Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Beautiful Japanese style landscaping is based on the idea of recreating large landscapes on a much smaller scale. The exotic plants are placed in abstract and stylized ways to create areas of recreation and aesthetic pleasure as well as contemplation and meditation for you and your guests.

  1. These are great small garden ideas because these designs are meant to be created in tiny areas.
  2. If you are interested in how to create a Japanese garden, it can easily be done in your backyard.
  3. The main idea of this type of landscaping is to use all natural items and shapes.
  4. Browsing our online top garden pictures will help you find ideas for asian design trends consisting of miniaturized landscape where rocks are used to represent mountains while small ponds would symbolize lakes.
  5. You can also add sand to your outdoor design to represent the ocean.
  6. Designing a Japanese landscape is a great way to create an outdoor sanctuary in your own backyard.

Building Asian style gardens is one of many DIY home design ideas for your homes landscaping. The most popular style of this type of this landscape design ideas is zen. A Japanese zen garden is created by placing rocks strategically in an area to promote relaxation and meditation. Japanese rock gardens are constructed using water features, rocks, sand, and various plants.

  • Japanese landscape plants for this particular garden style include pruned trees and bushes and moss.
  • Some landscaping rock garden ideas include placing rocks on top of sand that is raked to embody ripples in water.
  • When it comes to the arrangement of rocks in these Asian gardens, they are usually placed in symmetrical patterns and rarely in a straight line.
  • In fact the most popular arrangement is to have groups of 3 rocks, one tall vertical one with two smaller ones flanking it.
  • This design represents Buddha and his two attendants in a beautiful way.

Because oriental flower garden ideas and designs choose to emphasize the beauty of nature, there are many different plants that can be used. The best plants for a Japanese style garden are perennials, trees, bushes and shrubs. A Japanese garden plants list contains azaleas, snow blossoms, grasses, cherries, bamboo, and pines to name a few.

Keeping things simple and natural is key to the design plan. Using oriental garden plants like these is a way to bring the unique culture of Japan to your outdoor landscaping. In order to grasp the true essence of Japanese garden design elements you should ensure that your space looks entirely natural as well as poised and calm. This allows the area to promote the relaxation that these types of gardens encourage. A Japanese landscape is a great home & garden design ideas that can be a beautiful and special addition to any homes exterior.

A water garden is another type of Asian inspired exterior design idea. Because the islands of Japan are surrounded by water, it is an important aspect of the culture. In this society purity is symbolized by water. Many popular garden designs are based on this element. A landscape can be created by using water throughout the garden such as in small ponds and waterfalls.

You will want to keep your ponds in natural shapes, such as circles and ovals, to keep with the true aspects of nature.

There are also Japanese landscaping ideas that incorporate water into the design without actually having the element in the space. To do this you can use sands or gray gravel as a symbolic representation of water.

By raking the sand and gravel into patterns to signify the waves of an ocean or lake. Adding water to your simple landscape designs can add a stunning look to you yard while also adding calming and relaxing sounds.

  • Some great garden decorations that are commonly used is lanterns, specifically ones made of stone.
  • Japanese garden stone and granite lanterns are great elements that can illuminate your area while also adding decoration.
  • These oriental landscaping design ideas and ornaments can be great for when you want to admire your exterior space during the evenings.
  • The three common styles of statues sculptures and lanterns will make an excellent addition to the Asian decor ideas, including the Kasuga, Oribe, or Yukimi.
  • The Kasuga is a stone based lantern that hangs, while the Oribe is stone with a pedestal underneath.
  • The Yukimi is a snow-viewing lantern that is has short legs and is a common feature of a Japanese garden in the winter.

Adding a stone or granite lantern to your design can not only illuminate you garden during the dark hours, but it can also add simple yet beautiful decoration to your backyard design plans.

Adding a special touch to your garden by adding a pergola deck design. This is a structure similar to a gazebo or arbor that can provide shade and protection from weather. It is built from vertical pillars that support horizontal cross beams that make up an open lattice. Vines, flowers, or other plants are often placed on top of the lattice to build a canopy that provides shade.

There are many different landscaping plants for shade including bushes and shrubs to choose from to either build or buy. Japanese pergola design plans are available on the web to help you add beauty to you garden.

The edging in a garden can also be an important aspect of the design. Some concepts include lining the edges of your garden with rocks of various sizes or rows of bamboo. Another great option is to build a small wall around the garden, to create an edging as well as a beautiful touch. These garden edging ideas can be incorporated into any Japanese style design to create a barrier to the area. It will also add a unique touch to your landscaping design.