior paint ideas for a house and attached deck provides a strong modern focus and can be paired with simpler colors like taupe or gray furniture, pots, and other accent pieces.

Of course, make sure you purchase these hues in specific outdoor paint, as it provides more protection in varying climates. Another advantage to using composite materials is that you do not need to reapply paint color, a sealant, or swimming pool deck coating to protect this area from damage because they are designed to withstand fading from sun and the warping and rotting common of natural wood.