Paint Color Matching

Paint Color Matching - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Paint Color Matching

Paint Color Matching - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Wall paint has the ability to single-handedly transform a room from bland and boring to packed with design interest in just a few hours.

Beautiful coordinating shades promote a lovely harmonious color flow throughout your home, and serves to drastically elevate the overall design. With hundreds of paint color options on the market today it can be quite challenging for the do it yourself home remodeler to match and coordinate hues then select the right product for the paint job.  From subtle neutrals to vibrant eye-catching shades, deciphering the color that will best meet your needs requires knowledge and an eye for design.

Luckily, our experts will help direct you through this process, from selecting the right base primer and identifying a palette, to choosing the best paint color matching ideas and everything in between. Here you will find our handy guide to matching paint colors and products, sure to transform any lackluster space from ordinary to extraordinary.

There is no single renovation project quite like a simple coat of paint that will make such an overwhelming impact on a space for so little time and money. For this reason it is especially important to choose wisely when picking paint colors for your new space. Standing in front of those daunting displays brimming with a rainbow of colorful paint chips, it can be quite overwhelming to select a single shade for your space.

Do not worry – choosing a paint color should not be a frightening or intimidating process. Begin by browsing your favorite magazine or hgtv television show for popular paint color ideas.

These are a wonderful source of inspiration and can help you identify a primary design direction. Oftentimes, publications or high end paint stores will offer a list of brands and hues identifying each paint color used in the photographs. If you are lucky enough to find the exact design you want, your paint matching process is complete and it is time to decorate. 

  1. Color matching can be a tricky process and not easy to find the perfect hue to accent a favorite textile or trim shade.
  2. Not to worry, our design experts will show you how to match paint color quickly and effortlessly.
  3. The most popular modern design colors feature coordinating palettes of subtle neutral shades.
  4. Coordinating several colors in one room takes planning, but taking the time to do so results in a beautifully updated space.
  5. The rule of thumb amongst professional designers is to always select complimentary shades from the same major palette – warm or cool.

Whether you are selecting new kitchen paint colors or shades for a bedroom, this is a foolproof way to guarantee that the base shades coordinate and can exist in the same room harmoniously. Benjamin Moore paint colors even offers a unique app that allows users to snap a picture and instantly pull up the coordinating hue from the database. Gone are the days of comparing dozens of paint chips in hopes that you will find a match. Choosing a paint color has certainly never been easier.

No matter which paint color you will be using, there are a few easy do it yourself tricks and techniques to ensure that your room makeover turns out beautifully. First and foremost, prior to finalizing any color decision, be sure to purchase individual paint color samples to cover a small area of your wall or trim. Notice how those paint colors for walls appear together under changing light conditions from morning through evening.

Many times shades that coordinate wonderfully in the store may not translate in the same way on our walls. If you are unhappy with how your initial selections coordinate, simply pull out your handy paint color wheel and look for similar hues in the same general family – oftentimes the perfect shade is just a few chips away. If you are still baffled try a helpful paint color matching tool. Many companies offer innovative products such as a paint color matching app to aid tech savvy remodelers.

Benjamin Moore color match is a great example.

As with any home renovation, when coating your walls with a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams or Behr paints, think outside the box and bring touches of the unexpected into the space.  For example, utilize your favorite living room paint color ideas, but in a new and unexpected way.  Try a subtle light shade on walls and a darker bold hue on the ceiling to add rich visual interest and eye-catching dimension to the space.

Excellent for large rooms with high ceilings, as a rich darker tone will promote an intimate, warm and inviting feel. If your color preference is for neutrals, experiment with the best interior paint colors for by utilizing a cool blue or green as a foundation rather than outdated beiges and Tuscan gold. This subtle change will provide the same classic muted look, but with a fabulous contemporary update. The number of beautiful paint hues and color combinations is absolutely endless, so get creative with your palettes.

These concepts remain the same for selecting coordinating exterior paint colors as well. Do not neglect your home’s curbside areas – these can feature just as much fabulous design interest as the interior. When establishing your outdoor color scheme it is very important to maintain an eye for cohesive design in the same way as indoor painting. Rather than coordinating with textiles or decorative accents, outdoor paint colors should highlight your natural landscaping or unique architectural elements to create one beautiful cohesive look.

The rules for how to match paint colors are the same here. When coordinating multiple paint colors in a single area, be sure that they all exist in either a cool or warm palette – not both. This will ensure an overall paint color match no matter what the hues. Another item to keep in mind when matching exterior shades is lighting conditions. A shade may look great on the paint chip but awful in the direct sunlight of your yard.