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Living Room - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advice - Videos

Living Room

Living Room - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advice - Videos

You may want to consider hiring a professional interior designer to help with your living room renovation. These experts can help you with every aspect of your reconstruction, whether you are searching for simple, inexpensive plans or luxury interior design ideas such as a high-tech home theater or intricate built-in cabinetry.

Because it can cost a lot to hire a professional interior designer, it is important to research to make sure you are hiring someone who does good work. Talking to recommendations is a good method to finding top living room designs, but a quick search online can also give you information about experts in your area. Some websites even have customer testimonials that can tell you which designers have great interior decorating reviews and which you should stay away from. Most people may think that in order to renovate a room in their home they need to tear down walls, get rid of old furniture, and decorate with an entirely new style.

Another option is to clean your space by applying a fresh coat of paint.

Many people underestimate what new paint can do for a room ridding of old stains from food or dirt that has accumulated over the years, as well as hide blemishes and dents from children and furniture. You can use the original wall paint color if you do not want to change out your furniture, curtains and other décor, or choose completely new hue. Some popular paint color schemes for living rooms include neutrals that match almost any design, such as beige and white, as well as pastels such as pale blues and greens.

These colors were present in some of the most popular living room ideas in and are expected to stay in style. In addition, more vibrant colors such as green and purple are predicted to be very popular living room design trends. Of course, the shade you choose to paint your room will depend largely on your design theme.

Beige, tan, brown, and cream are colors for contemporary living rooms, while deep reds, purples, grays, blacks, and whites are distinctive of a modern design. Traditional styles will usually focus on warm, inviting colors such as reds, gold, brown, and even greens. If you still want to keep your original curtains, living room furniture ideas, rugs, and throw pillows but are in need of spruced up walls, you can choose a color that is present in your current design plan.

For example, if you have a beautiful ivory area rug with yellow, red and blue patterns you can choose one of these shades to paint the walls. If the color is too dark or intense to paint your entire room with you can paint one wall and create a focal point for the space.

More unique wall decor ideas for living rooms include painting intricate but decorative designs or murals, hanging stylish pictures from the latest abstract artists, or adorning the walls with photos of beautiful landscapes. As with the color scheme of your room, the type of wall art you hang will also depend largely on the style of your interior decorations.

In a modern living room pictures can be very important to the design, in fact hanging black and white photos on a colored wall or using multihued paintings is a great way to enhance your décor and incorporate accent colors into the room. Accent pillows and throws are also decorative ways to add color to your space. Other popular interior designs include hanging decorative curtains that match one of the hues in a rug or pillow, or even making the curtains the focal point of the room.

Adorn your windows with intricately patterned curtains to accent plain walls and simple furniture, or fashion elegant window treatments that will highlight an extravagant view. Window treatments can be hard to choose so visiting your local department or home improvement store is a good place to start when looking for window curtain ideas. You can also look online and in magazines at designer living room pics for unique decorating ideas and window treatment options.

Sometimes the hardest part of redecorating your living room can be size. If you have a large room it is easy to incorporate luxury home design ideas such as extravagant furniture sets, lavish window treatments, and magnificent wall paintings. However these things can be difficult to include in a smaller space, therefore it is important to focus on size when planning out your small living room designs. You do not want to purchase a sofa that will take up the majority of the room, rather try to look for a smaller couch that will not look as out of place.

Also want to keep the layout of the room in mind when designing this area. Other small room design ideas include installing a decorative mirror above your fireplace or behind your couch. The best living room layout ideas are ones that keep an open floor plan and do not make the space seem cluttered if you are working with a small room keep things simple and use one couch, a decorative coffee table, and a television cabinet.