Fast Growing Trees

Fast Growing Trees - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Fast Growing Trees

Fast Growing Trees - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

A great springtime project to rejuvenate your home is to add some trees and shrubs to your landscaping design.

  • The addition of trees to any homes landscaping can not only make your yard more aesthetically pleasing, but it can also increase the resale value.
  • There are many different types of trees and shrubs that you can plant in your yard which can make your decision process more difficult.
  • One great option for springtime planting is to choose a tree or shrub that grows very quickly.
  • You may be wondering what is the fastest growing tree so that you can plant that in your yard.
  • Well there are many options to choose from when it comes to quick growing shrubs and trees.
  • Among the best types of fast growing plant life are dogwood trees, maple, and green giants.

Addition to adding beauty to your home, incorporating these plants to your landscaping can provide shade during the warm summer months and also offer a sense of privacy. Our site has many pictures of fast growing dogwoods, maple trees & plants that can help you to design your outdoor oasis.

If you fancy yourself with a green thumb, fast growing bushes and shrubs can be a great weekend do it yourself project for you to add to your landscaping. Quick growing plants are very beneficial to include in your outdoor designs because of their ability to grow to full height rapidly. Many of the fast growing shrubs and bushes can reach their full potential in as little as three to five years.

This rapid growth period can be very beneficial when you are planting privacy trees and shrubs or wanting ample shade during the warm summer months. There are many different types of trees or shrubs that are planted around the perimeter of the home for privacy purposes. The top plants used to create a privacy barrier are evergreens, green giants, or a holly hedge.

There are numerous diy landscaping design ideas that include shrubs and bushes in the plan. Searing through our galleries for images of garden plants that grow fast can help you plan out your space.

Some of the most popular quick growing plants are those that offer a sense of privacy when planted. The best tall hedging plants to be grown along the perimeter of your yard are evergreens. There are many different kinds of fast growing evergreens that you can choose from. The green giant arborvitae is the most common tree used for landscaping.

This emerald green arborvitae grows at a rapid pace of up to five feet per year and has a deep brilliant green color year round. Arborvitae trees are some really tall shrubs, with their mature height reaching forty feet and a width of twenty feet. When arborvitae trees are planted close to each other they can be great plants for privacy.

These tall trees for landscaping will continue to grow in diameter until they reach the neighboring trees creating a wall around your yard that offers a lot of privacy. Also called thuja green giant evergreen trees, this variety is becoming increasingly popular to be used as privacy fences because they drastically increase the costs of building garden fencing.

  1. Other great fast growing trees that offer a privacy shield is the holly tree and pine trees.
  2. Holly is another plant that keeps its deep green color year round and has beautiful red berries during the winter months.
  3. These hedge plants are types of shrubs that can grow three feet per year and reach an ultimate height of up to twenty feet.
  4. When planted six feet apart these fast growing hedge plants can form a wonderful screen for your yard.
  5. Another great evergreen to add to you exterior design are conifer trees.
  6. These are easy to grow trees and requires very little maintenance once grown.
  7. Like other evergreens they have deep green leaves that keep their beautiful color year round.
  8. Another shrub that is similar to holly is the boxwood.
  9. Boxwood shrubs are much smaller in size, with a maximum height of five feet when fully grown.
  10. These hedges can be act as a great edging for any type of landscaping because they have dark bushy leaves.

If you are looking for some great shade plants to keep you cool during the hot summer months, poplar and willow trees are great options. Poplar trees are very fast growers, reach a growth rate of up to six feet per year. This is a great shade tree to incorporate into our exterior plans because they have stiff upright branches whose leaves are a great source of shade.

The tulip poplar is a particularly popular tree known for its beautiful shady branches and heights reaching up to eighty feet. Other wonderful types of trees for landscaping is the weeping willow tree. There are many photos of these on our site for you to admire their natural beauty.

The willow tree has long weeping branches that wilt towards the ground providing a great deal of shade. They grow especially well near wet areas such as around lakes or ponds because they need ample watering.

In landscaping designs, small or dwarf ornamental trees are becoming increasingly popular for their easy to maintain appearances. These are fully grown tress that are much smaller in size. Dwarf flowering trees shrubs do not take of a lot of space and come in a variety types such as fruits, pines, maples and cypress.

Adding a dwarf fruit tree to your front or backyard can provide you with a source of organic produce for you to incorporate into your cooking. These fruits also give off a very pleasant scent that can be a wonderful addition to your home. Other trees that can create a beautiful scent in your yard are lavender plants. These gorgeous silver plants create unique accents to the typical greenery found in common landscaping designs for .

Some of the more popular types of trees and vegetation that adds a distinctive touch to your garden is bamboo. This tree plant is actually a member of the evergreen family as well as the grass family. Bamboo plants are some of the fastest growing plants in the world and can be an exceptional addition to any home design.