Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Trees - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Trees - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Successful landscape design contains all of the same essential components as fabulous interior decor - a well thought out layout, beautiful color palette and, most importantly, striking decorative accents.

Great exterior accents pieces include a wide variety of common outdoor elements, from sleek backyard furniture and beautiful light fixtures to unique ornamental shrubs and trees. Ornamental plants for landscaping are those varieties that provide additional visual interest to the overall design through vibrantly colored blooms, unique sculpted shapes or beautiful distinctive bark and foliage.

The best ornamental trees for landscaping can be incorporated effortlessly into your favorite garden design ideas to take your outdoor decor to the next level. Check out our fabulous idea guides filled with the most popular types of ornamental trees and pictures for great inspiration of how to incorporate this trend throughout your own property to create an unforgettable landscape.

  • Ornamental trees for landscaping brighten up any outdoor space with vivid colors, unique designs and fragrant blooms.
  • When people hear the term ornamental trees, they think meticulously crafted artistic topiaries made from types of evergreen trees.
  • These outdoor decorative accent pieces can be so much more.

Whether you prefer elegant ornamental pear trees lining your driveway, stately sculptured bushes flanking your doorway, or the whimsical look of a flowering southern magnolia, these decor elements will take your landscape plans to the next level. No matter what your outdoor decor style, home’s architecture or region’s climate may be, there are wonderful decorative small trees perfect to incorporate throughout your yard.

Check out our online landscaping showroom for inspiration of how to bring this fabulous trend to your own backyard. Our galleries packed with photos of trendy ornamental plants show you how to transform anything from exotic tropical palm trees to classic evergreens into fantastic unique decorative accent pieces.

Many of the most popular trees in can be utilized as fantastic ornamental elements to amp up your outdoor design. An ornamental plant is simply one that is grown in gardens and landscape projects for distinctly decorative purposes. They have unique aesthetic characteristics like colorful blooms, eye catching form or interesting texture.

  1. These can be anything from beautiful large flowering garden plants like designer flowering trees to ornate evergreen topiaries or elegant manicured shrubs and bushes.
  2. Ornamental plants can range in prices from costly exotic varieties to cheap do it yourself designs that can be created from plants at your local nursery.
  3. Check out our easy diy guides on pruning ornamental trees yourself to create a fabulous custom look for very little cost.
  4. Most small trees for landscaping are able to be sculpted into unique ornamental focal points.
  5. The best varieties for this purpose are small garden trees replete with thick lush foliage that grow fairly slowly such as dwarf evergreens or an exotic miniature Japanese magnolia.

Bring one of the most popular landscaping trends for to your own backyard gardens by utilizing gorgeous fruit trees as unique ornamental accent pieces. The thick vibrant green foliage and eye-catching brightly colored fruit characteristic of these types of plants provide a beautiful and whimsical focal point to any of your diy landscaping designs.

Browse local outdoor stores or your favorite online plant nursery for ornamental fruit trees for sale that have thick well developed branching and are already full of colorful blooms. There are a wide variety of common fruit trees perfect to transform your space as ornamental accents. Select mature plants with distinctive coloring that blends well with your favorite dream garden design ideas.

Citrus trees are particularly fabulous for this purpose because their plentiful waxy leaves and vibrant fruit make them a striking focal point of any space. For example, sculpted lemon trees look absolutely beautiful flanking a doorway in decorative pots or bordering an elegant brick patio. Olive trees are a cool unexpected option for this purpose as well.

Ornamental trees bring so much more to your landscape than just unique decorative accents and colorful cheerful blooms. These trees provide flow and shape to exterior layouts, anchoring your outdoor design. Certain garden plants such as flowering dogwood trees or ornamental pear trees attract hordes of beautiful butterflies and birds, quickly creating a diverse nature center in your own backyard.

Beautiful flowering tree species are not the only plants that can be utilized as wonderful ornamental decorative accents to transform your garden. There are many popular landscape designs with a varieties of shrubs and bushes that can be planted for unique natural art pieces as well. Ornamental shrubs bring an unexpected splash of color to low laying landscaped areas or beautiful structured borders and edging to highlight architectural details.

Our favorite garden plants for this use are simple boxwood hedges or cheerful flowering rose bushes.

Ornamental trees for landscaping add many elements to your outdoor design – eye catching color, pleasant shaded areas, unique decorative interest as well as privacy trees from neighbors. There are so many fantastic ways to incorporate these versatile garden plants into your backyard decor. For example, flowering trees for shade provide great color and design interest to those forgotten darkened corner of your property.

Their cheerful blooms and wonderful fragrance are a great addition to any space and will instantly brighten your decor. Cherry trees are especially wonderful for this purpose because their characteristic blooms and enchanting scent transform the yard in early spring to a whimsical blooming garden. Try planting a yoshino cherry blossom tree or Japanese cherry tree to achieve this fabulous look.

Dwarf trees are a great option for homeowners that want to achieve this look in a small yard. Their miniature scale allows you to add bold beautiful color and fabulous design interest to smaller landscapes without overwhelming the limited layout.