Deck Stain Colors

Deck Stain Colors - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Deck Stain Colors

Deck Stain Colors - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

There are many different ways to add color to your outdoor space, whether it is through vibrant flowers and shrubs or brightly hued furniture, however the best and most permanent way is to paint your deck.

Not only does painting or staining your deck provide a nice accent or even focal point to the outside of your home, but it also provides a sealant that protects it from harsh weather, high traffic, and pesky animals.

Plus with the large section of colors for wood, concrete, stone, or fiber cement decks, you are very likely to find the perfect shade for your home.

Some other popular exterior paint colors for this season include shades of gray, taupe, and green as they all complement the hues that are naturally found in your yard and outside your home. Gray is one of the best exterior paint colors because they can be applied on larger areas without overwhelming the space.

Plus this hue can be complemented with almost any other shade, allowing an endless number of possibilities when it comes to furniture colors and other outdoor pieces.

Also on the top of the list for best deck stain colors for the outside of your home is using taupe and other hues in that family as they are a very neutral tone, and can be complimented by almost any shade including navy, reds, and even turquoise. 

The more popular Behr paint colors provide these hues in a variety of different types of paints ranging from flat to semi-gloss, as well as with varying types of sealants, stains, and primers, while Olympic carries a line of paints designed for use in both the inside and outside of your home. Because most wood paint provides a solid cover that hides the natural grain, you will want to consider how opaque of a color you wish to have.

  1. A clear deck finish is idea for homeowners who have either purchased and installed an expensive type of wood, or those who enjoy the natural look as this type of coat barely changes the color.
  2. Another type of stain is the tinted variety which provides a little bit more color and is great for veranda decking with wood as it still allows the natural tone of the wood to show through.
  3. With the tinted you can even opt for a two tone stain which uses a lighter and darker shade of the same hue to provide contrast, however is easier to create on patio furniture or a table than on a larger space like deck flooring.
  4. On the other hand, a solid color stain is known for completely hiding the wood grain but is perfect for covering up damage in those high traffic areas, and especially great deck railing ideas, as these spaces can easily be banged or nicked.

Cabot provides the finest wood staining products in varying opacities and multiple hues. Sometimes paint or stain can help in your DIY deck restoration by covering unwanted marks or crevices, however some damage cannot be covered up by refinishing and it may be necessary to replace the entire space. To prevent warping, rotting, and water damage commonly seen in wood decks, you can install a composite deck, such as Trex, or use an engineered wood. Plus these companies sell their products in a variety of hues.