Shrubs - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos


Shrubs - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

The yard is oftentimes the most beautiful area of your home and also the most overlooked. Our easy landscape design tips will help you transform that boring and forgotten exterior space into an outdoor oasis that will dramatically increase curb appeal and ultimately the value of your home.

One of the best ways to revamp the look of your landscaped areas is by incorporating yard design ideas with shrubs. Using different types of plants can add beauty and elegance to your yard, in addition to serving as multifunctional features by creating natural borders, unique design elements, and fences throughout the property.

  1. These landscaping plants are quite varied and range in size from tiny dwarf trees and shrubs to large tree-sized varieties.
  2. Here you will find our collection of ideas and pictures of the best shrubs for landscaping that will show you how to utilize these versatile plants to create beautiful outdoor spaces.

The number of species, shapes and sizes of garden shrubbery available today is head-spinning! Begin by browsing our great landscaping photo gallery or your favorite online plant nursery for ideas of shrubs to incorporate in your outdoor design. When choosing the type of shrubs to include in your yard, it is important to take into account factors such as ground slop, sunlight, and the region’s climate and seasonal changes.

Shade shrubs for landscaping such as mountain laurel thrive in darkened corners of your yard, while summer blooming varieties require more sunlight to flourish. Harsh winter months can also be rough on your plants, so choose species wisely keeping cold weather months in mind.

Select plants such as purple leave shrubs that will remain beautiful throughout seasonal changes. Also, factor in the amount of time you wish to spend grooming your yard. Low maintenance varieties are those that require little pruning and can thrive under many conditions and try crepe myrtle shrubs or flowering bushes.

Check out the latest backyard ideas in our free online showrooms for inspiration to transform your boring yard into a well-manicured retreat. Using our easy diy outdoor designs and idea guides filled with photos of trees and shrubs, transforming your current space into a garden oasis has never been easier. Bushes and shrubs can be a very versatile addition to your property – with a wide variety of sizes and shapes available, the options are absolutely endless.

Using shrubs is a great tool to quarter off sections of your yard, edge driveways and garden paths, and provide natural barriers along property lines. Privacy hedges are a unique way to increase the seclusion of your property as large varieties can act as a thick leafy screen, shielding your yard from prying eyes.

Choose fast growing shrubs or landscaping trees in tall and narrow shapes for a quick solution to serve as a decorative fence, privacy screen or windbreak that will not hinder your design. Evergreen flowering shrubs, variegated dogwood shrubs or hedge style hollies are great options for this purpose.

Landscaping shrubs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from tiny round dwarf species to tall upright selections and everything in between. When selecting which shrubs blend well in your design scheme, it is helpful to know the characteristics of each variety and what looks they can help you create. For example, eclectic spring blooming perennial flowers and yellow flowering shrubs are the best choice to create a wild garden feel for the exterior of a quaint cottage or homes in seaside areas.

On the other hand, ornamental trees varieties such as boxwood shrubs add a well manicured and polished look to formal gardens and traditional style home exteriors. These are very reminiscent of colonial Williamsburg and add elegance to the front of homes with brick exteriors and accent features especially when paired with beautiful and classic rose shrubs.

To create a more exotic look in unique areas such as Japanese garden ideas think outside of the box. Choose classic Japanese holly and yew shrubs or a dappled willow to create the lush tropical look characteristic of this style.

Depending on your functional needs, exterior decor style and region’s climate there is the perfect shrub to incorporate into that great diy outdoor design. Incorporating these plants throughout your outdoor areas is one of our favorite landscape design trends and will bring year round beauty to your garden. Pics of beautiful expertly finished landscapes like those found in our online photo galleries are a wonderful source of inspiration and a great resource for the latest plant varieties and designs that you can utilize to ensure that your space looks both beautiful and contemporary.

Remember to consider the best landscaping plants before purchasing, to ensure that the small shrubs you buy will still fit well within the scale of your landscape after several years of growth. Then make sure to review the pros and cons of your shrubbery options in order to choose the best varieties for your particular space. Taking into account whether you need shrubs for shade or those that will flourish in full sunlight can mean the difference between a dead plant and a beautiful thriving bush.

As you begin selecting beautiful shrubs for the exterior of your home remember to design all areas with a single decorative scheme in mind to give your entire property a unified contemporary look. For example, carry our best landscaping ideas for front yard all the way through back outdoor areas to ensure that your design schemes blend seamlessly.

To quickly revamp your entire property look for the fastest growing shrubs that can thrive in a variety of conditions and sunlight patterns. Juniper shrubs are great for this purpose because their hearty nature and ability to grow nearly anywhere make them ideal using landscape design photos. Similarly, try incorporating beautiful dwarf lilac shrub as their vibrant blooms can bring beauty and a bright pop of color to a variety of yard spaces.

Integrate these shrubs all the way throughout your property by filling decorative pots flanking the front door then lining backyard garden pathways and flower beds to create that modern unified look.