Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

If you're looking for simple ways to spruce up your exterior design, adding different types of gardens can be a great choice. There are many options when it comes to landscaping design for your home, you can add flowers, bushes, trees, or even fruit and vegetable gardens.

  1. But the most popular landscaping ideas for are adding vertical gardens to your exterior design.
  2. A vertical garden can add a beautiful modern look to your yard and can be simple to create.
  3. This type of landscaping is great for small areas that do not have a lot of room for planting on the ground.
  4. To discover different options for where to place your new feature, you can search through our diy vertical garden design ideas and pictures gallery.
  5. Here you can find many tips on where to position your garden as well as what types of plants to use.
  6. Searching online can also help you learn how to make a vertical garden wall out of a pallet or other materials.
  7. This type of landscaping can be a simple way to add lots of color and beauty to any exterior design.

Growing plants on walls is one of many diy home design ideas that can be a simple way to add beauty to a small space. Vertical planting is done by growing plants up the side of a trellis, the exterior wall of your home, or even on fencing. There are numerous areas of your home that you can plant this easy do it yourself garden. Looking through our vertical garden photos can help you come up with ideas on where to place your system.

Our galleries contain some of the best garden pictures to help you design your home. It is very popular these days to include a vertical garden on your outdoor fencing or exterior house walls. Beautiful flowers or vines grown up along a fence can mask the dullness of a fence and give it a little color and pizazz. If you have a large house with an outdoor balcony this can also be a wonderful area for vertical home gardens. You can add a unique touch by growing lush green vines up the balcony walls.

Creating different vertical gardens in your home are just a few of many simple garden ideas for to spruce up your exterior.

Just like there are many areas to grow a vertical garden wall, there are also many different plants to choose from. When designing your garden you will want to determine how much sun the area will get during the day to decide upon the right vertical plants. If you have a green thumb, you can turn this into an easy weekend diy garden project. Flowers that can be great plants for vertical gardens include flowering vines such as split second morning glory, arabella clematis virgins bower plant, and black eyed susan vines.

These have bright vibrant colors that are wonderful for growing in a vertical setting. Other great vertical garden plants to have in your design are vegetables. Growing a vegetable garden is a great way to have vertical farming at home. Growing vegetables up a wall or fence is great because it can keep unwanted pests and animals from destroying your garden. It can also prevent any soilborne diseases and almost completely eliminates the need for weeding your garden.

  • Some vegetables that are great for your new vertical green wall are cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, and peas.
  • These are great plants for your vertical vegetable garden design because they naturally grow up right and need a supporting object.
  • Typically these plants require wire caging to act as support for the vegetables to grow properly.
  • However, using a wall, fence, or trellis to support these plants can be a great way to grow a beautiful and succulent garden.
  • If you are unsure of the specifics on creating a green wall for your home, there are many design programs that can help.

Using my garden designer can assist you on developing the perfect plan for planting and playing around with many different easy garden and landscaping ideas to determine what plan best fits your exterior design. Using a program to come up with a design can ensure that you have the best plan to suit your needs and space.

To make your diy garden design project much simpler, there are many different vertical growing systems that you can purchase.

Vertical gardening kits come in a wide variety of materials that can help you grow your plants easily. Hydroponic gardening is one type of kit that you can purchase online or at stores. This particular kit is a vertical garden container that is automatic and does all the watering for you. It is a great unit for growing fruits and vegetables at high yields. Other vertical wall planters are made of materials such as wood, plastic, or breathable fabric that can be hung on walls or other surfaces.

Some great vertical garden planter boxes include box and trellis systems in which the plants begin growing on the bottom and have a wall to climb up. A garden pallet is also a great way to create a living wall garden. You attach the old wooden pallet to a wall or fence and fill with soil and plants to create a simple diy vertical garden.

While there are many different container gardening ideas to choose from, growing plants vertically can add a lot more beauty to your home. Not only can you grow plants outdoors with a vertical system, but it is possible to also have a beautiful indoor garden. Indoor vertical gardening is becoming increasingly popular as a way to add color and life to your space. The use of vertical planting systems has made it possible to have a large garden indoors.

By installing planters in a room that receives ample sunshine, it is possible to have a beautiful indoor garden. These systems eliminate the space required on the floor to grow plants as well as increase the area in which they can grow. Instead of simply have a few potted plants around your house you can now grow flowers, vines, and vegetables in a large area on your wall. Whether you choose to put and outdoor or indoor plant wall in your home, vertical gardening is a great way to add beautiful color and life to any space.