Feng Shui Colors

Feng Shui Colors - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Feng Shui Colors

Feng Shui Colors - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

We often hear of the term Feng shui and how rooms, offices, or property can be designed and organized to achieve the perfect balance.

Decorating your home in this manner is a great way to create a welcoming environment, however it is important to first know what is the meaning of feng shui.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice in which its followers try to achieve a balance of in personal energy, or chi, by arranging and decorating your home in a harmonizing way.

This practice incorporates all aspects of your home such as furniture orientation, color schemes, and décor to create the perfect environment to promote health and well being. In order to achieve this balance, the 5 elements of feng shui are integrated into the design wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These elements represent the natural components of the universe and symbolize various ideals and values. Wood represents growth and renewal in the world.

  1. Earth is a symbol for stability and balance.
  2. Metal symbolizes purity and heightened mental ability.
  3. Fire represents power and strength, while water is a symbol of relaxation and inspiration.
  4. Several ways to incorporate these elements into your home using feng shui decorations and designs in every room.
  5. This article focuses on feng shui color ideas for your home to help you maintain the proper balance of energy.
  6. While the décor is essential in achieving a balance of energy, the most important aspect of your home is the color scheme.

Painting the rooms in your house the right color is vital to achieve the balance of feng shui because your wall tones will set the mood for the room and evoke a feeling of peace and harmony. What color to paint your house will depend on the room you are painting and the function that this room serves. The best color to paint your house will combine what are referred to as yin and yang colors to create the perfect balance of the elements.

According to the practice of Feng shui, yin colors have healing powers that encourage relaxation, while yang colors have an inspiring element to them that create positive energy and motivation.

To achieve the balance of energy desired in Feng shui, make sure to paint your rooms according to the mood you would like to set. The most popular feng shui color trends for use yin colors in rooms such as the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen to stimulate a relaxing environment, and yang colors in areas where you need motivation or inspiration such as the home office and dining room.

Feng shui bathroom paint colors include shades of blue, gray, white, and lavender that evoke a sense of relaxation and can help to heal the mind after a long day. Blue tones represent the element of water, and help to stimulate a clarifying and relaxing feel to the room. Blue has a calming effect on the mind and is the most common accent color to use in homes to achieve a balance of energy. Combined with other lighter colors such as white, gray, and lavender, you can achieve a soothing atmosphere that is perfect for rooms with less traffic, such as the bathroom.

Feng shui paint colors for kitchens should also create a relaxing and stimulating environment with the most popular tones including whites, yellows, greens, and sometimes reds.

  • Yellow is one of the Feng shui earth colors that represents balance and stability and promotes health.
  • This enriching tone symbolizes the sun which is associated with destroying evil forces.
  • White represents the element of metal and stimulates an environment of purity, spirituality and intellect.
  • This is a great accent color to use in all rooms of the house to add a calming feel to the room.
  • Greens represents the element of wood and promotes healing and rejuvenation of the mind.

All these colors are perfect for the kitchen because they create a calming environment that will put your mind at ease while preparing meals. Tones that are used in the kitchen, such as greens, yellows, and reds, are also great feng shui colors for a dining room. Red is particularly good for the dining room because it represents the color of fire which symbolizes vitality, strength and warmth. When looking for feng shui colors for an office at home or at work, consider yang colors that stimulate the  mind and promote productivity and positive energy.

The best home office colors to achieve the right balance of energy include yellows, reds, purple, blues and browns. Yellow is an earth tone and is a good color to use in the office because it symbolizes control and helps to promote patience, as well as mental energy and wisdom. The feng shui color red represents the element of fire and creates a positive energy when used in rooms.

Shades of brown are great to use in the office because it stimulates stability and strengthens decision making skills. Other feng shui business office colors and ideas include using accent tones in the space. Great accent colors to use include white, which creates an open environment, and black which is one of the feng shui colors for wealth.

Feng shui home office design is also important and all clutter should be removed, furniture should be arranged so that your desk is facing the door to promote energy flow, and décor should be added to promote positive energy and wealth. The last two rooms in the house are the bedroom and living room, two drastically different spaces with the common element of relaxation.

The best feng shui paint colours for a bedroom include blue, which promotes a calm environment of peace and tranquilly, green which supports healing and renewal, or pink which symbolizes warmth and energy. The living room is a more complicated space because this area should create a relaxing environment while at the same time stimulating the mind.

Both yin and yang colors can be used in this room to create a calming and inspirational space. Looking at images in a feng shui home decorating ideas will really help you to find the right balance of colors for your entire house, but specifically the living room. You should consider picking feng shui living room colors based on the mood you would like to set blue, gray and black create a soothing, and peaceful environment while warm colors such as red and yellow create a energetic and cheerful atmosphere.

Feng shui mirrors are a great design addition to your living room as they enhance the positive engery of the room and push away bad engery. With the right colors and décor, you can create a home with the perfect balance of chi following the simple guidelines of feng shui.