Dining Room Design

Dining Room Design - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Dining Room Design

Dining Room Design - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Remodeling your home can be a lengthy and time consuming process, especially if you opt to renovate the entire house rather than just one room.

However, even just by updating the decor in your home you can create a beautiful and fresh looking space. One space that is particularly easy to overhaul is the dining room. This is one of the smaller rooms in the home and contains a minimal amount of furniture, making the remodeling process quick and simple. Even a homeowner who does not know the first steps on how to decorate a dining room can accomplish this project with ease.

Begin by browsing our site for the best dining room designs, decorating ideas and pictures to get inspiration for this space. Our photo galleries of traditional, vintage, eclectic, and modern living rooms will give you an idea of furniture options available, popular color schemes, beautiful fabrics choices, and lighting selections, as well as help you determine the key components of each of these designs.

  • An essential factor of dining room design is the color scheme of this space.
  • When searching for the best paint colors for a dining room you should keep a few things in mind, including your design, the size of the room, and the decor of the rest of your house.
  • Because it tends to be smaller than most rooms in the home you do not want to choose a really dark or overwhelming color like black or bright fuchsia.
  • Rather save these hues as accents in dark wood furniture, curtains, pictures, and other wall art. In fact, our top dining room photos for feature lighter hues paired with dark accent colors for an elegant contrast.
  • For example, pair a pale blue or beige wall with a cherry wood furniture set.
  • Other trendy dining room wall colors include deeper hues such as burgundy and tan balanced by lighter ivory accents to open up the space.
  • While paint is simpler to use in the dining room because it is easy to apply and maintain, wallpaper is also a popular option, especially for homeowners who are looking for a little pattern on their walls.

When it comes to lighting for the dining room you have a lot of options such as chandeliers or wall sconces, however natural light is always best. If you already have windows in this space try to keep them uncovered or use sheer fabric curtains to allow optimum illumination in throughout the day. If your dining room does not have windows there are other options available that can help to brighten and open up this area.

One especially cool dining room lighting trick involves hanging a large mirror on one of the walls or placing it against a wall in the corner of the room and hanging a chandelier above the table the mirror will then reflect the light to provide better illumination and an elegant ambiance. Additionally, rather than purchasing solid wood tables try searching for ones with glass tops as it will prevent the room from appearing crowded and brighten up the room.

You can purchase modern glass dining room tables for as little as $100 and then search for different styled chairs for a trendy, mix-matched look.

Maybe you do not like the harsh lines of the modern look and want to find something more delicate. In that case a Victorian theme complete with an elaborately engraved round table and elegant upholstered chairs will make a lovely design. The transitional style is very popular among home design trends, especially when it comes to formal dining room furniture. This style mixes the intricate detailing and patterns of the traditional design with the smooth, geometric shapes of contemporary furniture sets for a graceful, blended look.

However, because this is a small you should refrain from purchasing extra large dining room tables or chairs as they make the space seem cramped. If you have a large family, try searching for drop leaf tables that can be closed up when not in use. Other great small room ideas include using an oval dining table with pedestal legs to allow for the most seats and create the illusion of more space. Using dining room bench seating is another creative way to maximize available seating and minimize the amount of space it takes up.

Some homes or apartments do not have a separate dining room, rather they have a small nook or extension off of the kitchen. Because this area is typically not very large, it may only allow enough space for table and chairs, rather than an entire 7 piece dining set and corner hutch. However, the new trend of kitchen islands provides homeowners with extra places to enjoy meals, hang out while cooking, or have a glass of wine.

In fact some of the most popular kitchen and dining reviews, images, and designs feature a variety of islands with elegant counter height stools to provide extra space for family and guests to sit. If you have a small budget but want to revamp your dining area, you can even refurbish your old kitchen stools, table or chairs for a fresh new look.

Beautiful, good-quality, but cheap dining sets can also be purchased for as little as $150. Continue browsing through our online photo galleries for more of the best kitchen ideas, tips and dining room designs featuring lustrous colors, elegant furniture, and decorative accessories.

Accessorizing your dining room with the right accents is very important to tie in all aspects of the design. For example, an elegant table centerpiece can make the dining space feel more homey and relaxed. You can accent a kitchen island or dining table with a stunning vase of festive flowers, ornamental fruits and vegetables, or a basket of decorative glass ornaments. However, try to keep the ornamentation to a minimum to prevent cluttering the countertops.

Sometimes the table itself can be an accent piece. Incorporating a marble table top into the dining room creates an elegant focal point that contains different colors, textures, and patterns. Similarly, leather chairs surrounding solid oak dining room furniture add the element of texture and color while creating a rustic, old world atmosphere. Regardless of the look you are trying to obtain, or the room in which you are redecorating, our site can provide you with some of the best diy home design ideas that are not only beautiful, but also easy to implement.