Evergreens - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos


Evergreens - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Bushes and shrubs are an essential component of landscaping and are the most important element in establishing exterior design.

It is important to incorporate colorful natural elements into your landscape that will remain vibrant through all seasons, providing eye catching decorative accents all year round. One of the easiest ways to bring this look to your own yard is through evergreen bushes.

Evergreen trees and shrubs for landscaping are incredibly versatile and long-lasting – providing anything from ground cover to tall hedges or potted plants that retain green leaves even through the winter. Even better these plants are easy to grow and budget friendly. Check out our do it yourself gardening guides and online landscaping idea galleries filled with pictures of evergreens for inspiration of how to integrate these versatile plants throughout your property.

An evergreen is a plant that continues to show green leaves throughout all four seasons, as opposed to deciduous varieties that loose their foliage during the winter. Because of their hardy nature and relatively limited maintenance requirements, types of evergreen trees are the perfect vegetation choice for diy landscapers to bring a dramatic change to their yard.

Even better, these unique bushes are incredibly stylistically versatile and can be incorporated into a myriad of contemporary landscape design ideas. Plus, as a beautiful landscape element that will provide year round color and decor, evergreen bushes and climbing plants are wonderful investments as well as often quite budget friendly.

Our favorite examples of evergreen plants that can blend seamlessly into a wide variety of landscape designs are traditional holly trees and lush molded bushes. Browse beautiful pictures of evergreens in our landscaping photos to learn how to fit these incredibly versatile plants into your yard.

Evergreens are one of the most popular choices for ornamental landscape elements due to their year round beauty and design flexibility. These can be the best plants to grow throughout your property as they will provide color to winter landscapes and large evergreen shrubs can even be shaped into elegant box hedges, uniquely sculpted trees or whimsical topiaries.

Accent your bare outdated front yard landscaping with shrubs by incorporating beautiful flowering evergreen plants that will remain gorgeous through all four seasons. Then carry them from curbside areas to the back yard to promote style unity and ensure that all your diy outdoor designs appear cohesive and expertly landscaped.

Even if you do not have a large yard or space available to accommodate a large evergreen flowering shrubs or tree, you can still bring this look into your décor. Bring lush greenery to stark townhome patios or small decks with container garden plants that can house beautiful evergreen shrubs. With a little creativity the options for this plant are absolutely endless.

  • To ensure these shade loving plants look their best throughout the year, it is important to remember proper growing and maintenance techniques.
  • Be sure to consider soil, water and light requirements when picking which evergreens to plant.

Shade loving evergreens such as popular yews, cherry tree laurels and certain types of climbing plants do not require as much direct sunlight as traditional varieties, making them a great option for darkened corners. Explore our free landscape design showroom for easy diy idea guides and a list of shade plants that can be found in any local nursery or outlet of garden plants online.

Fabulous evergreen options will add color and design interest all year long. Evergreens are also great landscape shrubs for the sun, so incorporate them in well lit areas as decorative patio borders or barriers around a pool for an elegant focal point.

Evergreens are a fabulous landscaping choice for homeowners that wish to infuse lush design into smaller yard plans without taking up valuable space. Tall evergreen plants bring the same height, greenery and decorative capacity as traditional trees for landscaping without the greater size commitment.

For example, a narrow and tall evergreen hedge can disguise unsightly walls or outdoor features while drawing the eye upwards towards the sky, emphasizing verticality rather than crowding small spaces. You can even plant small evergreen trees to recreate the same elegant looks found on large properties, but scaled down to better fit your space.

Browse our free online galleries for the latest images of diy home design ideas featuring examples of evergreen plants, and then select the specific varieties that will blend well into the scale of your home. Regardless of size limitations or budget, your favorite landscaping design elements can be integrated in any yard to enhance outdoor living areas and give your family a beautiful space to relax year round.

Evergreen plants, small trees and shrubs are a great addition to any yard because their style capabilities and practical uses are incredibly varied. These are one of the best landscape plants for ambitious diy home gardeners because popular fast growing trees can be molded and shaped to fit any outdoor décor style or desired function - from artistic topiaries to elegant box hedge borders and everything in between.

The lush thickness of evergreen hedges makes these plants as functional as they are beautiful. They can serve double duty as a natural privacy screen, windbreak or “green” fence without compromising design. Dwarf evergreen shrubs can create unique manicured frames to decorative focal points such as swimming pools, rock garden ideas and outdoor patios. Remember, no matter how you choose evergreens into your outdoor layout, do not forget to integrate contemporary trends to ensure that your space is beautiful and modern.