Herb Garden

Herb Garden - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Herb Garden

Herb Garden - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Planting a backyard herb garden is a fantastic quick and easy weekend project that will benefit you and your family all year round.

Herbs are one of the easiest plants to grow as they thrive with relatively little maintenance, flourish in a variety of conditions, and can even be a unique decorative addition to your home or garden areas. Indoor and outdoor herb garden ideas are incredibly versatile and may be customized to suit your landscape design, patio areas and cooking needs.

Get inspired to plant with our fantastic online gardening showrooms featuring helpful guides filled with the best herbs to grow in a garden and fantastic tips for ensuring that your plantings thrive. Whether you are looking for productive landscape layouts, great ways to container garden or just an easy indoor growing set up, here you will find our most popular plans for how to plant herb gardens.

Have you decided to grow an herb garden but do not know how to start the design process?

  • The best way to begin your project is browsing our top garden photos for great herb garden layouts and design inspiration.
  • Designs for herb gardens are incredibly versatile since these hardy plants can thrive either outdoors or indoors.
  • You can grow your own herbs in traditional large backyard soil plots or, if you do not want to commit to a full culinary garden, purchase unique specialized containers and pots for a more self-contained feature.
  • Growing herbs in containers is an especially great way to incorporate small garden ideas into limited yard layouts or even bring lush greenery onto drab apartment patios and lackluster indoor spaces.
  • No matter which herb varieties you select from the local plant nursery or your chosen growing location and technique, check out our latest fantastic herb gardening tips for beginners to ensure that your project thrives.

When starting an herb garden, it is important to select the best plant varieties for your preferred space and functional needs. For example, if you are growing cooking herbs such as cilantro or basil plants, incorporate them into existing vegetable garden plots to ensure they are regularly fertilized, watered and picked.

Fragrant perennial herbs such as lavender or growing sage are especially beneficial to sow amongst your vegetable garden or as a border to flower beds because they deter deer and other pesky rodents from invading your well manicured plots. If your backyard does not have space to house a large patch for growing vegetables and herbs, consider a more versatile potted garden ideal for small patios or indoor window sills.

No matter what designs for herb gardens you choose, remember to always keep your plants tidy with frequent pruning to encourage continuous growth and be sure to allow for at least 6 hours of full sunlight every day.

Gardening at home has never been easier with the wide variety of user friendly products available on the market today. From decorative outdoor planter boxes to specialized containers for indoor house plants, the options for creating afunctional gardening space are absolutely endless. When selecting which type of container is best to cultivate your herb garden, it is important to consider which varieties you will be growing.

Container gardeningis most successful for herbs with shallow root systems that do not require a large expansive space to thrive, such as basil plants or parsley varieties. Smaller single-species gardening containers or decorative pots are especially good for fast growing wandering plants such as mint herb and rosemary that tend to overtake those larger mixed plots. Outdoor herb garden planters are perfect to place on a deck or patio near the kitchen door to ensure convenient easy access for fabulous garden to table cooking.

  1. You do not have to say goodbye to delicious fresh herbs when those cold winter months roll around.
  2. Planting an herb garden in your home is fabulous way to utilize these extremely versatile plants year round as well as provide a unique and fragrant natural decorative accent.
  3. These outdoor plants can be brought inside with an indoor window box specially designed for installation on sills and highly sun lit shelves.
  4. When planting indoors it is especially important to select the proper herb varieties for the space to ensure that they thrive in this unconventional environment.
  5. In general, unless you are using more complex do it yourself indoor hydroponic garden setups, window sill pots often cannot accommodate the larger plants required to harvest enough herbs for frequent cooking.
  6. For this reason, beautiful and fragrant medicinal herb plants such as aloe and chamomile are better suited for indoor growing as they can accommodate occasional use while giving off a fabulous fresh scent.

Incorporating fantastic home garden ideas with herbs into your landscape or indoor areas is a wonderful way to infuse living spaces with versatile natural décor. Check out our latest galleries filled with cool pictures of herb gardens for inspiration of how to incorporate this unique feature into your indoor or outdoor designs.

Whether you choose to decorate your patio with a unique and fragrant potted design or fill that raised bed garden with culinary herbs for cooking, our popular collection of easy how to guides and fantastic growing tips will help your plants flourish. No matter what your planting method, be sure to select the best soil for growing herbs filled with a blend of trace elements, coir and peat to ensure that plants flourish regardless of natural conditions.

Certain herbs may require additional ingredients to thrive such as nitrogen supplementation for fast growing varieties like comfrey plants. Likewise, growing vanilla successfully requires lighter loose soil with high organic garden matter to allow for constant moisture, mimicking more tropical environments.