Small Backyard Designs

Small Backyard Designs - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Small Backyard Designs

Small Backyard Designs - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

This article focusses on teaching how to design a small backyard landscape with an outdoor patio, in ground pool, flower garden, planters, and mini-pond.

Finding easy landscaping ideas for a small backyard can be quite a challenge and you should take time and patience before tackling the do it yourself project. When researching diy home design ideas for small backyard landscape, you must be more meticulous with research and planning to ensure utilizing every inch of land.

With the limited space, be sure to count for all architectural elements to not only help the tiny yard appear larger but also not overcrowding while maximizing the visual impact. First step to creating cheap and simple ideas for the small backyard designs is to accurately measure the dimensions of your yard and the available design space.

  • Flower beds with interlocking retaining wall blocks is an excellent landscape design choice as it lets you choose beautiful colors to compliment your design.
  • For a small backyard garden, planting in containers is an inexpensive choice.
  • When you have small backyard ideas to work with, saving as much ground as possible is ideal.
  • Planters and containers look amazing as your home garden design while keeping a splendor and neat decor to the landscape.
  • These planting tools are also an excellent choice to grow traditional plants and vegetables.
  • When planning backyard garden ideas, look to design a curved flowerbed along the walkway with planters or in the ground.
  • Curved patio walkways give the illusion of depth and style to your small backyard.

Lead the curved walkway paths along rounded plant beds flowing from one area of the outdoor living space to the next while giving the impression of walking in a much larger space.

  1. Small water fountains, mini ponds, and Japanese gardens also look amazing in tiny backyards.
  2. Don’t be fooled, small ponds and waterfalls don’t have to be expensive and are quite easy to build for the average diy home owner.
  3. A small backyard pond should only be 2-3 feet in diameter and about a foot deep.
  4. If you don’t feel like building the mini-pond yourself, small backyard waterfall ideas with garden pond kits are available to make the process diy landscaping easy.
  5. They are not complicated to build and quite easy to maintain.

Water filters and pumps are necessary to ensure easy ongoing maintenance keeping the water circulating and free of mucky plant life. Ideas for a small yard with a Japanese water garden gives you the opportunity to add koi fish to your mini-pond which are also very easy to preserve year round even in cold harsh environments. Planting trees bushes and shrubs will add to the attractiveness of small backyard ponds and fountains while offsetting the stone to green colors.

An outside patio is more ideal for a small yard rather than deck structures as they take up less vertical space giving the yard more large appearance. Patios can be built easily in corners or in the center of the backyard. Deciding on your small patio design is obviously imperative before you begin construction. Most diy home designers choose to build a patio before adding plant and tree life to the surrounding area.

When deciding on the location of your backyard patio, take note of where the sun sets and rises as shade is best for outdoor living designs. If you have no choice on the location of the patio, consider building a small patio awning design to help block unwanted strong sunlight during the hot days and enjoy the shade.

Covered patio roofing is more ideal over tall trees and large shrubbery if you don’t want to spend time maintaining the debris.

Small backyard designs does not mean you can’t install a swimming pool. A small backyard pool is very cost effective to build, install and maintain. Even if you have a large yard, small pools are great as they don’t overwhelm the yard footprint. Less materials and less installation time equals a much cheaper backyard design.

For a small backyard, an in ground swimming pool is better than above ground pools as they don’t take away any vertical space and block the little amount of land you have to show off. Plus with a small backyard you can build a swimming pool patio as opposed to a big bulky deck, which once again takes up space you can’t afford to share in that tiny back yard. The main problem with a small inground pool is they are permanent. So be sure to plan your small backyard designs thoroughly and try to install before adding greenery, ponds, and patios to your backyard.