Small Deck Ideas

Small Deck Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Small Deck Ideas

Small Deck Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Small decks are especially useful for home with little space because they add an extra room, allowing you to expand your living area to the outdoors.

Not only do they increase the value of your home, but building a small deck in your backyard can provide you with a space for a little container garden or an attractive dining area for your guests. There are a variety of small deck plans to choose from, including simple plastic set ups and ornately carved wooden constructions, or simple 2 level decks. When planning a deck, make sure to base the design off of the style of your home and landscaping.

Whether you are remodeling an existing deck or starting from scratch, it is important to create a design scheme that flows beautifully, blurring the boundaries between the interior of your home and nature. We offer a large assortment of small deck designs ideas and pictures that will help you plan, construct, and decorate your outdoor space.

  1. The first thing to determine when building a small outdoor deck is the design.
  2. Despite the lack of space, there are many different style and layout options to choose from when you design and build your deck.

Popular small deck ideas make the most out of the available space with simple and sleek designs such as beautiful wooden structures, plans with combined seating and storage, or unadorned patios.

There are two main options to select when designing a deck - covered or uncovered. Covered decks are popular because they provide you with a space that can be used year round, no matter what the weather. When you have a roof or some type of covering over your deck you are protected from rain, snow, and to much UV rays from sunlight, extending the use of the space as well as preventing unwanted damage. Covered deck ideas that have been trending in include simple canvas awnings, vibrant canopies, wood or aluminum roofs, and veranda decking. While covered decks offer a lot of benefits, uncovered are the best option for small spaces.

When dealing with a small outdoor space, putting a roof or covering over top of it can make the area appear smaller and more claustrophobic.

Small patio design plans that are best for small areas should have an open design, preventing overcrowding and creating the illusion of more space.

For those homeowners with a deck that is level with the ground, consider opting out of installing railings on the structure. Without railings the deck will blend well into your yard, thus providing you with more space. If you have a balcony, great deck railing ideas that will keep the area open include ranch style rails, large spaces between posts, or wooden rails with thin metal balusters.

Custom made railings are good options for small decks because you can create your own design to ensure that the space looks beautiful and open. Although covered decks tend to be less ideal options for small yard layouts, roof structures such as umbrellas, arbors, or pergolas are provide shade and coverage without overcrowding the area.

Patio umbrellas provide an easy diy portable roof for your deck that can be freestanding or incorporated into a dining table set. Adding an umbrella is a great and functional way of decorating a small deck because they add a splash of color to the area as well as protection from rain and sun. Arbors and pergolas, on the other hand, are open lattice structures that act more as decoration and provide a little bit of shade.

The best pergola designs for decks often cover the entire space and incorporate seating, outdoor curtains for added privacy and shade, or hanging plants for a natural decoration. Take a look at our photos of small decks with pergolas to help get some inspiration and design ideas for your remodeling project. A few simple decorations are a great way to liven up your yard so it does not seem so small.

Themed decor, container gardens, and outdoor seating are great adornments to incorporate into your small deck designs. Cottage, French bistro, and nautical are the most popular themes to use on your deck because they provide you with a relaxing atmosphere.

Container gardens are also a great decor for backyard design ideas with decks and add a beautiful look to the space with bright, colorful plants, vivacious shrubs, or luscious fruits and vegetables. When creating a container garden on your deck you can choose from pots, hanging planters, or raised beds. Raised beds are the best diy home design ideas for people who want to grow a large vegetable garden because they provide you with ample space for growth.

Pots and hanging planters are best for flowers that require less room for proper development. Make sure not to use too many pots and containers on your best deck designs, as this will cause overcrowding, taking away from the cozy feel of the space. Other great ideas for your small deck include extending your garden into the yard. The best deck and landscaping ideas often include small garden plots or shrubs along the edges of the home.

For decks that are level with ground, various types of shrubs can be planted on the border of the space to provide a natural fence that adds color and beauty.

In addition to landscaping plants, other simple deck ideas and designs include decor such as seating, storage or dining sets. A small dining table is a great addition to any remodel or renovation by making your deck more functional allowing you to not enjoy meals with your friends and family. For those homeowners with a pool in your yard, consider adding a deck around the perimeter.

The latest trends and ideas for above ground pool decks include a full surround, side, or combination deck. A full surround deck is one of the most popular plans because it encircles the entire pool, providing you with a large area for sunbathing and lounging. A side deck is one that surrounds a portion of the pool, allowing a small area to sit or stand and the perfect place for a pool ladder.

Combination decks are the top choice because they surround the entire pool as well as connect off the side of the home. View our deck photo gallery for a variety of the top designs and award winning pictures to help plan your do it yourself construction project.