Man Cave Ideas

Man Cave Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Man Cave Ideas

Man Cave Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Interior decorating with man cave design ideas are popular in with a father of multiple children, a newlywed husband, or guy just moving in with his girlfriend.

Having a space in your home to call your own is a necessity. A man cave is a room in the house that is devoted to men. It is their private sanctuary to drink a few beers with the guys, watch sports, play pool or just get away from the stresses of everyday life. It is an area to spend time by themselves, separate from the women of their lives where they can just enjoy being a man. You do not need a large area to create the perfect man cave all you need is a small room separated from the rest of the house to call your own. This article discusses how homeowner can create and decorate his own man cave.

Creating your own man cave will give you a space to call your own to relax by yourself or entertain a few friends. Great ideas for places to build your man cave include a spare bedroom, office, den, the basement, and the garage. If you are using larger rooms of the house such as the basement or garage, consider sectioning off areas in these spaces for your man cave so you have complete privacy and still allow them to serve their original functions.

After choosing the right room in the house for your man cave it is time to pick a theme and design plan for the area. Decorating a man cave in the right way is important to the overall look of the room and will set the mood and create the perfect atmosphere for you to enjoy. The best way to find inspiration for your sactuary is to look at pictures of man cave designs online and download a free room design software tool.

Make sure to pick a room design styles and themes that will make you feel at home in them. Some of the best mancave design ideas are centered around a sports team. Whether it be football, baseball, basketball or hockey, creating a room that incorporates a man’s favorite team is the perfect way to make him feel at ease. If the room is small and you only want a few decorations, consider using neutral paint colors on walls such as creams, whites, or grays and adorn them cheap mancave signs such as posters of your favorite athletes or memorable moments for your team’s career.

For those who want more elaborate decorations, consider mounting signed memorabilia such as jerseys, balls, or other equipment onto the walls. Sports themes are also great ways to decorate a teenage boys bedroom, using your son’s favorite team or displaying memorabilia, trophies, and awards of his own athletic career. 

  • With a larger room, great man cave design ideas for a basement or garage include a home theater or sports bar theme.
  • Home theaters are best built in larger areas because they require more space for seating.
  • The most important components of a home theater is the television and sound system.
  • While a larger TV is preferable, you do not need a floor to ceiling sized projector screen to create your own movie theater.
  • A large flat screen TV combine with a good surround-sound sound system will create the perfect home theater.
  • For seating, consider using comfortable couches that blend with the rest of the décor.
  • Modern design colors are ideal for this type of room as they will provide a nice contrast to the bright television screen and enhance your viewing.
  • With small room designs, bright lights are not necessary. Wall sconces are a great addition to provide dim lighting for the room. Another great idea for a large man cave is to create a sports bar in your basement.

The ultimate man cave bar designs for a basement can be based off of existing restaurants and sports grill to include a television, pool table, dart board, and of course a mini bar. Take a trip to your favorite sports bar and look around for inspiration. Classic adornments for these restaurants include dart boards, pool tables, card tables, fuse ball machines or video games. When decorating your room, you do not have to have the original, most expensive products.

A room that incorporates nature is a great way to make you feel at home. Cool man caves in created rooms resembling cabins that used wood furniture, leather couches, and displayed fishing or hunting equipment on the walls along side deer heads or fish mounted on the walls.

Other awesome man cave online room designs include hunting themes, home theater, and sports bars. You can find a variety of inexpensive man cave décor ideas by taking a trip to your local thrift shop or Goodwill store. Here you can find old tables, or pieces of furniture that can act as a bar, card table, or other various features of your man cave.

Man cave ideas include simple set ups using earthy tones, dark colors and sleek furniture, but can be more complex and designed around a certain sport or your favorite team. Whether it’s a wife, girlfriend, sister, friend or mother, any man surrounded by women in their life needs a place to escape from the everyday stresses and feminine touches that come with a woman.