Small Garden Ideas

Small Garden Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Small Garden Ideas

Small Garden Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Learning how to design a small garden plan is quite simple when you know the right techniques to use to take advantage of the limited space available.

Tiny garden designs can incorporate all of the same unique features, styles and luxuries of a large outdoor living area, but simply modified to be appropriate for smaller yard spaces. Regardless of budget or design concept, your favorite outdoor décor ideas can be implemented in any size yard to enhance exterior living areas and give your family and friends a unique space to relax away from the television. Even the most popular current garden design trends can be utilized in these smaller gardens to bring modern features and designs to any outdoor area.

  1. Starting a small garden in your yard can be a simple and enjoyable task with beautiful results that your friends and family will enjoy for years to come.
  2. There are several key guidelines to remember when small garden planning.
  3. Garden decor ideas for smaller yards combine several important principles to ensure that you maximize your available space while still achieving a lush look.
  4. These include attention to detail, careful planning of plant layouts, multifunctional decorative features and clean polished designs.
  5. Small garden landscaping ideas are generally very clean and detail-oriented with the purpose of minimizing the appearance of crowding and clutter in order to give the illusion of a larger space.
  6. Simple solutions to achieve this look in your own home could be to incorporate an accent color from the exterior of your home into your garden color schemes.
  7. For example, carry your color palate through lawn art, rock garden ideas, textiles and even storage sheds, or fill decorative pots and flower garden borders with colors and varieties that are found throughout your property.

The best plants for small gardens are those that are self-contained and not prone to overgrowth as well as those that can be shaped to fit your desired space. For example, tall and narrow topiaries are a wonderful option for smaller areas because you have the ability to adjust their size and design to fit comfortably in your space.

As you know beautiful garden photos often feature large focal points like yard art pieces or water features – topiaries can bring the same visual interest and elegant feel of a grand concrete sculpture or large fountain while still fitting within the scale of your limited space. With this in mind, remember that when planning decorative features for your small garden chose those with multiple uses.

If you want divide the yard into separate areas, install a decorative border to your property, or hide a retaining wall, consider columnar trees. Their narrow shape and tall height acts as a natural fence or barrier without taking up as much valuable space as other larger varieties may while keeping your garden lush and green.

Techniques for how to build in are not limited to your backyard as these same methods can be found in unique front yard garden ideas. Just like with small backyard ideas, landscaping plans for a tiny outdoor space in the front of your house can be adjusted to accommodate the limited size. Begin by browsing online photo galleries like those on our website, DIY magazines and even your own neighborhood for planting ideas, then replace the larger species with small trees and miniature evergreen shrubs that fit well with the scale of your yard.

A beautiful front garden will drastically increase your curb appeal no matter how large, so use the latest tips and tricks from popular trends to ensure that your home makes a great first impression on any guest that walks through the door. Account when choosing garden edging ideas, choose smaller shrubberies, narrowly flowering plants or miniature bricks to avoid crowding your walkways or beds.

  • Often homeowners assume they cannot create a home vegetable garden in their small outdoor space.
  • Gardening in a small space may be challenging but there are many options that will allow you to have fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs no matter the size of your backyard.
  • Planting a small vegetable garden simply requires more careful planning than a larger space.
  • The best vegetables for a small garden are compact varieties that do not require extensive area for roots such as tomatoes, eggplants and leafy greens.
  • Popular new products of even include large pots and containers specially designed to grow several varieties of produce in the same confined area on a deck or patio.
  • Not only can these garden containers grow fresh produce to serve your family but they can even be incorporated as a cool decoration or pop of color.
  • “Living fences” are another of our favorite contemporary garden fence because they are formed from vining crops like cucumbers and beans that can grow up poles to create a unique natural fence.
  • Remember that incorporating features that are multifunctional is especially important in small garden spaces.

Want to want to create an oasis but do not have a yard? Beautiful flower garden ideas can even be incorporated in tiny townhome patios to transform them into unique outdoor living areas. Remember tips for decorating small indoor rooms and incorporate them into your modern garden layouts. Think vertical – tall climbing ivy or foliage options on enclosing walls will draw the eye up to the sky rather than highlighting the limited floor space while providing a look of lush greenery.

Large garden pots are great options for people working in small or narrow deck and patio areas because they are versatile and can be used in creative ways. Line small pots in a row filled with flowers to mimic lawn edging or group pots of various sizes and heights in clusters to draw the eye upwards to again highlight the height of the space rather than enclosing walls. From to ways to incorporate a vegetable patch on a townhome patio to small cottage garden designs that can be incorporated in any style home, DIY Home Design Ideas can help you make the most out of a tiny outdoor space.