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Trees - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

As the weather gets warmer and the flowers start to bloom, many people will take to their yards to landscape with flowering bushes, beautiful shrubs, and striking trees.

Common landscaping trees and shrubs that are most used by homeowners for their looks, as well as ease of maintenance, include decorative grasses and perennial flowers, plus evergreens and deciduous trees. Evergreen trees, which keep their leaves year-round, are great for busy homeowners who do not have a lot of time for maintaining their yards.

In contrast, deciduous trees and plants shed their leaves in the fall months which requires raking for a clean landscape. Therefore, the most popular types of fast growing trees and plants will largely depend on which type you choose and which season you wish for them to bloom during. But whether you are looking for small evergreen shrubs to add a decorative border to the edge of your house or fast growing trees for shade in the back of your yard, we provide a variety of landscaping tools, techniques, and plants that can be incorporated into your outdoor designs.

  • Many homeowners think landscaping with trees is the only option when it comes to outdoor do it yourself projects and gardening.
  • While planting flowers and small shrubs is of course one of the easier options for landscaping, there are many more options when it comes to your outdoor designs.

Landscaping plants and trees are particularly great for a variety of reasons including privacy, shade, decoration, and enhancement. In fact, some of the most popular plants for ornamentation in your yard include purple, pink, yellow, and white flowering trees that will blossom during the spring and summer months and expend beautiful foliage during the fall.

For example a flowering dogwood tree will produce elegant fuchsia and white flowers during the spring, gorgeous leaves and branching during the summer, and colorful orange, red and yellow foliage in the fall. A flowering cherry blossom tree will produce similar results, however the flora are often a soft pale pink that is perfect for spring decoration.

Magnolias and maples, which also flower during the spring, summer, and sometime autumn, are particularly great front yard landscaping trees because their blossoms provide elegant decoration for your friends and neighbors to admire. There are a variety of types of both these trees with differing characteristics ranging from height, branch spread, leaves, and flowers.

For example, the Japanese magnolia tree, a deciduous that blossoms with vibrant fuchsia flowers, will typically grow to a smaller height of 12 ft tall.

An evergreen magnolia produces large sweet-smelling white flowers, and can grow as wide as 40 ft. Maples, also good trees for the front yard as they tend to be smaller than magnolias and often used in Japanese landscaping because of their vivacious colors and simple elegance, plus their ability to provide privacy and shade. “Bloodgoods” blossom with deep red leaves and reaches 20 ft, while “Cutleaf” red maples are great small shade trees for landscaping as they grow only to 6 ft tall and produce green and golden hued leaves.

On the other hand, if you are looking for privacy trees and shrubs can substitute for the large, and sometimes unattractive, fences that are used to delineate homeowner’s property. Many of the trees that are commonly used to provide homeowners with cooler, shaded areas in their yards also double for a natural barrier between yours and your neighbor’s properties.

For example, you can plant and grow weeping willow trees and evergreen shrubs for shade, but their wide branch spread and closely interlaced leaves also prevent unwanted onlookers from viewing your outdoor parties and relaxing evenings.

Pines also make great privacy trees because they grow to very tall heights and have tightly spiraled branches that produce 4 inch long needle-like leaves. Another benefit to planting pine trees in your yard is that when their leaves fall they can be used as a decorative, and natural mulch. If you are looking for simple landscaping ideas around trees, these pine needles can be purchased at local gardening or home improvement stores for a low cost, and are easy to lay down and maintain.

A natural way to provide your yard with privacy and define your property border, these plants take a long time to grow to full height and may look awkward in your yard until then. There are quick growing evergreen trees bred to mature 2-3 feet per year that will create a natural barrier relatively fast. However you can also use bushes for landscaping your yard and to generate a beautiful and natural fence.

For year round privacy, you can plant evergreen bushes such as holly plants and boxwoods which will stay a beautiful deep green throughout all the seasons and will not shed their leaves during the fall. However if you prefer a little more color and decoration, you can also plant blossoming landscaping shrubs such as Gardenia’s, Azalea’s, and Arbovitae’s that will bloom with vividly colored flowers during the warmer months but produce beautiful foliage in the autumn months. Try browsing our landscaping pictures for a variety of pictures showing creative ways in which you can use these types of landscaping plants and trees.

If you do not have a large yard but want to complete outdoor diy projects to spruce up what little space you have, we provide numerousideas ranging from planting decorative dwarf trees along the edge of your property to building small raised bed gardens on your deck. In smaller yards you will want to refrain from planting large vegetation, such as huge holly bushes and wide weeping willow trees for landscaping, as they can be overwhelming and make this space seem tinier.

Rather, opt for thinner trees for your small yard design that will not take up a lot of space, but will enhance your yard. Ginkgo, Pyrus, Crab Apple, and Palm trees are great for narrow and small spaces because they grow upwards rather and have a small diameter. With these types of trees you can plant colorful flowers or decorative shrubbery around the base for an elegant design. You will see in our myriad of outdoor photos how these trees can be incorporated into your yard, as well as find stunning backyard design ideas to integrate into your space.