Living Room Design Ideas

Living Room Design Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Living Room Design Ideas

Living Room Design Ideas - Home Design Ideas: Descriptions - Photos - Advices - Videos

Living rooms are oftentimes the heart of a home, serving as a centralized gathering place for conversation and relaxation among family and friends.

Great living room layouts promote comfort and functionality as well as provide a relaxing area to lounge and watch television. Revamping that drab and outdated family room is a fabulous do it yourself weekend project that will instantly increase the value of your home as well as your family’s quality of life. Combining beautiful decor with luxurious modern amenities will take your space to the next level.

The top living room designs embody casual effortless style while featuring thoughtful layouts with the latest technology. Here you will find every resource you need to plan the room of your dreams. From the best living room design ideas to helpful DIY tips and everything in between. With simple designs and fabulous decor, your new living room will quickly become the most talked about area of your home. 

The first thing to consider living room design ideas and creating a diy lmakeover is functionality. Start by identifying who will be using the space and what activities may be most important to those individuals. If your living room will serve as a gathering place for the family, be sure to incorporate kid friendly features like entertainment systems and areas for toys. On the other hand, if you prefer more formal living rooms with traditional designs for social gatherings, consider what arrangement will be most conducive to intimate conversations.

Once you have determined the exact type of space wish to create, it is time to gather great room design ideas to make your dream home come to life. Our popular galleries filled with pictures of living room designs are a fantastic place to begin. Get inspired by everything from sleek contemporary spaces to warm and inviting traditional gathering areas. Find a style that is perfect for your home then let us help you recreate that dream room.

Once your living room functionality needs have been identified, it is time to begin planning that fantastic new space. All gorgeous designer living rooms begin with a beautiful and efficient layout.  A great floor plan hinges on several factors.

Living room furniture oftentimes plays the largest role in determining the overall layout and traffic flow of the space. Be sure to select your pieces with scale in mind, so that large couches or end tables do not overwhelm a small space or get lost in a large great room. For tech savvy diy remodelers, a virtual room design tool can be your greatest asset when creating a layout, as it allows you to experiment with furniture placement and traffic flow before you commit to a single plan. Look for free software programs that provide sample floor plans featuring common architectural elements, and that allow you to virtually tour each living room design layout you build. In no time at all you can create a fabulous space ready to bring to life.

  1. Beautiful living rooms rely first and foremost on fabulous interior decor.
  2. Whether you lean contemporary or traditional, there are endless design styles and motifs perfect for these highly frequented spaces.
  3. Incorporating great interior design ideas does not require a costly expert or high end budget.
  4. Find great design inspiration in the pages of your favorite magazines or hgtv shows, then bring those concepts to the space with cost efficient diy solutions.
  5. Your furniture, textile and accessory choices will instantly establish the tone of your space.
  6. Incorporate modern design ideas into your living room through color palette and decor choices that feature crisp bold hues and unexpected accents such as metals and sleek woods.
  7. If you prefer the classic inviting charm of traditional decor, look for comfortable furniture sets, lush textiles and warm accent colors. Designing a living room gives you the opportunity to let your personality shine.

Living rooms can be a challenge to decorate as they oftentimes incorporate unsightly technology amidst traditional interior decor. It is important to blend coveted modern amenities such as large flat screen televisions and surround sound systems with classic decorative home furnishings to create a space that is functional as well as beautiful. For inspiration on how to achieve this, browse our galleries filled with this year’s most popular living room photos and discover easy ways to combine all elements into one fabulous design.

Living room designs with a fireplace offer a great foundation for achieving this concept as a mantle provides a natural focal point for large elements like televisions. Rather than framing your fireplace with a large painting or mirror, mount the flat screen tv above the mantle to blend with the decor rather than detracting from the style. This is a popular feature of hgtv living room designs as it creates wonderful flow conducive to both conversing on the couch as well as watching a movie while enhancing the overall style.

A discussion of design ideas for living rooms would not be complete without tips for making the most out of small spaces.  When designing a living room with a limited floor plan, it can be challenging to incorporate all essential elements into the space without creating an unsightly cluttered look. Fortunately, small room designs do not have to lack in great style or functionality simply because of decreased floor space. Look for miniature tables and furniture sets at stores like ikea, that feature the same styles you love but in a more appropriate scale.

This is another area where your online room designer software will come in handy – experiment with layouts and furniture selections before you make a purchase to determine the best pieces for your space. Another great way to make the most out of a small space is through color ideas for living room. Encourage the look of open spaces by selecting color schemes based on light cool colors that do not enclose already tiny rooms. Bring in bold and vibrant hues through accent colors in textiles, accent pieces and other decoration.