Pool Deck

Pool Deck - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Pool Deck

Pool Deck - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

The best way to find inspiration for your outdoor pool area is to look at top swimming pool deck ideas plans and pictures online.

Providing you with images of popular trends in outdoor decor. Installing a pool in your back yard is a great addition to any home because it provides you with a relaxing outdoor space to spend time with friends and family and cool off during the hot summer months. The first thing you should consider before the start of your swimming pool renovations is what type of pool you are going to install, above ground or inground.

In most popular deck ideas and design trends help the homeowners on a budget with easy install tips. These simple plans are in expensive, not permanent, and great for families with children because they safer than in ground pools. This above ground pool structure sits on top of the ground in any part of your yard and requires pool ladders for access, preventing accidental falls into the water.

The process of above ground pool design is easy because fiberglass panels are connected with steel braces. These fiberglass pools are a great inexpensive option for homeowners who are on a budget. These pools can be small or large, depending on the size of your yard, and can be enhanced by the addition of above ground pool decking. There are three main layout options to choose in pool deck design.

One option is a pool deck railing that surrounds the entire pool, creating a circular surface that hides the walls of the pool to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Another popular pool deck layout is a side deck, encompasses only a small portion of the pool, providing a tiny surface to anchor a ladder. Above ground swimming pool decks not only add space to the area but also enhance the look of your landscaping to make the pool seem like a distinguished part of your yard.

Best for small swimming pool designs with a deck because they take up less room and can be extended to a patio or deck that is attached to the home.

Side pool deck installation cost with be significantly cheaper than a surrounding deck, making it the ideal option for homeowners to save money. Above ground pool decks tend to use wood as their primary construction material.

Pool decking material reviews suggest that wood is the most popular among design schemes because of its visual appeal. Wood decks for pools should be constructed with a material that is capable of withstanding moisture such as treated lumber, IPE decking, or composite wood. Keep in mind that the constant exposure to water may require pool deck resurfacing every few years. However, you can increase the strength of your deck by adding stain or paint with extra sealant.

Pool deck paint not only enhances the look of the wood, but also adds an extra protective layer to the material to prevent rotting, as well as mold and mildew build up. An easy pool deck repair tip includes adding a layer of epoxy sealer over top of the stain or paint to protect against both water and UV damage that may occur.

When deciding on your design plan, an above ground pool deck is ideal to install in a small backyard because they are easy to install, and install down the road.

  1. An inground pool is built into an area of your yard that has been dug out. It can be made of concrete, tile, or a plastic inset that is placed into the ground.
  2. Inground pool decking options are more versatile and can be constructed using wood, concrete, tile or other patio flooring materials.
  3. One of the most popular types of surfaces for a patio of an inground layout are concrete pool decks.
  4. In contrast to wood decking, a concrete patio is also great as the flooring material is strong, durable, and water resistant.

If you like the durability but prefer more cool patio pool surfaces, consider using stamped or colored concrete to add more flair to the area. Other unique swimming pool patio ideas include using bricks or pavers as the flooring material. Both bricks and pavers are great for any type of patio because they are able to withstand moisture and add a nice style and look to your backyard. Other popular pool deck design trends use various types of tiling to surround the area.

Tile is a stylish material to use to make up the surface of your pool deck because it adds an attractive and sophisticated look to your yard. Great pool deck tile ideas complement other elements in your landscape and utilize natural colors to create a scheme that blends well together. Another popular trend in swimming pool renovations for is to use different colored tiles to create mosaic styled designs and patterns around the deck or patio.

If you like the look of the tile, you can extend this material into the water on the pool steps or entire surface of the floor. Although tile is a beautiful and simple pool deck surfacing, it does have its drawbacks. Review disadvantages for tile say that it can be a slippery material for pool decks. Professionals advise using tiles with a dull, or rough textured finishing to provide extra traction and prevent unwanted falls.

Other helpful advice about simple deck design ideas and construction details is to pick a light colored tile. Tile tends to retain heat from the sun, so a lighter color will prevent too much heat buildup.

If you are unsure of which types of pool decking materials will look best in your back yard, view of photo gallery of the best home design ideas for pool decks. You can find a variety of inspirational pool deck photo gallery images of both small and large design layouts and the most popular styles of . Not only will these pictures help you to determine what material and the design layout to use on your pool deck but they can also provide insight for decorative ideas as well.

The style and decor of your pool deck or patio is essential to the overall design of your backyard as well as the look of your house so it is important to pick the right accessories for this space. Some of our favorite backyard swimming pool ideas also incorporate furniture and other accessories to complete the look. Our design gallery will show you a variety of trendy patio furniture, umbrellas, and storage options as well as the most in-style color schemes to use in your decor.