Bushes - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos


Bushes - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

With the beautiful months of spring and summer upon us it is time to revamp those boring exterior living spaces just in time for fabulous outdoor entertaining.

Nothing freshens up the look of a yard like fabulous landscaping with bushes. Incorporating unique bushes into your landscaped areas will bring a structured, well-manicured look to the space as well as add another dimension to outdoor designs. Layering your landscape with varying heights of plants, from colorful low lying flowers, to lush mid sized bushes and finally tall green trees, adds depth and interest to the space, combining to give that professionally finished look.

This popular look is quite easy to recreate in your diy outdoor makeover when you are given the right design tools and inspiration. We will show you how to design your landscape with bushes to transform that drab one dimensional yard into a fabulously lush outdoor oasis.

One of the best landscaping ideas that will quickly transform any outdoor area is integrating gorgeous colorful bushes. This popular plant variety has a myriad of uses, from the purely decorative to uniquely functional as well. Incorporating fabulous bushes can quickly transform a forgotten yard to an outdoor sanctuary. All you need is the right types and species for your space.

  • As always, keep in mind your yard conditions and the region’s climate to ensure that whatever bushes you choose to landscape with will bloom.
  • Popular landscaping shrubs for shade in the Midwest and North are hardy bushes that can handle cold winters while still thriving in temperate summers.
  • Southern regions can handle more exotic varieties such as gorgeous flowering butterfly bushes or hydrangea.
  • Take into consideration your specific front yard conditions when selecting your landscaping plants for shaded areas.
  • It is important to choose bushes for shade in those areas that do not receive a lot of sunlight, while something like a lilac bush can withstand a space with heavy sun.

With countless numbers of bushes available at your local nurseries and home warehouses, picking which varieties are perfect for your yard can be overwhelming. Begin the selection process by browsing our collection of the top landscaping pictures and ideas. Incorporating contemporary design is essential to making your property look beautiful and up to date, so be sure consider the latest trends in gardening.

Popular bushes for landscaping this year include beautiful hearty varieties that will withstand many weather conditions and bloom year after year, ensuring that your get the most use out of your dollar. Look for gorgeous evergreen bushes or types of holly, as both are quick growing varieties that can thrive in a number of climates.

Another great landscaping trend of is best garden ideas for seasonal beauty to ensure that your yard is blooming all year long. For example, select fall flowering shrubs for great autumn design, then ever green bushes for winter greenery and finally colorful summer blooming varieties for a lush yard during entertaining months.

Incorporating beautiful bushes into your outdoor areas is a fabulous way to elevate the design of your space. Much like in landscaping with trees, the right bushes bring both fabulous decor as well as functionality to a yard. Tall bushes and hedges can serve double duty as a lush decorative element as well as a privacy fence, barrier to section off your yard, or even to disguise unsightly elements like air conditioners and tool sheds.

Privacy hedges and trees provide natural barriers between property lines and create a thick leafy screen to shield your yard from prying eyes without hindering design. If you are looking for tall bushes for privacy landscaping or camouflaging those unattractive yard elements, be sure to select low maintenance varieties that can thrive in many temperature and sunlight conditions.

Also be sure to find fast growing bushes and hedges for a quick and beautiful solution to those landscaping dilemmas. Our favorite selections for this purpose are thick holly bushes or popular evergreens for landscaping that stay lush and green year all round.

Bushes are our favorite low maintenance design element as they are incredibly versatile and can add fabulous unique design to a space. Unlike landscaping with shrubs, using bushes will add a variety of decorative features to a yard because they provide incredible height to the space rather than simply low lying ground cover.

Not only will this add a more contemporary look to the landscape, but also highlights the verticality of the space, drawing the eye to the sky, and making small yards appear larger.

Other great landscape ideas for small yards integrate fabulous miniature blooming bushes to provide the bright color and lush greenery of multiple garden elements into one plant.

Classic flowering rose bushes are a perfect example of this as they serve double duty providing the vibrant green of shrubs while bringing the gorgeous bold color of traditional low lying flowers. Small flowering bushes can even provide decorative focal points to tiny spaces, without overwhelming the design as larger patios, water features or statuary may.

Whether you are planting bushes in the fall or revamping your yard just in time for summertime entertaining, diy landscaping has never been easier with the wide variety of beautiful plant species available today. Bushes are one of the best landscaping plants because of their versatility, hardy nature and great decorative appeal.

Depending on the size of your property, the décor style and your functional needs, there are an endless number of landscape bushes to fit well in any space. These great garden options come in a wide variety of colors and styles, from fabulous red bushes like exotic plants to classic vibrant evergreen shrubs and everything in between. If you want to add a fun unique touch to your yard, you can even incorporate beautiful blueberry bushes for a great decorative element as well as a delicious treat. Whatever your design preference may be for your landscaping ideas, remember to integrate contemporary trends to ensure that your space is beautiful and modern.