Front Yard Photos

Front Yard Photos - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Front Yard Photos

Front Yard Photos - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

The front yard of a home has evolved from a long stretch of grass, to more elaborately designed landscapes adorned with tall trees and colorful flowers.

Nowadays, you can show off your sense of style by adding plants, trees, fountains and other ornaments to your front of home landscaping. While it may seem intimidating at first, any diy homeowner can easily spruce up the landscaping in front of house with the help of our photo galleries and a trip to your local home improvement store.

There are many different landscaping designs to choose from, ranging between a simple flower garden, a woodsy pond, or an elaborately styled paved courtyard. You can choose to base your design off of a neighbors or a friend’s front yard, or you can create a custom plan of your very own. The most important thing to remember is to design your front yard landscape around the style of your home.

To create the perfect outdoor oasis, view the online photos of our top landscape designs with a gallery of front yard pictures.

When scrolling through our front yard makeover photos, you will notice that plants are a common addition to the landscaping. Popular plants for the front yard include brightly colored flowers, robust bushes or shrubs, and tall arching trees. Pictures of beautiful landscaped front yards show large weeping willows on either side of the house, accompanied by stunning flower gardens of various shades of the rainbow.

Trees are often the top choice for homeowners to plant in their yards because they provide both shade and privacy to the area. If you look at our lawn landscape pictures, you will see that there are two ways to go about planting trees in your yard, in either an asymmetrical or a symmetrical fashion. Pics of front yard trees often depict the symmetrical style, in which two trees are planted on either side of the house.

If you are looking for simple front yard ideas, consider adding plants to the area because they enhance the look of your yard, add color to the vicinity, and create attractive focal points to attract the eye while adding to the appearance of your home.

When designing your trees in an asymmetrical fashion, one side may be taller than the other, or you can plant a tree in one area with shrubs or a garden opposite it. The best trees for a front lawn will depend on what you will be using them for. Trees that provide an adequate amount of shade to the area include weeping willows, magnolias, and other flowering vegetation.

Consider planting evergreens or trees to add privacy with a lot of foliage. Shrubs are also a great way to seal off your yard for added privacy. Popular front yard shrubs ideas include creating a fence out of bushes, enclosing your porch or patio, and encompassing plots of trees or flowers. A front yard fence can be created from almost any style bush, however, certain species make for better barriers.

The best shrubs for privacy fences include evergreens such as Holly and Japanese yew, as well as deciduous plants like French lilac and Saucer Magnolia.

Take a look at our photos of landscaped front yards to get an idea of how to incorporate bushes into your design for privacy. 

Gardens are another popular addition to any area of your front or backyard. The top design trends in front yard garden ideas include basic flower plots, vegetable patches, and more exotic schemes such as Japanese or rock gardens. Flower gardens are one of the easiest ways to add flair to your front yard because, if you pick the right type of lilac plants, they are almost effortless to maintain.

  • Colorful images of front yard gardens show plots of pink, yellow, and white pansies, in addition to blooming daffodils and flourishing lilacs.
  • Vegetable gardens are another option for homeowners who have a green thumb.
  • Simple landscaping ideas with vegetable gardens include creating a small patch off the side of your home, or replacing front yard bushes with a large plot of tomatoes, squash, pumpkins and other edible vegetation.
  • Our landscape design photo gallery will provide you with a great source of inspiration for the design of your vegetable garden.

While these landscaping ideas will help you to create a decorative and beautiful front yard, keep in mind that there are other aspects that go into the design as well. While an attractive landscape, complete with aesthetically pleasing gardens, trees, and front yard grass, is important, the design is not complete without a porch or patio.

The addition of a porch or patio creates an additional room for your home, providing you with a space to entertain guests or relax outdoors. Porches are a great way to add to the front entrance design by highlighting the exterior of your home and creating a focal point for both neighbors and passerby’s to admire.

Front porch designs include large spacious openings surrounded by ornately carved rails and balusters, or covered spaces incorporating the veranda decking ideas. Veranda decking was used on the porch of the hgtv dream home and is a trendy choice to use in front of house entry designs because the roof creates a covered area to greet guests or spend time with company while outside.

Though porches are commonly used in the front of the home, patios and other hardscape features can be utilized as well. Unlike porches which are raised, patios are level with the ground so that they create easy access to the home. Popular front yard patio pictures display designs using stone, brick, or concrete to construct the floor surface.

In addition to connecting your home with the outdoors, patios can also be used to connect your home to other hardscape areas of your yard. Hardscaping design photos show that patios can be connected to the driveway or other outdoor areas of the home with simple walkway ideas. Stone walkways or gravel paths are often used in this type of landscape design because they add to the natural look of the outdoors while providing you with a safe, dirt free space to walk.

Our landscape gallery of diy hardscaping patio and garden photos will help provide you with inspiration to create a beautiful outdoor sanctuary that your neighbors will admire.