Wood Floors

Wood Floors - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Wood Floors

Wood Floors - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

There are many different flooring ideas for DIY homeowners to choose from when remodeling the floors of their home. Not only are there different patterns to use but there are also various materials to select from depending on the room of the house.

  1. The types of wood flooring are endless; materials that are commonly used in floors of the home are carpet, tile, laminate, vinyl, and wood.
  2. Wood kitchen flooring ideas are popular among homeowners because of the natural, elegant look this material adds to the room.
  3. Tile or water resistant wood floors are also commonly used in kitchens, as well as bathrooms, where they are more prone to spills and water.
  4. On the other hand, carpets and wood floors are excellent for use in living rooms and bedrooms because they add an elegant but warm feel to the space.
  5. Although different materials can be used in every room depending on your personal preference, wood is the most used because of its versatility, durability, and beauty that it adds to the home.

This article discusses many wood floor ideas ranging from real hardwood materials to engineered flooring options. Engineered hardwood flooring gives a clean, attractive look to any home. Wood floors are timeless so they are able to match any type of home decor, from Victorian to modern. When choosing the right type of hardwood for your home, it is important to consider the different types of woods and the benefits and disadvantages of each. Refinishing your final work makes future wood floor cleaning easier because you don’t have to worry about damaging the wood with water. Hardwood flooring is made of natural, solid wood that can come unfinished of prefinished, depending on your preference.

The wood flooring cost will be effected by the type of wood you choose and if it is finished or not because more durable woods tend to be more expensive.Wood floor refinishing helps to protect the wood from daily use; the more traffic a room see, the more finish you will want applied to your floor for protection.

One of the most popular, but expensive woods is Brazilian cherry. Brazilian cherry is an exotic wood that is naturally durable and its dark color is beautiful and long lasting. This type of wood comes both unfinished and finished, however the finished wood tends to last longer. Because Brazilian cherry is so durable and has a long lifespan, it tends to be expensive. In addition, like other types of natural hardwood, this type of wood is not easy to install on your own.

Most natural hardwoods require professional wood floor installation to ensure that they are installed properly. Another type of wood to consider for your home is oak. Oak wood is more available than any other type of wood because it grows in many different places and there are numerous types of this wood. Oak adds a beautiful, natural look to your home and is very sturdy and durable. This type of wood is one of the strongest hardwoods and can even be used for wooden deck flooring ideas because it can withstand moisture.

  • Another very popular hardwood material for use in homes is bamboo wood flooring.
  • Bamboo floors have recently become a trend in home decor because of the natural, but exotic look they add to each room.
  • Like oak, bamboo is easy to come by as well as eco-friendly because of its fast growth and availability.
  • Bamboo is a type of wood grass that grows quickly and in a variety of places so it is more renewable than hardwood from trees.
  • This wood has variations in color with every piece so it adds style and pattern to your floors.
  • Bamboo is great for use in homes because it is durable and requires minimal maintenance.
  • However, a downside of bamboo is that it is really hard to refinish, but as long as you take care of your floors they will last you several years.
  • One disadvantage of natural hardwood flooring is the cost; if you are looking for cheap wood floors you should consider alternative materials.

Laminate, vinyl and engineered hardwood flooring are all options that can be used to mimic the look of natural wood without the hassle of the cost and complexity of installation. Engineered hardwood is commonly used for homes because not only is it less expensive, but it is also easier to install. Many people overlook the use of this floor material in their homes and outside because they don’t know what is engineered wood flooring.

Moreover, engineered hardwood can withstand moisture and dampness so they can be installed in kitchens and basement floors without risk of damage. Engineered wood is made of solid wood layered on top of plywood that is then laminated. You can buy unfinished or prefinished flooring and installation is much easier than natural hardwood. When installing engineered hardwood the boards click into place, making the process quick and simple. In addition, engineered hardwood is less expensive and easier to maintain. Another inexpensive material is wood laminate flooring.

Laminate is a synthetically made material that is sealed with a protective layer to prevent scratches and damage. Laminate is durable and moisture resistant so it is great for use in both kitchens and bathrooms. It comes in a variety of different colors of wood flooring tiles and is made to look like real wood flooring.

Laminate wood floors are one of the best alternative options to hardwood floors because it is inexpensive and easy to install.

Another low-priced alternative to real hardwood is vinyl material. Wood vinyl flooring is a synthetic material that is made from plastic and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It comes in many different colors and designs, however the tiles that mimic wood flooring are the most popular. Vinyl is moisture resistant, however it is not as durable as other materials because it is prone to tears. There are endless options for wood flooring in your home, so research each material to make the best educated decision when remodeling your floors.