IPE Decking Ideas

IPE Decking Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

IPE Decking Ideas

IPE Decking Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Building a deck or concrete patio is a great addition to any home because decks creates an extra living space while at the same time increasing the retail value of your home.

  • Wood decks and patios are more popular for deck designs than any other materials because wood offers a very natural, homey look and texture.
  • The only problem with natural wood or timber decking is that often the material is not very durable and is more prone to damage and decay.
  • As a result, a variety of different types of wood have been created over the past decades to combat the short life span of wood decks.
  • Composite decking has been made from a combination of wood and plastics to increase the longevity of the deck

In addition to composite materials, pressure treated woods and longer lasting materials such as ipe decking have been created to enhance the look and endurance of your deck. This article discusses ipe wood decking and how it compares to other materials to construct your deck. When building decks, many homeowners are looking for cheap wood flooring material that is inexpensive and durable. Because of this, most people turn to composite wood decks.

Composite decking is inexpensive and long lasting because of the combination of materials it is made from. Despite what you may think, engineered hardwood floor material such as composite decking is actually not the best option. While they are both cheap and durable, there is another type of wood that is longer lasting and just as inexpensive as the composite wood material.

If you want to purchase cheap decking floor tile or boards that will allow your deck to last you a lifetime then you should be looking at ipe wood. Ipe lumber is one of the most popular types of wood used for decking in the United States. Similar to teak wood, ipe is a tropical hardwood that is long lasting and durable under a variety of weather conditions.

However, unlike teak deck, ipe decks are known to last up to 100 years or longer because of its natural dense quality. Ipe wood for decks is made from Brazilian Walnut and has become known as one of the most durable types of natural woods. This brazilian wood can be used for decking as well as other flooring needs. Ipe is so dense and durable that this walnut deck flooring can be used to construct boardwalks and docks that stand up against water damage and storms.

Unlike composite decking materials, ipe wood is not an engineered wood floor. Ipe is completely natural and possesses all the right qualities for the best decking material. It stands up to harsh weather, water damage, and is resistant to insect damage and decay, making ipe the “king” of all hardwood materials. Ipe deck tiles come in a variety of different sizes and styles. Here you can find many different types of deck fence ideas, tile designs, and board colors to add a complimenting scene to your home.

You can get flat tiles or you can purchase pregrooved that help you to connect your decking together easier making installation quick and easy. You can also buy ipe railings, trim and moldings to add to your railings and posts to enhance the look of your deck.

Ipe deck flooring can be stained to a variety of different colors, however, the most popular choice is the natural dark wood color. A simple stain and finish will seal in the paint color and ensure that the beauty of your ipe deck is maintained for a long time. Ipe wood is typically used for outdoor use only because it is airdried specifically to be used outside. However, if you would like to use it indoors, you should purchase kiln dried ipe lumber.

This type of wood can be used for furniture as well as for hard wood floors. Ipe wood is excellent for hard wood flooring because it adds a nice tropical look to any home. Because the wood is naturally dark, no matter what color deck stain you pick your deck color will be relatively dark. In addition, Ipe hardwood floor installation is relatively cheap and you are ensured the high quality and durability of all natural ipe wood.