Wall Decorating

Wall Decorating - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Wall Decorating

Wall Decorating - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

In this article we discuss best wall decorating ideas along ith design trends and color schemes. When you invite guests over to your home are the often stuck staring at a large blank wall, devoid of any pictures, art or ornamentation?

Visiting a photo gallery of large wall design plans can help to give you some unique ideas on how to use up that blank space. When it comes to wall decorating ideas, there are an almost endless number of possibilities. You can display beautiful family portraits, paint a single wall a vibrant color to create a focal point in the room, or hang wrought iron wall decor to add an old fashioned feel to a traditional room.

With the enormous number of possibilities it is easy for any homeowner to find creative wall art and decor ideas that will match any style and personality. What’s more, embellishing your walls is an easy do it yourself task that all homeowners can undertake with ease. 

If you are looking for simple wall decorating ideas for interior design, consider using paint. A good coat of paint can make a room look cleaner, brighter, and stylish, but be careful when choosing the color and finish. Recent interior design trends include incorporating vibrant hues such as vivid orange, bright yellow, and intense purple, but if used incorrectly it can be overwhelming or detract from the design of your entire home.

For example, painting an entire room in your home with bright orange can be extremely overpowering, but if this color is used tastefully in accent pieces it can make a beautiful design.

Some great wall paint colors include working with neutral tones that can match any décor theme. Tans and browns can be incorporated into many different designs and can be paired with a variety of other colors. Pair these hues with blues, greens, and teals to create a relaxing atmosphere, or combine it with dark reds and purples for a dramatic feel.

Following décor trends is a great way to keep your home looking up to day but what some consider the best color schemes for room paint colors, might be drastically different others opinions so make sure you keep your own style and taste in mind. In addition, the color you paint a room depends largely on its function; in the kitchen or dining room you want to use hues that induce hunger while in the bathroom or bedroom you want to focus on creating a serene feel.

For this reason top paint colors for bedrooms include greens and dark browns to create a soothing and cozy feel, while it is popular to use more stimulating hues such as darker oranges and gold in the kitchen. Although brightly colored paint and decorative murals are cool kids room ideas, it is a semi-permanent design and has to be repainted if you choose to change the décor. While this may not be a problem in a space such as the living room or kitchen where the décor does not constantly change, it can prove to be bothersome in a child’s room. 

  • As they grow and become interested in different things, young girls room preferences can change drastically.
  • As a child they might enjoy princesses but as they become a teenager they will soon grow out of it.
  • However, an easy fix for this is to paint the walls a neutral color and adorn them with removable wall stickers.
  • This way your child can change the decorations on the walls of their room easily, without you having to repaint the room each time.
  • Cheap wall decoration stickers can be purchased at your local home improvement store, or you can search for custom made ones online.

Custom wall stickers are also great for a baby nursery because they can be personalized to include your infants name, biblical sayings, or images of cute animals. Many homeowners underestimate the role that wall art can play in a room. Bathroom wall art can add a splash of color to a small and confined space, while picture frames can add a personal touch to a hallway of living room. Similarly, kitchen wall art décor can enhance your room and personalize your design.

If you are trying to create a French country kitchen design, you can hang pictures of roosters and farm animals, or festive images of fruits and vegetables to create the country theme. Traditional decorating ideas for kitchen walls might also include pictures of fruits and vegetables while an eclectic theme might include the use of tile to create extravagant murals. An old world kitchen design can incorporate antique dishes and glassware, along with decorative plants or flowers.

On the other hand, if you for modern contemporary design, you may want to consider hanging abstract works of art or images with well defined lines and shapes. Floating shelves, brightly colored accent and multihued designs make some of the best modern décor ideas, while neutral tones and simple artwork are customary contemporary designs. Purchasing artwork and sculptures can be a little bit costly, but why spend an exorbitant amount of money on art to hang in your home when you can find pieces that are much less expensive?

A quick look at some interior design magazines can provide you with an assortment of pictures of unique wall decor ideas for a bedroom, bathrooms and kitchens that you can use to get inspiration. Try looking for wall art and décor that is on sale and look for discounts at printing stores, you can also create works of art yourself by incorporating different pieces. More inexpensive ideas for wall art decorating include hanging pictures that you can print off yourself.

Family pictures can easily be edited, cropped, and enhanced using a simple computer program and then printed off in any size you want. You can then hang these in an empty hallway, living room, basement or along a staircase wall to show off to all your friends and family.

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