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Garden Fence - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Garden Fence

Garden Fence - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Fences come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and are built to serve an array of purposes. Fences can be built to enclose property and may border the edge of your land to establish barriers between you yard and your neighbors.

There are various deck fencing ideas that provide your deck or patio with a protective railing to prevent falls. Some fences are built for privacy and are constructed using panels that block others from seeing into your yard or onto your deck. Some fences can be with safety and protection in mind. You can construct a pool fence to surround your swimming area, making your yard safer for small children and pets. And finally you can build a fence for gardens to seal off the area, prevent over growing, and keep your plants safe from animals. This article discusses different garden fencing ideas for the DIY gardener to use at home.

  1. There are many different types of garden fence ideas, each one designed to serve a different function.
  2. Decorative fences are used to add to the beauty of your garden and landscape.
  3. Decorative fences are most often used as fencing for flower gardens but they can be used for any type of garden to enhance the look of your yard.
  4. The type of fence you use as decoration depends on your personal style, however, picket, wood and metal fences are most commonly used for décor.
  5. If you are building a garden fence to protect your plants from animals then wire mesh and garden fence panels are the best option because they offer no way of entering the area.

If you are building a fence around your garden just provide your plants with a barrier to prevent them from taking over your yard then you can use any of the above materials as well as more unconventional fence materials such as bushes, shrubs, or brick or concrete blocks.

Wood is one of the most common materials to use for fencing. Wood is durable and long lasting and matches almost any exterior home décor. It can be stained or painted any color or it can be carved into any shape to add style to your fence. For do it yourself homeowners wanting to add a natural yet beautiful look to their yard, wood is the best choice because it gives an organic style to your garden area.

Because wood is so popular for fencing, it is used to construct several different styles of fences. Wood fence panels can be used to create privacy fences for your garden. Panels are often used to provide more privacy to any outdoor living space by forming a decorative wall around the area. They are most commonly used on decks and patios as well as around the yard to separate your landscape from your neighbors.

  • Fence panels are great for garden fencing because they offer protection for your garden from other animals.
  • Fence paneling comes in a variety of different styles and designs.
  • The most basic panels are solid boards with no openings, however other types of paneling include lattice or boards with intricate patterns carved into them to add a touch of decoration to your yard.

Because the openings are small if there are any, panels prevent large animals from entering your garden and eating and destroying your plants making them a great fence for a vegetable garden design. Another type of garden fence that can be constructed from wood is the picket fence. Picket fences are classic choices for a backyard and home vegetable garden. They add a charming look to any yard and are perfect for a small garden fence because of the enchanting look they bring to the garden. Picket fences can be made of wood or plastic fencing.

Plastic fencing is typically made of vinyl fence products such as polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. This material is very durable, water resistant so it is perfect for use in gardens.

PVC plastic is a great option for a cheap garden fence because it is less expensive than other materials such as wood and metal. If you are a homeowner looking for inexpensive garden prices then PVC plastic is your best bet. An additional material that is great for garden fencing is wire mesh. This type of fence consists of wire mesh or chain link materials held up by metal posts. It is not the most attractive look for a fence, however, it works well to prevent small animals such as rabbits and rats from getting into your diy home garden ideas and destroying your plants. Wire mesh is the best option for vegetable garden fencing because it provides great support for plants like tomatoes to grow up against as well as deters small animals from entering.