Weeping Trees

Weeping Trees - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Weeping Trees

Weeping Trees - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Landscaping can be a very important aspect of home renovation and design. You can not only add to the beauty of your house by adding trees and shrubs, but you can also increase the resale value.

  • Landscaping gives your yard color and beauty that you can enjoy year round. One of the best things to incorporate into your outdoor decor is trees.
  • There are many varieties of trees to choose from when you are searching for the perfect design for your yard.
  • A popular species of trees to plant in your landscaping is weeping trees.
  • A weeping tree is known for its soft drooping branches that cascade to the ground covered in beautiful foliage.
  • There are many weeping varieties that you can add to your yard, including willows, evergreens, or birch trees.
  • Because of their unique appearances, weeping trees have become known as a collector’s plant.
  • Thus using this species of tree can add a designer feel to your home.
  • Below we discuss the many different types of weeping trees and how to incorporate them into your outdoor design for a unique focal point.

Weeping plants can be the very best trees for a yard, no matter what size property you have. You can search through our photos of weeping trees to discover how wonderful they can be in your yard. These photo galleries can also help you come up with different desigs for your exterior as well as determine which types of wheeping trees you wish to plant in your home.

These are fairly easy to grow trees that can be added to many different types of landscaping ideas. You can get a lot of information on different tree seeds, growing strategies, and pruning by visiting a local or online tree nursery. There are some species that grow rapidly like the river birch tree, while others grow more slowly, such as weeping cypress trees. Depending on your gardening needs, the growth rate may be a factor in the type of weeping plant you choose. Here specialists can help you choose the perfect weeping tree to add to your popular backyard designs as well as how to properly care for your plants.

When choosing your plant at the nursery you should remember to focus on the growth rate of the tree rather than its actual size at the store. Some fast growing trees can have an average growth rate anywhere between one and six feet per year. The weeping willow tree is one type that ranks high on the list of rapidly growing trees.

The weeping willow tree plant has beautiful light green leaves that droop to the ground and can grow to a height of thirty feet tall with a width of thirty feet. This large circumference also makes this one of the best trees for privacy. By just looking at pics of weeping willows you can see that the amount of girth the tree has makes it an excellent plant to provide ample shade during the hot summer months. The beauty and functionality of this tree makes the weeping willow is a very popular garden plant. You can find weeping willows for sale at almost any nursery or garden store, making for simple landscape design ideas.

In addition to the willow, there are a myriad of other popular types of weeping trees to add to your outdoor décor. One particular one that is becoming more widespread in the 2016 design trends is the snow fountain weeping cherry tree. This flowering cherry tree is similar to the willow, but has much more color. In the springtime, gorgeous white and pink flowers bloom and cascade down the trees long drooping branches.

This makes for a beautiful accent to any landscaping plan. This plant is rated among one of the best weeping ornamental trees, growing up to twelve feet tall with extreme resistance to insects and disease. Another beautiful plant to add to your garden is the weeping mulberry tree. This is a type of ornamental weeping will that has beautiful dark green leaves and can also produce berry fruits.

Growing up to a height of fifteen feet and width of eight to fifteen feet this tree can provide protection from the sun during hot summer days. The mulberry and flowering cherry are great flowering trees and shrubs to add some simple beauty to your yard.

Another variety of weeping landscaping trees are the evergreens. There are many different evergreen trees that have a weeping species including cedar, spruce, and pine. These trees are miniature version of evergreens and often look like small pines with drooping branches. There are a few varieties of weeping cedar trees that can be excellent in your landscaping plan.

The Alaskan weeping cedar tree is a popular plant, known for its stunning blue green leaves and widely spaced arching branches. This variety of weeping evergreen trees can grow up to forty feet tall with a width of up to fifteen feet. The weeping blue atlas cedar tree is another variety of cedar that is becoming popular to plant in a home.

This tree is known for its silver blue-green needles on branches that gracefully weep to the ground in a cascading waterfall like appearance. Another beautiful evergreen is the weeping blue spruce tree. These popular types of evergreen trees are distinctive in that they weep in a trailing spire-like way and have silvery blue pointy needles. This tree will add a unique touch to your landscaping.

For a more ornamental look there are small trees for landscaping available. These trees serve more for a decorative look than for shade providers. You can find many different types of dwarf weeping trees to plant in your yard if that is the look you are aiming for. The fantastic thing about these types of plants is that these small dwarf trees look exactly like their larger counter parts, only in miniature form.

Because they are much smaller it also makes for easier upkeep and maintenance. Looking through our tree pictures you will see that these can be an excellent addition to both indoor and outdoor diy décor. The Japanese maple tree is another great type of plant to add to your landscaping design. The laceleaf weeping Japanese red maple tree is one particularly popular species to grow due to its unique bright red crimson color that remains all season.

No matter what look you are aiming for there are a wide selection of weeping trees that can add beauty to any outdoor plan. You can add some of the best Japanese trees or other varieties to your home for a decorative and functional design.