Water Garden

Water Garden - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Water Garden

Water Garden - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Nothing infuses beauty and tranquility into your outdoor spaces like the mesmerizing sound of trickling water emanating from a striking garden water feature.

Incorporating a garden pond into your landscape design is a fantastic way to provide a unique decorative element as well as elevate the overall atmosphere of the space. With our simple design ideas and just a few easy diy steps, you will soon be able to enjoy hours of peaceful solitude relaxing beside your own water garden. There are a myriad of unique aquatic features that can be incorporated into any garden space, including beautiful ponds, elegant water fountains and unique plant life.

Building a water garden is easy when you have great design inspiration and diy landscaping advice to guide you through the planning process, from design conception to installation.

Our latest collection of the best backyard water garden pond ideas, designs and pictures will help you create that stunning garden oasis.

  1. What could be a better addition to your outdoor entertaining areas than a gorgeous backyard pond?
  2. Exotic koi pond plans never go out of style, so if you are looking to revamp your landscape this spring consider investing in a wonderful do it yourself aquatic design that will remain beautiful and current for years to come.
  3. Our popular galleries of the top garden photos in frequently show striking Asian style garden ponds and waterfalls.
  4. From enchanting fountains to quiet reflective pools, these garden features will bring an unexpected element to outdoor spaces that will take your landscape design to the next level.
  5. With our great how to guides, these looks are quite easy for the diy renovator to recreate in any backyard space.
  6. Whether you are working with a large traditional style home or need unique patio ideas with water garden features for a small townhome, our online showroom will inspire you to make the most of your outdoor spaces with creative aquatic elements.

Installing a stunning garden pond is not as challenging as many homeowners might expect. Creating a beautiful pond feature requires a great design, quality materials and unique decorative finishings. Begin the design process by determining the size, shape and location of your new pond feature. Popular exotic backyard ideas often incorporate water elements into forgotten corners of the landscape or small nooks beside patios.

  • For the inventive do it yourself landscaper, the options are absolutely endless
  • Once you have established a plan it is time to start building.
  • All great designs require a few basic components -- pond pumps and filters as well as decorative rocks and creative water garden plants.
  • Begin by digging a hole in the chosen shape then select either a preformed pond liner or diy variety to cover the interior.
  • Liners come in many materials including easy-to-install rigid pond liners or the more versatile rolls of flexible plastic.
  • If this process is too time consuming there are also cheap plastic pond kits available at most stores where gardening supplies are sold.

Once your basic garden pond has been installed, it is time to accessorize. There are so many wonderful options to bring your water feature from ordinary to extraordinary, that the challenging part may be narrowing down which accessories will most enhance the design. A small decorative element can make a big statement, so choose wisely and select features that highlight your existing space.

Contemporary outdoor garden fountains, for example, are a wonderful option that is available in a wide variety of unique styles and sizes to blend seamlessly in many décor schemes. These hardscaping elements enhance and add interest to existing softscaping components by incorporating an above ground decorative feature that reflects the beautiful colors of garden flowers and greenery.

Select fountain varieties that include solar powered water feature pumps for an easy to install and low cost design feature. Solar water fountains for gardens are powered by energy captured from daytime sun light so they do not require additional wiring or electricity costs.

When adding those beautiful finishing touches to your diy garden water features do not forget aquatic plants for ponds. Unique water-thriving flowers and plants round out your aquatic garden and dramatically enhance the overall design of the space. Remember those decorating concepts for all-purpose back yard gardening and apply them here. Incorporate lush greenery at all levels of the design, from underwater plants to gorgeous flowering floating varieties, in order to create that expertly finished look.

Next, choose vibrant colors and species that blend well with your existing design scheme. For example, to enhance Japanese garden designs select beautiful floating pond plants such as water lilies or lush ferns to grow amongst the rocks surrounding miniature waterfalls. You can even add whimsical elements such as pond fish swimming amidst underwater greenery for an unexpected surprise that is certain to wow your guests. Make sure to strategically place aquatic plants and underwater foliage to avoid clogging pond filters and hampering your design.

No matter how large or small your exterior areas may be, you can find a great water feature perfect for the space. There are many wonderful small backyard ideas with garden ponds so do not allow space constraints to limit your outdoor design. If you are working within a restricted layout, think outside of the box and incorporate creative solutions to mimic a larger landscape water garden. For example, consider beautiful wall water features for secluded apartment patios or tiny back yards because they provide the same relaxing sound and gorgeous decorative effect but in a small self-contained design. If you do not have the room to install those gorgeous large back yard fountains, consider a miniature table top version that will fit easily in virtually any size space to achieve the same look.

Remember our small garden ideas and think vertical – choose elements that emphasize height rather than width to avoid cluttering already cramped spaces. With a little ingenuity you can bring those same great water elements found on large properties into your tiny water gardens.