Palm Trees

Palm Trees - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Palm Trees

Palm Trees - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Adding trees to your landscaping designs can be an excellent way to get some color and beauty in your front or backyard.

  1. There are many varieties of trees available to plant in your yard that can match any style you are looking for.
  2. One popular design trend for is creating an exotic and tropical landscaping design in your home.
  3. This can be done by having various exotic plants and trees throughout your yard to create the feel of a tropical oasis.
  4. One way to create the tropical feel is to plant palm trees throughout your yard.
  5. You can find many of the best types of palm trees for outside landscaping available for purchase online or at your local nursery.
  6. Not only are palm trees great for outdoor landscaping, but you can also have these trees as indoor plants.
  7. The most popular indoor palm trees are much smaller than those grown outdoors but still have a beautiful look to them.
  8. Searching through landscaping palm tree pictures can help you to plan out the best design to build your dream home.

When considering adding some exotic trees and plants to your outdoor landscaping you will want to be sure that they will be able to grow in your climate area. Because many types of palms are native to hot and tropical areas they will require a relatively warm environment to grow and thrive. However, there are some species of outdoor palm trees that can withstand cold climates, including snow and freezing temperatures.

Learning how to plant a palm tree in the specific climate of your area can be a simple task if you do your research. Many online websites can offer information of do it yourself palm tree care that can make your planting process much easier. Visiting an online tree nursery or even your local one can offer you information on the best care techniques to ensure that your tropical plants thrive and prosper.

Nursery technicians can give you advice on the best fertilizer to use for your palms as well as information on trimming palm tree leaves. In addition you will can often look through nursery landscaping photos to see what different plants will look like.

If you live in a cold area such as New York or other northern states you will want to plant cold hardy palm trees in your yard. A cold hardy palm is determined by the way in which the tree acclimates itself to cold weather, the resilience of the tree in the midst of winter, and its ability to re-acclimate itself when it warms up in the summer.

When planting palm trees in your yard you will want to choose the species based on its location of origin. Each type of palm has a different natural environment and thus each species will be tolerant to various temperatures.

One type of tree that is particularly resilient at withstanding cold temperatures is the Windmill Palm. The windmill palm is native to the foothills of the Himalayas near China which can experience cold weather. The Chinese windmill is a popular type of fast growing trees to plant in cold weather due to it ability to withstand temperatures as low as five degrees Fahrenheit. These beautiful trees can reach heights of twenty to thirty feet, adding a decorative touch to any landscape design plans.

Another option for diy tropical back or front yard design ideas in cold environments is to purchase fake palm trees for outside. While real palm trees can be a hassle to grow and maintain, especially in cold climates, artificial trees are much easier. Because they are not real they do not require the upkeep and care that real plants do. Outdoor artificial trees can look just as natural as the real plants adding tropical beauty to any landscaping decor.

If you are unsure of how natural an artificial tree can look, you can search through our pictures of palm trees, both real and artificial. Here you will be able to see just how beautiful an artificial plant can be in your landscape design. Furthermore, because they are not real plants, artificial palm tree prices can be much more affordable than natural trees making your diy landscaping project much less expensive. When you don’t live in areas as warm as Florida where tropical trees like palms grow easily, purchasing artificial palms can be a great solution.

Many of the tall palm trees that you see in areas of the south are either silver saw palmetto, coconut palms, Cuban royal, or sabal palm trees. These are all very tall trees that grow and prosper in warm climates. The sabal palm is native to Florida and is in fact the state tree for that area. This palm is the most widely distributed plant in the state and has to ability to grow in almost any type of soil.

A coconut palm tree is also a popular tree to create a tropical garden in your home. These beautiful palms thrive in a warm and humid tropical environment that is close to water. They can reach a mature height of up to eighty feet and produce large juicy coconut fruits. If you wish to add this palm to your landscaping, these and other fruit trees for sale can be found in many nurseries. Another large palm tree is the Cuban royal palm. This can get up to sixty feet and is very easy to grow and maintain. It requires ample sunlight and watering but can be a beautiful addition to any landscape design.

Palm trees can also be great indoor plants to add some color and life to your home. Growing potted tropical plants in your home is becoming increasingly popular for people in areas that there is cold weather. One type of palm that can be a great indoor plant is the canary date palm tree. This is a tree that requires a warmer environment than others so growing it indoors can be a great solution for a cold climate.

Choosing small palm trees for landscaping indoors is a good choice so as to not have an oversized plant in your home. One such type of palm is the pygmy date palm tree. This is a smaller form of the canary date and grows wonderfully in a pot indoors. Another great tree for growing indoors is sago palms. These are slow growing palms that reach a mature height of three to four feet. Because they are small and do not grow very fast this makes them perfect potted plants to add to your interior decor. Adding a small bonsai tree or indoor palm can be a great addition to a sun room or even a living room for a wonderful splash of color and life.