Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lighting - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lighting - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Remodeling and installing pendant light fixtures will help illuminate your rooms while enhancing your kitchen design layout.

  1. Pendant lighting is similar to chandeliers, but smaller versions' they are multitalented light fixtures that allow for decoration and illumination.
  2. Pendant lighting has been around for centuries, but became increasingly popular in simple kitchen designs.
  3. A pendant light is a single hanging sconce that commonly hangs above kitchen islands by a metal chain or metal tube with a lamp and shade hanging at the end.

This type of lighting offers a practical and easy way to illuminate your kitchen and is also seen in other commonly used areas of the house. The options for lighting are endless ranging from standing kitchen light fixtures, hanging chandeliers, mounted wall sconces, and pendant lighting. The type of lighting you choose will depend on your available space and style of your home.

The most popular kitchen design ideas include hanging pendant light fixtures instead of chandeliers as they are also great to hang over the table to provide light for cooking. Wall sconces are also great additions to any kitchen because they add extra light to the room without having to worry about banging into standing or hanging fixtures.

Pendant lighting is similar to chandeliers in that they are hanging light fixtures, however they are smaller and can be made up of one single light or multiple fixtures.

A pendant light is a single hanging sconce that is suspended from a metal chain. It is great for use above countertops, islands, or tables to illuminate the area and provide decoration at the same time.When using pendant lighting in your home you can choose from a variety of designs including traditional styles or modern kitchen design styles that will be essential in lighting up a room. The pendant lighting, in a sense, is considered the jewelry to your home it offers decorative accents to a room while still illuminating it. 

They are made of blown glass and act as shells to the light bulbs they can come in many different styles often used as a decoration. Some kitchen pendant lighting shades are different colored pastel glass panels or square or triangular glass globes. The light reflects of the glass and creates beautiful colors and designs adding to the ambience of the room.

  • Pendant lighting can be hung in any room of the house and make the best kitchen light fixtures to be hung over countertops and islands or even replace a chandelier over your dining table table.
  • They can also be hung above seating areas in both the kitchen, adding a decorative illumination to a breakfast nook or reading area in your house.
  • Another popular location for pendant lighting to be hung is in hallways, entryways or with kitchen island designs.
  • Pendant lights can even be hung in a hallway or entry way to illuminate the space.
  • This type of lighting is often seen as a more practical form of lighting, similar to the chandelier, but much more versatile. 

Welcome your guests to your house with a nice decorative pendant lighting to brighten the entryway and add a beautiful accent to your simple kitchen designs and entry ways. They are also very easy options to be used to light up a hallway, illuminate the way with hanging pendant lighting that will add a decorative touch to any boring hallway space. Very versatile offering lighting to any room of the house while also adding a decorative feel that will warm any room and welcome people into your home.

These commonly used kitchen and dining room lights do not need to be drilled into the ceiling creating more holes like the installation process of recess lighting requires. A benefit of the versatility of pendant lighting is that they are very easy to add to a room and requires very little installation procedures. Additionally they're size is small compared to chandeliers and other dining room ideas with light fixtures.

The shades on a pendant light are often completely enclosed glass that can be a shade of white or opaque. They are often hung above kitchen countertops and above seating areas, or in the bathroom above the vanities and cabinets. Furthermore, these decorative light fixtures are not very expensive and can be purchased for a reasonable price for your house without taking a large chunk out of your budget. When choosing some of the best kitchen light fixtures, pendant lighting is always a good choice.

These versatile home light fixtures can add brightness to any room while offering a unique decorative quality they can act as the jewelry of your home. They are cost efficient and require very little installation time and procedures making them a very versatile light fixture that is perfect to illuminate any home. Many different sized and shaped pendant lights are available in stores with many different colors to blend with your kitchen design plans. Get a pendant light to spruce up your space.