Contemporary Design

Contemporary Design - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Contemporary Design

Contemporary Design - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Contemporary design uses a combination of modern and classic designs to incorporate smooth, clean lines and simple shapes.

Contemporary design also uses polished surfaces without little intricate details to create a clear, clutter free space. Many people get confused with the difference between modern home design and contemporary design because both these styles have similar characteristics of a smooth, clear, and uncluttered space.

Contemporary design focuses on sleek lines and neutral colors to create a warm and inviting room. Popular living room paint colors that are used in contemporary designs consist of whites, blacks, and neutrals. These colors make up the baseline of the colors for the room, however many contemporary rooms have accents that add a splash of color to what some could consider a dull room.

For example, contemporary designers will add accent pillows made of a bright colored fabric to a living room or paint large block colors for accent walls in a contemporary kitchen design.

Brightly colored throw rugs or upholstery are also a great way to add accent colors into a contemporary home. Contemporary design often uses fabrics that are plain and simple. Such fabrics include little or no patterns, making solid colors a popular choice. In order to add a hint of texture to your design, you can try incorporating different fabrics into room.

For example you can try adding accents made of linens, wool, or silk to add an interesting flair of texture to the contemporary style.

The way in which you add color to your contemporary bathroom design is up to you and dependent upon how much color you want to add to your space. Contemporary designs also use bright natural light as an important factor in the design.

Rooms with large open windows are perfect for this contemporary style. These windows, like other features of contemporary design, have simple, clean, straight lines without a lot of extra features. Similarly, contemporary window furnishings and décor, such as curtains, have a clean, plain style, free of extreme decorative accents. In addition to natural light, contemporary design focuses on light fixtures that become the focus of the room.

Rather than ignoring and trying to conceal lighting elements like other interior decorating ideas and styles, contemporary styles make light the highlight of the room. Such contemporary indoor light fixtures are often made of metals and glass which naturally incorporate smooth, sleek, simple lines into the design. Contemporary furniture again incorporates smooth, clean lines with gentle curves. 

Typical materials that most contemporary style furniture is made of are metal, wood, and glass. Metals that are used in contemporary design often include nickel, stainless steel, or chrome. When glass is used in this style of furniture, it is often incorporated as accents that blend with the other material rather than having an entire piece of furniture made of glass.

For example you will often find a glass coffee table with steel or wooden legs found in a contemporary home.

Another popular combination of these materials is to use metal handles and knobs on wooden furniture. Some of the best contemporary furniture ideas are even designed to not include handles, but rather cabinets or drawers open by touch, to keep the smooth, simple line of the piece of furniture going. Contemporary design incorporates pieces of furniture sets that are symmetrical in shape and contains smooth square edges. For example, a vanity found in a typical contemporary bathroom design would contain these linear, angular, and geometric features with a sleek metal sink to enhance the décor of the bathroom.

Flooring is also an important feature of the contemporary design. Most floors in a contemporary home are made of wood, to create a sleek and stylish feel, however recently other types of materials have become popular. Other types of flooring that flow with contemporary style are stone and vinyl. Wall-to-wall carpeting is not a popular choice in contemporary design because it does not look as clean and smooth as wooden flooring.

For this reason, most contemporary rooms will have wood flooring with low pile throw rugs to add the soft feel while maintaining a clean look.

Contemporary designs are made to be appear clean, uncluttered, and balanced, while still remaining functional. For this reason many people feel that a contemporary style is too cold and creates the feeling of an unlived in space. However, a contemporary home design is far from this. By choosing the right pieces of furniture, lighting fixtures, and accent wall paint colors, you can create a space that is not only functional, sleek, and stylish, but also beautiful.