Concrete Flooring

Concrete Flooring - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Concrete Flooring

Concrete Flooring - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Replacing old concrete patio flooring is a great project to consider if you are looking for a quick way to spruce up any area of your home.

  1. Whether you are remodeling or building a new house, the flooring you choose can make or break the look.
  2. There is nothing better than walking into a home with beautiful polished wood floors, plush carpet, or elegant tiling.
  3. Attractive flooring ideas in every room will make the time you spend in your home more enjoyable as well as increase the value of your home.
  4. However, there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to flooring.
  5. Tile, wood, carpet, and concrete make up a small selection of the styles of flooring you can choose from.
  6. This article discusses the use of concrete flooring and various areas it can be used in the home.
  7. Decorative concrete is a material that is typically associated with construction or outdoor use.
  8. This material mainly composes patios, driveways and garages because of its strong, durable, and weather proof features.

Concrete is made up gravel, sand, cement and water combined to create a solid, rock hard surface. Although it is most commonly used with patio flooring, concrete is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use and can be incorporated into any décor scheme. There are many different concrete flooring ideas to choose from depending on the area of your home that you will be installing them and the style of the room.

Concrete is most popularly used for garage flooring because it is a durable material that can withstand the hazards of cars and workshops that are commonly assembled in that area.

Decorative concrete, like rubber flooring, is not only strong enough to hold up against the weight of a car or truck, but it is also resistant to potential damage from gasoline or chemical spills that can occur from cars or work areas. In addition to being able to withstand the dangers of spills, stamped concrete patio is moisture resistant so water or humidity from the outdoors will not damage it.

  • As a result, concrete basement floors are very popular choices to prevent damage to the room in the case of flooding or dampness.
  • Because concrete is moisture resistant, it is a great choice for kitchen flooring as well.
  • Water and food spills are common occurrences in the kitchen so it is important to use a flooring material that will not be damaged easily.
  • Stained oncrete can hold up against kitchen spills as well as falling objects without staining or breaking.
  • In addition to its durability, concrete floor cleaning is very easy because you do not need to worry about damaging it with harsh products.
  • How to clean a concrete floor depends on the area of your house that the floor is installed and the type of finish you have on it.
  • If the floor is sealed, all you need to do to maintain it is sweep or vacuum, and mop occasionally to remove dirt and spills.
  • For outdoor flooring that is unsealed, such as the surface of a concrete patio or driveway, cleaning is a little simpler.
  • Unsealed concrete needs to be swept to remove dirt and hosed down for additional cleaning.

Although concrete is a great material because of its strength and durability, not every homeowner enjoys the look of the stone grey color as compared to traditional wood flooring options. As a result, there are various concrete finishes and stains that can be added to your flooring to enhance or change the color. One way to enhance the look of your floor is to use concrete floor polishing. Polished concrete looks more elegant because it seals off the cracks and pores and adds a slight veneer to the area.

You can find many different types of concrete floor covering including clear polishes with epoxy sealers as well as coverings that have an added color. To add color to your existing concrete flooring you can either paint to stain it. If you prefer a more solid color, paint is the best option for your concrete floor project. To get the best coverage and create a solid color you will need to add a few layers of paint to the floor. After painting, it is a good idea to add a thin layer of sealant to protect your paint job and ensure that your cheap floor ideas are sealed from damage.

Another way to enhance or change the color of your concrete floor is to stain it. Staining adds both color and design to your flooring by creating a marble like look. flooring ideas with stained concrete is an easy project to take on, all you need is the stain, a brush or roller, and a sealant.

The design you want on your floor is up to you, however, the brush you use to apply the stain will determine the style. If you want a more solid color a brush or roller will achieve this. However if you want concrete stain that creates a marble like pattern you will want to use a sprayer or cloth to spread the stain around in whatever style you desire. In addition to using stain or paint to add style to your concrete floor, you can also use tiles. Concrete floor tiles add the natural stone look of concrete to any room with the separation of square tiling. This is a great way to add texture and patterns to your flooring. With concrete flooring tiles you can keep the color consistent or use different colored stained floor tiles to create a checkerboard like pattern. What every style you choose, with concrete tiles you will ensure that your floor is strong and durable and able to withstand any potential damages.